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Do You Love the Lord Jesus? Either way, He Loves All of Humanity, Especially You!!! :D (9/3/2017, Message#101)

Updated on September 21, 2019

In Everything, It’s All About the Love of Jesus!

As I shared within Could It Really Be So Simple, the Lord Jesus Christ has allowed me to simply observe His Prized Creation (Humanity). Watch as we (Humanity) interact with one another, whether shopping, making business transactions, driving to and fro, or even people in relationships and how they interact!! It's Very Clear why the Lord Jesus Loves Humanity! All of Humanity for the most part, accomplishes things as how Father God initially Created Us (Humanity, His Prized Creation)! As the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) says, Humanity is fearfully and wonderfully made.

What else within Creation can take a hillside a put a roadway through it? Can take an old one lane dirt road or an old two lane road and make into a large Interstate? How about tear down old buildings or design and build Newer Buildings? Could it be Cats, Dogs, Cattle or Horses? Nope, Only Humanity can and has this right, and ability to do so. The Love of the Lord Jesus is what gives Humanity this Right because the Lord Jesus is the reason Humanity has Dominion within this Earthly Realm in the First place!!

There is nothing which takes place within Humanity, in which the Lord Jesus doesn’t allow and Isn't Aware of!! Even and Especially as The Age of Grace draws to a close! Still this time of change during The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call, will still take place because of His Love!! For it is by His Love, His Wrath during this timeframe will fall and cause many within Humanity to finally embrace The Truth about the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Which is the "Whole" point of this timeframe, for people to clearly know the difference because Your Focus Determines Your Eternity and You Will Have to Decide Who Do You Serve?

Even Now, All I can Do is Point You to Why Humanity Needs Jesus. It Is Up To You, What You Do With This Information!

It's About King Jesus, Finally Accept Him and Come to Him!!

There Is A Question Only You Can Answer!

Will You Be Washed By the Blood of Jesus?
Will You Be Washed By the Blood of Jesus? | Source

Even If You Reject Jesus and Don’t Know or Have a Relationship With Him, Jesus Christ Still Loves You!!

This is something which has been revealed unto me, especially as King Jesus has allowed me to simply observe the people where I live, work and play. Even those who are “Carnal” Minded as they actively seek the desires of their flesh; the Lord Jesus still Loves them. People who use foul language to communicate or get their point across, He still Cares and Loves them as well!! Even those who step on and crush other people for their so-called needs, wants and desires... The Lord Jesus Christ even Loves them also!! By now it should be very apparent, these individuals do not have a relationship of Intimacy With The Lord Jesus at all or may be a minimal, or minuet relationship and yet He still Cares for them!?! These same individuals and many more like them, live their Lives as they please and cause harm to others, even still the Lord Jesus Christ Loves Them, just as they are!!

There are plenty of examples from a wide variety within Humanity's Background and even still the Lord Jesus Christ also Loves them!! He is No Respecter of Persons and will allow you to live your life as you so desire. This is the Father God Given “Free Will” and Humanity can, and already is Freely Choosing how it wants to live, play and do things, all of the time!! Even still, the Lord Jesus Christ is still very much in Love with Humanity!! However, what pleases Him Even More is when we are ready and willing to Love King Jesus Back!! This absolutely “Floors” Him and Excites Him to No End when one of His Own finally embraces the Love He has for Humanity, His Prized Creation for themselves!!

For those within Humanity who still haven’t embraced His Love for themselves just yet, the Lord Jesus Christ still hasn’t stopped Loving them and never will. Until the day you take your final breath in this Life and meet the one By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs. For this is the choice you have made and the Lord Jesus Christ, being a Very True Gentleman, He has Allowed you to make the choice you chose. Not once or at One Time did He force you; or make you see things His way, He did however place The Truth within your path a number of times. At every chance, you simply rejected and overlooked The Truth, which would have set you free and you would have never known By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs!! Only to live out this new reality and the horrors of Hell for All of Eternity!!!

In the End, This Is Your Choice. Even If This Is The Same Choice So Many Within Humanity Are Still Making and Clearly Following This Same Path!?! 0_o

Are You Going to Wake Up and See The Truth For What It Really Is?

Again, All I can do is point you to The Truth, it's up to you what you do with it. This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

The Love of Jesus Christ is Unconditional!!

He Loved All of Humanity Already!!
He Loved All of Humanity Already!! | Source

The Love of the Lord Jesus is Unconditional?

