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Zeta Talks' 7 of 10 Scenario

Updated on December 10, 2012


Zetas or Grey's as they are called by UFOligists are here for our benefit and to try to create a hybrid race in order to save their own.
Zetas or Grey's as they are called by UFOligists are here for our benefit and to try to create a hybrid race in order to save their own. | Source


The 7 of 10 Scenario, described by the ZetaTalk website is basically how the tectonic plates of Earth will act during the Polar Shift. This website, ZetaTalk, is dedicated to getting the Zeta message out to the masses.

The Zetas as described on their site, are basically a group of Aliens living on this planet, having destroyed their own planet through pollution and self inflicted destruction, that are here to help the human race through this current Polar Shift while creating a Hybrid race of Human/Zetas to save their own dying race.

Their message basically consist of revealing the Planet X coverup, showing how the establishment uses disinformation to suppress the truth, making predictions on upcoming events and answering questions from the public on unexplainable astronomical phenomenon and other related topics.

All of this information is 'channelled' through their emissary Nancy Lieder a middle aged ex-housewife and contactee. ZetaTalk begin in 1995 and grew in popularity, while Nancy quickly made the rounds from TV program's such as Strange Universe in 1997 to Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio program in 2003-2007.

There are two main mirror sites that have been established because of ZetaTalk called Troubled Times and Pole Shift ning. Although Troubled Times seems to be a site more dedicated to sharing pertinent information in times of crisis and natural disaster, the Pole Shift ning site on the other hand is more of a Forum oriented site that allows the public and members to chat and discuss the issues.

However upon contacting the Pole Shift ning site and asking many pertinent questions about Nancy's reliability and sources of information I was attacked by members and subsequently banned from the site. Evidently if you don't question their beliefs you are allowed in the discussions but if you rock the boat, they simple throw you overboard. A clear sign of a ego driven (never wrong) service to self agenda.

The ZetaTalk website has a massive amount of information to sift through however one of the more interesting subjects is their 7 of 10 Scenario which is a prediction on how the Polar Shift will unfold through a series of tectonic plate movements.

7 of 10 Scenario

The 7 of 10 Scenario as described by the ZetaTalk site.
The 7 of 10 Scenario as described by the ZetaTalk site. | Source

Sequence of Events

Since this scenario is complicated I decided not to rewrite this in my own words and defer to the ZetaTalk site for accuracy.

The Zeta sequence is as follows:

  • (1) a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with
  • (2) Indonesia sinking,
  • (3) a folding Pacific allowing
  • (4) S America to roll,
  • (5) a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing
  • (6) Africa to roll and
  • (7) the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
  • (8) great quakes in Japan followed by
  • (9) the New Madrid adjustment,
  • (10) which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.

The actual Polar Shift will happen quite suddenly in a matter of minutes, an hour at most. However those that do survive it will only feel it as a severe earthquake (9.0 on the richter scale).

Second Sun or Nibiru (Planet X)

Here is a clear photo of Nibiru showing the Sun well above it in the sky.
Here is a clear photo of Nibiru showing the Sun well above it in the sky. | Source

New Madrid Fault Zone

Found this map online while researching an article on FEMA exercises, went back to find the link and the site had been removed.
Found this map online while researching an article on FEMA exercises, went back to find the link and the site had been removed. | Source

Plate Movement

According to the site, six of the ten scenario's have already taken place starting with the Indian/Australian plates releasing creating earthquakes and other geographical phenomenon in that area. Now this is easy to confirm as I have a site (Globalincidentmap) I have bookmarked and visit everyday that gives up to the minute earthquake information. Since October 2011, the Indonesia area of the World has experienced large earthquakes (4.0 or higher) almost everyday.

According to the ZetaTalk site, Nibiru or (Planet X), entered our solar system in 2003 and that is when the Polar Shift began in earnest. It is also when NASA admitted that the poles had been gradually moving forty miles a year, coincidence hardly!

The Zetas claim that the Indo-Australian plate is the key and when it releases it allows all other plates to move. This plate is moving under the Himalayas allowing the Pacific plate to move west which in turn allows the South American plate to also move west.

Of course, per the Zetas they are not allowed to give us a time frame for these events as the 'Council of Worlds' will not allow any direct interference as it would allow The Powers That Be or the Elite as they refer to them to manipulate the masses and control events such as Marshall Law, Food Distribution and Disaster Relief. Also it could cause the masses to panic and begin moving inland which could create its own disaster as far as keeping the infrastructure intact.

