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Are Humans Obsolete?

Updated on July 10, 2011


AI Pilots?
AI Pilots?


Of course, humans are not obsolete yet, but could they soon be?

We are in times where science fiction often becomes fact.

For years people have speculated as to how far advanced alien technology could be, especially in the area of artificial intelligence.

We have speculated as to whether, due to the time involved, aliens have sent robots with artificial intelligence on space exploration missions. Some have even speculated the possibility of alien artificial intelligence advancing to the stage where it actually takes over as the predominant mind.


We struggle to fully understand our human mind.

The human mind is the most complex thing that we have come in contact with and some say that this is the problem. We cannot possibly fully understand the human mind if, the human mind is the only tool we have to work with.

Basically they are saying that we are faced with an enigma. We would have to fully understand the use of our mind in order to understand the complexities of it.

The Blue Brain Project

A Solution

This situation could be about to change.

A team of scientists in Germany have been granted close to one billion dollars to create, what they say will be an artificial intelligence that will be virtually indistinguishable from the human brain.

It is hoped that this, outside intelligence, will assist us in understanding our own brains. It is also hoped that this will help us solve some of the other mysteries of life.

Henry Markram, director of the project hopes to reach its completion within ten years.

Whose the Boss?

The Future

To start with, I think we will have to define a line between consciousness and life.

Science Fiction is certainly catching up with us. We will be faced with new ethical debates as we quickly find a new breed of artificial intelligence inside our households.

Just as a human mind is capable of creating machines, an equal artificial intelligence would also be. We must take adequate precautions to ensure that the “AI” does not become the predominant mind.

Blending science and science fiction is good, up to a point. Fiction however, too often shows “AI” taking over and that part we do not need as it could make us obsolete.

I do however look forward to reading a first hub to be written by an AI, perhaps on philosophy?


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    • profile image

      tumbletree 6 years ago

      Again it's impossible to predict what a superior intelligence will do. Ambition is not intelligence; it's an emotion; desire. Our intelligence is shaped by desires and emotions, which an AI isn't likely to have. An AI might be perfectly content doing what we want because it does have the ability to be discontent. It's the problem with all alien movies. Our emotions evolved; they are not a product of our intelligence.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      I am afraid of the possibility that AI will actually become more intelligent than its creators. Can we maintain control? "Superior ability breeds superior ambition", they well may decide the collective fate of humanity in a microsecond.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Not according to the increase.

    • Tumbletree profile image

      Tumbletree 6 years ago

      I find this somewhat provocative. I have been considering the technological event horizon on the near future and realize we are rushing into the unknown. While 'm somewhat concerned with AI's and their potential, I'm not concerned with technological intelligence being under the thumb of a few people. I suspect this is the new dream of the wealthy and powerful, to dominate humanity through technology and for themselves to become immortals. Imagine super computers of a couple of decades from now that can predict human behavior (both in mass and individually), manipulate that behavior, and even control it (gene alteration, chemicals, nanotechnology, and so on), it will be possible for one group of people to dominate the others the same way nations with advanced technologies dominate over nations with less advance; so I worry that the powerful are trying to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots, both in technology and the education to understand that technology.

      Now as for fearing AI, well we don't know. Every science fiction movie give AI's human emotions and desires. Our emotions and desires evolved; they are not rational processes. There's not reason to believe a conscious computer would have any desire to control of dominate anyone, but humans controlling that computer would certainly want to use it for such a purpose.

      AI intelligence will surpass us, and eventually run the planet; though our intelligence might merge with it. Anyways, we're not even slowing global warming after almost 50 years of being warned about it; what makes us think we'll suddenly pull the plug on computers, because they're getting too smart?

      I think though that it is impossible to stop and AI from becoming the dominant mind of the planet; it would mean halting technological advancement, and that isn't