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A Sacred Sensual Sexual Artistic Song is Heard You’re Singing It!

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Photgraphy

 Portal of Innocent Passion
Portal of Innocent Passion

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Opening the Portal of Creative Expression

In the midst of this scintillating dilemma called life, no matter the frame of reference in marginal detail or number, we, as humans, are faced with the perplexing difficulty to decipher our place in the universe while adhering to our distinct sacred sensual sexual artistic personalities.

Through the onslaught of complicated, conflicted, sometimes, debilitating factors, (involvement/relationships) associated while being alive; we are chastised and commissioned with the charitable duty to function in some sort of productive, caring, interested, loving, meaningful way. It’s all part of learning how to have genuine human experience.

A remarkable unforgettable song is heard, remotely familiar, but incapable of naming the distinct notes that make up the tune, we formulate the structure of our incalculable lives based on its incomprehensible sacred melody.

Even more so, not without the intellectual constrains associated, we are assigned the complicated task of learning how to interact with the given environment, romantic affairs, family situations, friends, creative endeavors, careers, educational pursuits, and impending acquaintances without completely giving way to the natural process of influential osmosis (bleeding into of others; remaining independent while living in unity) which is likely to occur without our conscious consent or involvement. In other words, we are discovering how to ‘sing our own song’ regardless of support, encouragement, and/or recognition.

Moreover, when called upon to interact in unexpected situations of indescribable flawlessly maneuvered emotionally draining affairs, do so without a hitch or promise. No doubt, a high order of calling but nonetheless our attempts must be genuine IF we are ever going to gain the enduring profoundly relative wisdom of earth life.

At the same time, while this undulating living is taking place, we will note that our body is saying, doing, perceiving, registering, selecting and tabulating things we absolutely no nothing about. From the unconscious level, we are being influenced, prompted, solicited and geared in a direction that may seem totally contradictory to the conscious desires we recognizably possess.

Two things are occurring at once: the taming/subduing of our PERSONAL higher animal nature while at the same time finding an adequate uninhibited freedom of creative expression of it in the very midst of its convoluted domain.

Masters of Divine Essence, what we inherently are, forgotten due to a veil of mystery and fragmented memory of our sacred heritage, inspiringly enthusiastically guides us, most days. But on some days, we feel more like the natural inhabitants of the darkest fiercest diabolical demons known to mankind. God/Goddess (in whatever manner perceived) innately deferring power as humans is no doubt a horrendously humorous distracting entertainment.

How do we, in fact, subdue the very instinctive creative sacred sensual sexual artistic nature that exalts uplifts, inspires and, at the same time, besets us, casting us to the ground? It’s called: The lion of LOVE.

The inscrutable lion who seeks to destroy and devour us simply because he can is being universally domesticated. Who is this villainous imposter? Some may refer to him as a so called devil. But the fiend is really never any further away-attached to, instilled within- than our own venomous grievous thoughts.

If, in fact, however, the old devil must be transformed and redeemed, then life disparaging compost must be provided. In order to transform something, the precedent hideous residue must be present beforehand. Something to think about: our lives deliver to us the necessary ingredients (scenarios) to overcome because we possess the elements of spontaneously resourceful interruption and distraction to create them.

How incredibly ingenuous: divinity-working through the human form- having imperceptibly disguisedly impregnated the scenes, then through impervious calculated deceptive believable ploys conquers himself/herself/itself because of it.

Wow! By inventing and moving through his/her/its own ploys of carefully devised deceptive-marvelously wonderfully construed (beast, fool, victim, martyr, hero) definitive roles-hallowed evolution continues in as much as we understand and can appreciate the beauty and grace of it.

We are all part of an intricately unfathomably devised plan of sanctified disguise thereby propelling progressive evolving galactic movement. We, as the conflicted demonstrating partners in celestial experimental evolving emotional/physical/mental crimes of passion, are able to win at the game without force of will by voluntarily submitting to something beyond ourselves without any guarantee or lust of results.

We are able to partake, contribute and live the song of inestimable glory by returning an expanded quested portion in the ineffable purpose of the glorious fully lived human sacred sensual sexual artistic existence.

How be it that we, as human contributors to the enormously incandescent envisioned inconceivable plan, contend with ourselves, doubting the very existence of our purpose for drawing breath, condemning our lives in an almost frivolous fashion be so irrefutably discontent?

The expanded sacred sensual sexual artistic avenues of creative expression are limitless! We possess the sanctified unlimited power of self-governing influence to do what we will. The nebulously formulated protocol is solely determined by us, through us, in us and around us at our beckon call. But, we must be willing to surrender the idea of any personal gain or betterment. This is as good as it gets!

Our palatial menagerie of undeniable sacred sensual sexual artistic passions awaits our divulging and demonstrating. The unstated prerequisite to the consecrated creative liberated unfolding demands of us to possess: “no lust of result.” We are not to be swayed, influenced or coerced by the fatuous questions and compliments of others.

We are to do what we do because we love it and for no other rationale reason. We can not reason ourselves out of terror, despair, or agony of debilitating memory anymore than we can attribute the ascending glory attached to so called successful fleeting accomplishments. In other words, we are not to be carried away by our own intoxicating lure of entitlement, or self-congratulatory smiles.

We are simply to engage in the most passionately invoked version of our glorious sacred sensual sexual artistic song of celestial magnitude in gracious celebration, exaltation and gratitude. After that, it’s all done but the sheer inexpressible pleasure of mere seductive innocent breathing.


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    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Fortunately to my personal delight I am a lover of lions and quite aware of their screwed boisterous disloyal and dangerous actions on unconscious level. I sing the songs of incomputable glory perfectly in tune with my sensual sexual artistic existence, and thanks to you I may now accept myself as a sober normal pure and grateful female Homo sapiens sapiens. Thanks again for a superb and outstanding brain-racking hub on a most relevant and sensitive topic. The beautiful model displaying innocent passion should be awarded with tons of happiness and joy, though we all know she may become in the wink of an eye the pray of an untamed lion.

    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 

      8 years ago

      I am a singer of my own song and I now know there are two of us. Good thinking!


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