The Lord Jesus Doesn’t Care Who You Are, What You Have Done or What Kind of Background You May Have, He Still Desires Even You!! It is truly amazing in How the Lord Jesus has created Humanity, many of us don’t even realize we bring and bestow Glory onto Father God in our daily lives already! Whether it is by helping others, looking out for the Elderly and the Children or even proving in Times of Greatest Need, People can Come, and Stand Together!! Well even by just getting up to go to work each day, this also brings Glory to Father God! This is all part of the "Uniqueness" of Father God.

For those who do this as a Blood Bought Believer (BBB), the Lord Jesus Christ Rewards them, with Treasures in Heaven. For those who do this without any Intimacy With The Lord Jesus, there is no reward in Heaven, you don’t have a relationship with the “One” who Rewards those who are a Blessing and Are His Servants. So those who do this without knowing the Lord Jesus, your rewards are within this Life, until you finally embrace the Free Gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ!! Then Your Rewards will be in Heaven, waiting for you on the day you meet the Lord Jesus and dwell, where He Himself Dwells!!

To some this may sound confusing, but the Lord Jesus Christ still Loves those who reject and haven’t acknowledged or embraced His Truth!! Many within Humanity bring Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is far better to do so Being and Knowing you are One of His. This way, no man or woman can boast about the things they have done, the Glory immediately goes to the Lord Jesus!! Even though the Love of Jesus Christ is Unconditional, He Strongly Desires a Relationship with All of Humanity!! Will You Become Someone Who Will Receive Rewards in Heaven?

You’re Choice, Choose Very Carefully and Extremely Wisely?

It's Still Always About the Lord Jesus!!!

It's All About the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!!

The Blood of Christ is the Only Atonement!!
The Blood of Christ is the Only Atonement!! | Source

The Lord Jesus Christ Has Suffered Much From His Creation; Yet He Still Deeply Cares For Us!!

As explained within the Bible and Your Focus Determines Your Eternity, there are Millions of People dying and leaving this Life at Record Numbers!! Many of them are finding out the “Hard” way, By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs!!! For All within Humanity who continuously “Reject” the Gospel of Jesus Christ or Good News of King Jesus, when they die, many will know By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs! Also as explained within Pulling People Out of the Fire, once you enter into Hell… There is No Escape!!! Just like “Light” in a Black Hole, there is no escaping the power and abilities of a Black Hole!! The same goes for Hell, the only difference is Hell is Eternal, meaning for All of Eternity!!!

For these individuals who are finding out the “Hard” way, By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs, they have put the Lord Jesus through the Ultimate Situation… Now having to deal with the Loss of another one From Within His Prized Creation (Humanity)!! Simply because they refused, rejected and would not acknowledge the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Free Gift of Salvation!! At the Great White Throne Judgment, because so many have rejected Him, He will have no choice but to reject them and cast them into the Lake of Fire!! The Lord Jesus Christ will have to do this out His Love, Holiness and Righteousness in sentencing so many as such.

Don’t remain a fool, or learn By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs the hard way or continue to reject The Truth either! However, this is your choice, your Father God Given Free Will and all I can do it point you to The Truth. Either Your Focus Determines Your Eternity and You Decide When and Who You Serve, At Some Point… All Decisions Are Final!

You Decide!!


Why Live in Darkness and Not Be Able to See the Light or Receive the Love of Jesus?

As explained within the Bible and within Are You Living In A Box as well, the issues of the “Flesh” is what's blocking the Mind and the Heart, will always interfere with the Receiving of The Truth. The Larger the issue of the “Flesh” within either or both areas, the longer The Truth will take to penetrate, if it every does. This is why so many within Humanity go on about living in darkness or within sin (the "I" Way and "My" Way). Sadly, this feels natural and/or even comfortable to the "Flesh" because it is of darkness!! There is no “Light” living in the “Self,” on the “I” Way or the “My” Way!!! This is exactly why so many within Humanity Are You Living In A Box and Have A Reprobate Mind!

Living in darkness will never give way to Receiving the Light of The Truth. This is an Impossible Conundrum, like “Oil and Water,” they will Never Ever Mix!! Light cancels out darkness, but more darkness, breeds more darkness. The “Flesh” is only “Powerful” to those who “Live” in the flesh, serves its desires and gives themselves over to what it wants!! This is why these individuals are so unreceptive to The Truth and they live so far from it, and are Clearly “Boxed” In!!! The further or the more contrary you live and/or dwell from the Lord Jesus, the longer The Truth will take to penetrate or reach the infected Areas!!

Are You Getting This Now, The Truth is what All of Humanity Needs! This is Exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus. Personally I don't know how much time there is, all I know "Time" is short and it is Time to Get Your Hearts Prepared and Ready!!

