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How To Drive an Authentic Rolls Royce Life! Third House Zodiac Stuff

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Short Trail; Long Journey!
Short Trail; Long Journey!

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Saying What You Really Mean to Say

Ready to chomp down into the 3rd house slice of your MODE of Cosmic Therapy astrological pie? This is the third lesson of a series of 12 in MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology Sessions.

To understand more freely the information offered, a read through of the other two segments are suggested.

This section is where you must come to terms with how much you desire to create an authentic Rolls Royce life while driving the vehicle of personal conviction to its designated destination! That’s right; no escape corridors found in this region.

No excuse, defense or explanation. Your face is all shown over the billboards, television, internet, and thumb tacked bulletin board down at the local Post Office when dealing with issues in this relegated domain.

What astrological sign lurks on the cusp waiting to expose your darkest secrets and most self-conscious fantasies? Here ilives the branded story-teller of wanton tales in full animated splendor. The designated astrological sign and planet on the cusp of the third house describes the type/temperature of the oven in which you bake the cake of your everyday interactive life.

In the 3rd house, you will be completely turned upside down, inside out, round-a-bout topsy turvy on an unbelievable roller coaster spin. You will be misunderstood, quoted wrong, blamed, emotionally injured and distressed unnecessarily. This house is the vehicle you’ll drive while embarking on your earth adventure. It defines-no holds barred- sexual preference and attraction!

Like it or not; it’s the only fashioned car you’ll ever own while down here on Earth. In many respects it dictates the size, shape, temperature of your disposition, hair, and bone structure relatively speaking.

The sign ruling the 3rd house describes your force and hue of character. The vehicle you drive, particular assigned flesh body, is all about shaking you from your fixed opinions, ideas, concepts of how you are supposed to look.

You are learning, quite rebelliously, how to release plans. Releasing the dominating control you desire to have over others. You are to get with your race, on your track and not be running ram shod into the lives and business of anyone else. You got that?

When driving a Rolls Royce' Life, you are not concerned with what others are driving.

In other words, put the medal to the pedal of your stylized sacred sensual sexual artistic car and forget what others are doing, saying, screaming, bemoaning, complaining and bragging about. The 3rd house sign will show you the true meaning of ‘right and wrong’ and I’m not talking MORALITY.

You will be forced to move out of the sphere of ego-entered activity for gain and/or any sense of superiority. You will be brought down a peg or two. Don’t believe me? Hold on for the next presupposed psychic map of physical activity.

Learning how to 'finally' be comfortable with your own body in your own life will prove to be quite an adventure!

Used as a divine instrument of teaching, a diving rod, as such, for a much needed cosmically aligned purpose, the sign which rules the 3rd house determines complete and utter authority in your being able to move forward with your so-called life’s success aims.

But, not until you realize what youa re driving: a genunine Rolls Royce, no less.

In the meantime, while visiting the 3rd house activities, your sense of importance will be ripped away from you without your consent or approval. The 3rd house demands you be on an authentic path or you don’t move. It’s as simple as that.

Your car is cemented to the road, until you surrender to a 'no lust of result' attitude.

You will never know why must go where you go but go you will. Pointless to argue about it; the writing is on the wall. What sign is on your 3rd house? Leo, virgo or Capricorn? Also, to complicate matters, are there any planets residing therein?

In essence, it’s the, Do not pass go; head directly to jail province. Stop with your mealy mouthed excuses of why you can't do this or that! You will do what you are embarrassed to do first.

You must come to terms with the fact that although you love to surround yourself with so many different kinds of people, experiences and fun, you abhor familiarity.

The third house declares you are not in the least bit conventional and can not stand it when somebody copies your way of doing things. You hate having to repeat yourself over and over and over again. That’s the main feature of the third house: discarding obliging phoniness and nicety excrement.

You can only tolerate whining but a few minutes and then it’s “Get out of my face” because I’ve got things to do! This is IF you are operating on the authentic revolutionary warrior spirit of the 3rd house. IF not, your level of phoniness is down right sickening.

You are not doing anyone a favor when you placate them. Anyone who partners up with you had better dog gone be sure to have his ducks in a row.

You abhor excuses, defenses and pretense. Although you may at times, come across as using all three of these methods to survive, you are NOT attached to any of them and will change on a dime IF someone tries to get into your business without proper invitation.

What do you mean this borders on the verge of rudeness and disinterest? Mean? Mean, What? The 3rd house means to stop your sickening gibberish and say what you want!!! The 3rd house is about getting honest!

Not catering to the whims of others, or your own for that matter. Unless you are willing to stand by your convictions and not apologize.

You can tolerate the company and adoration of the other for a while, but should they get too overly mushy or sentimental, you will turn the stinking applecart over to bring in fresh! The 3rd house is not nice! You are not, either.

Stop thinking yourself as anything but ruthless and real. Although the closest ones to you can never begin to understand your ‘what appears to be ‘callous actions, you are not here to win a popularity contest. At least not in the 3rd house.

Especially IF you have planets found therein, this remark is doubly so.

You are here to plant seeds of change in the fertile soil. You are learning how to get comfortable with the unique car you are driving. Any hated or disgust for your physical body will be amplified in this house!

Through devious motives from the sign on the cusp, circumstances will occur that will adequately provide you with enough material to last a lifetime. You will in no wise skate by the 'hair of your chin.'

Problems with weight, diet, bulimia, and anorexia or body disfigurement will be discovered in this house alone. In other words, you will be obsessed with your body in some way or another. The 3rd house will always appear as if you are running ahead of the game of inferiority, not in sync with what others find important.

You carry within yourself a proverbial torch for the betterment of mankind and will not be satisfied at the personal level until the meaningful injustices are brought under the order of revolution in your lifetime. This is what coming to terms with your own body is all about!

The third house indicates the problems associated with the ears and lungs. The particular ailment or lack thereof will be described by the sign on the cusp. The inability to sit still or remain satisfied is also determined here.

People will often say to you that you don’t listen so well. Try seeing how the sign on the cusp relates to this stupid remark!

You will not listen to the voice of their reason or their convention; you are not supposed to. You will not be persuaded or leered into a way of living unless it comes straight from the mouth of God, or at least what you perceive as a true voice of a Supreme energy, himself/herself/itself

I n other words, when you try to please the other, you are non-negotiably off the mark of your own bullseye map of divine work.

Stop pretending to be nice. Be what you are regardless of how it is percieved! That is only definition of authenticity. Unless you are involved in constant pursuit of life’s enlightening experiences, in your own non-conventional way, you will never fit into your surroundings.

Nobody who walks on two legs will you ever be demonstating more 'gut rot' truth than you IF you are genuinely authentically naturally and conveniently fulfilling the esoteric duty of the 3rd house flavor. It’s your sacred sensual sexual artistic car. Drive it how, where, when, with whom and in what manner you want to.

Otherwise, pull a cart filled with rolls of toilet paper, you jackass.You'll need it.


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