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E.T. Knows that We are Here

Updated on February 4, 2012


Knows We're Here
Knows We're Here | Source

New Research

Thomas Hair, a mathematician at Florida Gulf Coast University, presented his research to the Mathematical Association of America in Boston last month.

According to his research, if aliens existed, then they certainly would know of our existence by now.

His research was based only on our own galaxy and did not consider any alien life forms in other galaxies.

He has estimated that if an advanced civilization existed on another planet in our galaxy and that planet was older than ours, which is fairly young, then they would have, by now, had time to reach Earth.

Our Galaxy

The Milky Way
The Milky Way | Source

Moving On

He estimated that if an alien had technology, then it would take approximately 500 years for them to then have the technology to reach their nearest star. He then allowed 500 years for their journey; he assumed a speed of 1% the speed of light.

He then allowed another 500 years for them to be on the next planet, before moving on. Using this as a formula, he estimated, that given the age of the galaxy an advanced race would have, by now been able to reach any star in our galaxy.


He said he did not know if aliens existed but if they did, given our own ability to study other planets and that they would be more advanced than us, they would by now definitely know of our existence.

He proffered the suggestion that any advanced life forms, may have no interest in Earth as water and anything else they may need for their existence, is far more abundant in space than it is on our planet. Also, by acquiring these things from space, they would not have to deal with the problems of our earth’s gravity.

He also suggested that aliens may only travel along, long established routes, like roads through space and that the nearest “road” to Earth was well away from our solar system.

So, if this research can be believed and aliens do exist, then they are fully aware of our presence here. It also means that they are either ignoring us or at best do not consider it necessary to go out of their way to introduce themselves.

One of the reasons he speculated that aliens would know of our presence here, would be the CFC’s, [Chlorofluorocarbons] in our atmosphere.

Is it possible that the same thing that makes us visible to aliens is the same thing that keeps them away: our pollution of the planet?


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Those theories are so full of holes and purely speculation of course. There can be little doubt "life" exists in many parts of the universe, perhaps some is like us although the odds of our being duplicated, unless we spring from the same ancient beginnings, are so remote as to be impossible.

      However with unlimited time, the trillions times trillions of particles and the zillions of changes taking place, perhaps everything we can conceive will occur somewhere, someday.

      In the meantime, all the speculation is just that.


    • theinfoplanet profile image

      theinfoplanet 6 years ago from The Planet of Information

      That was facinating,I do believe aliens exist, and somethgblue raised an interesting point that I agree with. Either way, this was a great hub that gets you thinking.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Consider the fact that humans 'see' in a limited spectrum of light and it becomes even more possible that they could easily have visited us and depending on the energy signature their space craft gives off we could miss them entirely.

      Not to mention our narrow minded ability to perceive anything that does not directly pertain to our pathetically underdeveloped 'science' and they could be living here with us and we would never know it.

      Once again another brilliant hub!


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