Will You Remain in Darkness or Embrace the Light and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ? Your Choice, Choose Very Wisely and Very Carefully.

Time Is Short, It Is Decision Time!!!

The Truth is Jesus and He Will Always Set You Free!!

No matter how far you may be living from the Lord Jesus, if you are “Called” or "Purposed" to fulfil a role for Him? It does matter if Are You Living In A Box and Have A Reprobate Mind, The Truth is going to find you and you will embrace the Love of the Lord Jesus for yourself!! To be honest and I am speaking from experience, the Lord Jesus Christ will only allow you to “Runaway” for so long!! I am not this only situation. There are plenty of stories like mine. Where the Lord Jesus has led many people back to Him and they Reignite Their Passion For Jesus, and serve Him Faithfully!!

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Way, The Truth and the Life!! If the Lord Jesus Christ has a plan for your life, you better believe He will get you where He needs you to be, to fulfil His Purpose!! There is so much Freedom within the Lord Jesus, like the “World” can’t cause harm, pain or issues, especially as you Draw Near to the Lord Jesus and increase your Intimacy With The Lord Jesus as well!!! In the Lord Jesus Christ, there is literally no need to worry or be concerned with By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs. The Lord Jesus Christ has already conquered and overcome this power, Any and All the influences of “Death!”

Could It Really Be So Simple? This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus and All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus!!

Will You Call Upon His Name and Be Washed Through Faith, By His Shed Blood At the Cross? I Can Only Point You to the Lord Jesus Christ, for It is Only He which has the Power to Change Your Lives Forever!!

Yes, the Time Has Come!!

Be Washed in The Blood!!!
Be Washed in The Blood!!! | Source

The Real Question Is, Will You Love the Lord Jesus Christ Back?

Do You Love the Lord Jesus? For those who finally embrace the Love the Lord Jesus Christ has for them, this Really and Truly “Floors” Him, and Even Excites Him As Well!! One More Soul within His Prized Creation (Humanity) will be coming Home for All of Eternity! Which is the entire goal, this is so more people might say: Let’s Make Heaven “Our” (Humanity’s) Eternal Home! For Those Who Do, they are showing their Love as well by embracing the Love He already has for them! This is why the Lord Jesus Christ as God in the Flesh came to Earth, dwelt among us, went to the cross and died a Human Death for you! To also provide The Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ and His Blood as the Only Means to redeem all who will simply Believe, Ask and Acknowledge!! The Blood Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Be Cleanse of All unrighteousness!!

Could It Really Be So Simple? All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Jesus Christ from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved! Make the best decision of Your Eternity Today!! It is All About the Very Precious Shed Blood of Jesus Christ!! Be made Anew by the Power of the Blood of Jesus to Forgive Your Sin, It's All About the Blood of Jesus!!

Where Will You End Up For All of Eternity?!?

The End of Grace is Coming Soon?

The Lord Jesus Is Coming!!
The Lord Jesus Is Coming!! | Source

There Is a Time Coming When “Grace” Will End, Where Do You Stand Now Verses Then?

Could It Really Be So Simple and the Answer Is, Yes! It has already been Revealed and Simple, Simplicity is Best when it comes to the Lord Jesus!! To know where you stand, just Draw Near to the Lord Jesus. When The Age of Grace comes to an end and it will, you will be Rapture Ready for because of your level of Intimacy With The Lord Jesus!! If you are not Rapture Ready now or you haven’t been actively, fully or completely seeking the Will of Father God. Then you will have to face the “Lightning Round,” The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call!

Either way if you are a Blood Bought Believer (BBB), you will make Heaven Your Eternal Home and you will be able to finally see the Lord Jesus where He Dwells!!! For anyone who totally rejects, refuses to receive or will not acknowledge the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus. Whether you die now during The Age of Grace or during The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call. You will clearly find out the master you served and he will have “All” Legal Rights to do what the “Hell” he wants to you, and you will know By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs!!!

As with all things in this Life, You Must Choose and Decide Where, and With "Whom" You Will Spend Eternity With? This is your Lord God Given Free Will, Please Choice Wisely and Very Carefully!! All I can do is Point you to The Truth; I can’t make this decision for you. The Time is Fast Approaching when you will have to decide and only “You” can make this decision. For It Is By The Love of the Lord Jesus Christ, Humanity has a Chance and “All” Could Be Set Free!!

Will You Be Someone Who King Jesus Has Set Free?

What's Love Got to Do With It? The Answer is Everything When It Comes to the Lord Jesus Christ!!

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