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A New View of UFOs, Roswell and Aliens

Updated on July 7, 2011


As It Is

For many years we have pondered as to whether Aliens had visited Earth. We have tried to get our minds around what kind of technology they had found, that would allow them inter planetary or even interstellar travel.

Many have speculated that an Alien craft crashed at Roswell in the 60s and that authorities are being tight lipped, whilst trying to reverse its manufacture, in order to discover how it works.

No matter how many reported sightings of UFOs or Aliens are investigated, we still have not been able to learn any new technology of a standard to permit real space travel.

Although for years our best scientists have worked in the space industry, we still have only come up with a very rudimentary means of propulsion that could hardly get us out of our own solar system.

Quantum Physics

New Thinking

Philosophers in Quantum Physics are now considering a different view point.

We have spent all our time trying to develop new technologies. This new view considers the possibility that Aliens did not advance their technology, instead they developed their minds.

They are considering whether Aliens, having mastered telekinesis, could use it to move through space or even dimensions with complete disregard to physics.

The power of their minds could communicate with others light years away. Their thoughts alone could create objects that could be seen but had no physical presence.


Roswell Incident

Some one has even suggested that the metallic disc that crashed at Roswell, was merely a shell that could transport beings but has no technology, it would have been “flown” by the power of the thoughts of those inside.

This theory would certainly support the fact that after years of trying, no reverse technology has been forthcoming.


It is said that even the smartest of humans, only uses one third of their brain. Does this mean that the rest could be used in this fashion, if properly developed?

I think this theory is worth further investigation. If nothing else, the investigations themselves could expand our minds.


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    • August Xavier profile image

      August Xavier 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Good post. Well written. I agree with Peter, food for thought. Experience is the mother of all teachers (or something to that effect), so until I have an experience I'll remain skeptical, albeit it lightly.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      The biggest problem why we are so restricted is our science is peer review based. Everybody has to follow the crowd - else . . . Next I think our science is based on weak energy systems. Soon we will see minds breaking away from the moulded form and become free thinkers, devellopers and inventors.

      Is is possible to travel intra space? YES! When we look at magnetic and gravity based options we will be able to fly at the speed of light - or even faster. Of lately our knowledge of magnetism is increasing for example th euse of MagLev trains that can exceed the speed of 500 km/hr.

      In space some probes are already driven by the new kind of ElectroMagnetic energy - ion-drives and they go very fast, very far.

      The mental Transmutation or Teleportation is very well an possible option; I do rather think we are still looking at machanical technology.

      But we still have to learn about two daily applied issues -yet none understood; Gravity and Magnetism. Amazing how little science really knows about these two FORCES.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Food for thought that is for sure, and not a bad theory. On of these days we'll hopfully see the truth and maybe not. Peter