As the Pacific plate adjusts or 'folds' it releases the pressure keeping the New Madrid Fault Zone in place here in the United States. So to be sure any significant earthquakes in Japan and the Philippines should be watched closely as this could be a sign that the New Madrid will soon follow.

A New Madrid Fault Zone (NMFZ) earthquake could potentially cut the United States in half separating the West from the East for many years. This NMFZ sits in the Mississippi Valley and according to FEMA and the US Navy could create a huge inland sea stretching from New Orleans in the south to the Great Lakes in the North and as far east as Nashville, Tennessee to Kansas City in the west.

Both the US Navy and FEMA have projected and created maps based on a NMFZ earthquake which typically adjusts every two hundred years. The last significant earthquake in this zone was in 1811, so we are overdue.


Here are even more images of Nibiru or the Planet X complex which soon will be undeniable to everyone.
Here are even more images of Nibiru or the Planet X complex which soon will be undeniable to everyone. | Source

NY Times Article 1983

This article discusses the recent discovery by NASA in 1983 of Planet X at the fringes of our solar system.
This article discusses the recent discovery by NASA in 1983 of Planet X at the fringes of our solar system. | Source

Prediction Accuracy

Although many of ZetaTalks early predictions have come true such as the return of Nibiru (Planet X), the increase of earthquakes worldwide and the severe climate change in many areas of the World, what hasn't come true is the severity of these events.

This maybe due to some outside influences that are not being acknowledged such as the Council of Worlds introduction of the gray metal boxes being found on beaches worldwide designed to reduce earthquake severity.

This also maybe due to the fact that no clear timeline for these events have been established and that the severe events will happen in the future. As far as the Maya calendar prediction of December 21, 2012 goes how can we be certain that we have got the beginning date correct?

The answer of course is that we can't, so I suspect that this date was created to sell books and spread fear and nothing more.

Of course any channelled information is open to ridicule and suspicion as to whether or not it is a hoax and the ZetaTalk website is not much different that any of the other sites predicting doom and gloom, except for the fact that they have been around since January of 1995 and every major prediction they have made has come true.

Their explanations for the many unexplainable phenomenon in space and on this Planet have been remarkable consistent and their agenda has remained the same. They claim to be a race of Service to Others Aliens here to help the human race survive the ongoing Polar Shift and enlighten the masses. They admit that in many respects they are forbidden to reveal too much information or interfere directly, which limits what they are able to share information.

The ZetaTalks 7 of 10 Scenario is believable to me because many of the events described in 1995 are happening now, such as the earthquakes and flooding in Indonesia, the Himalayas, South America and the Caribbean and many other areas of the World. The Ring of Fire is heating up as the severity of earthquakes in that region have increased two fold.

Over 3,000 active volcanoes on the Ocean's floors have changed the weather worldwide by heating up the Oceans and melting the Polar ice caps. Clearly the Sun and the Moon have been rising and setting in unusual spots on a daily basis. The amount of shipping disaster are on the increase from rising and falling Ocean floors and sea levels.

All of these events had been predicted by the Zetas as early as 1995 and are happening now, so why shouldn't we pay attention to other predictions involving plate movements worldwide caused by a Planet that NASA admitted to finding as early as 1983 and yet now insist doesn't exist.


For the public and the authorities to simple ignore the warnings of the ZetaTalk site would be fool hardy considering the accuracy of their predictions and knowledge of not only our solar system but the Universe as well. Whether or not the information is being channelled from Service to Other Aliens is beside the point as the information they have provided so far has been extremely accurate.

There is too much credible evidence to be found on the internet and in our past to simple dismiss the return of Nibiru to our solar system. The ongoing climate change, increase in earthquakes and erratic orbits of the Moon and other spacial phenomenon lend credence to the fact that their warnings have merit and their knowledge is legit.

The blatant coverup and disinformation from NASA, not to mention their own inaccurate and misleading predictions also tends to show they are not providing the public with the truth.

If you learn to put all of the small pieces of the puzzle together the picture becomes quite clear that the Polar Shift is not only happening right now but that The Powers That Be have known about it for some time and withheld this information from the public for obvious reasons, control.

ZetaTalks's 7 of 10 Scenario may not being happening at the pace the Zetas predicted but it is certainly happening. I suspect that when this becomes obvious to the general population that humanity will have far more pressing concerns than being lied to by our leaders.


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