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Fear Is The Soul Killer (Catastrophobia)

Updated on September 26, 2015
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My vast library of New Age books has allowed me to research many new interesting theories about humanities ancient history.

Is the fear of apocalyptic cataclysms in our blood, wired into our DNA or have we been conditioned to fear geological upheavals?
Is the fear of apocalyptic cataclysms in our blood, wired into our DNA or have we been conditioned to fear geological upheavals? | Source


Catastrophobia was written by Barbara Hand Clow in 2001, of partial Native American descent, she is a channeler type writer but this one is based on a theory. The theory In a nut-shell is that about 11,500 years ago the planet Earth suffered a cataclysm (started by a Super-Nova) that went on for about 2 thousand years until 9,500 BC, then the survivors, scattered across the globe, began to re-establish their various civilizations and rebuild. This article Fear Is The Soul Killer (Catastrophobia) will explore her book and the implications behind her Earth-shattering theory.

Catastrophobia explores the concept that humanity still harbors an unprocessed fear of geological upheavals ingrained into our DNA from past numerous cataclysmic events, such as global floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions or a combination of all three. Crippled by this paranoid fear of past cataclysmic upheavals, our subconscious minds project this obsessive fear into a self fulfilling prophecy of an End of Times scenario.

Although one might think that such a book would instill in the reader a foreboding sense of gloom, it is actually quite the opposite as it projects a much brighter future involving a New Golden Age for mankind and global spiritual awakening.

What the book does explore and makes the reader aware of is how our modern technology has allowed more complete theories to be developed based on more precise science such as carbon dating, ice-core drilling, ocean sediment cores and computer-imaging technology from global satellite scans. This has allowed scientist the ability to cast aside outdated theories of the creation of the surface of our planet conceived of in the early 1800s, before this technology existed.

She describes that such an event that caused the continuous destruction of the surface of our planet in 9,500 BC and which has been verified by recent scientific data, was a solar system wide event that only happens once every 30 million years.

The book Catastrophobia postulates that humanity is only now awakening from our collective amnesia of this event, which has stirred our repressed conscious memories of this global catastrophe. Of course the Global Elite as she refers to them and I call The Cabal or Powers That Be are only too quick to use this fear to further their own agenda of control and manipulation.


Many archeologists and historians would have the public accept that these ruins at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan are natural rock formations.
Many archeologists and historians would have the public accept that these ruins at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan are natural rock formations. | Source

Natural Rock Formations?

The Hero's Journey

If you look at the human race as a story or a movie and recognize that every story must have a hero and a villain, it must have a beginning, a middle and ending and that along the way the hero must overcome obstacles set in his path to find the truth and overcome diversity or the villain to win and ride off into the sunset, then you will begin to understand the path of human destiny.

Take for instance the Star Wars trilogy as an example. Luke, the hero (human race) slowly awakens to an insidious evil that rules his world, the Empire (The Cabal) and is pulled into a struggle to defeat it by uncovering the truth behind it. As his story (his-story) is told he begins to recognize that all is not what it seems and that mysterious 'forces' (paranormal) control events, people and their actions.

Many times he faces almost certain death only to rescued by other 'players' and working 'together' are able to overcome the insurmountable odds to live another day. To find the answers to his questions he must seek guidance from within (the force) and learn from ancient masters (history).

The Empire Strikes Back (The Cabal) keeps trying to instigate World War III but the players prevent this from happening because 'we' have learned from our past to overcome the character defects such as revenge, greed and control and have learned to show patience and tolerance and forgive those that are on a different path of learning and growing.

In past cycles of our history the human race has always engaged in the fruitless struggle of nation against nation but now that we are awakening to The Cabals tactic of divide and conquer, we are no longer willing participants and have united together (BRICS) to overthrow the evil Empire.

Ultimately what we have discovered just as Luke in the Star Wars Trilogy, is the capacity to forgive, not only our adversary (Darth Vader and the Empire) but ourselves as well for allowing ourselves to be deceived. The entire story or movie is a journey of self discovery, that our ego is not who we truly are but only the software that runs our vessel or body and that to find true enlightenment (The Force) we must seek it from within.

Fear Is The Soul Killer

Catastrophobia summarizes a vast amount of information derived from other sources, mostly books by other authors and uses well organized footnotes and appendixes to do this. Barbara Hand Clow makes no bones about doing so, after all, the serious researcher can follow her footnotes for more detailed explanations to these concepts and ideas.

One of the main points in Clow's book Catastrophobia is how many researchers, archeologists and Egyptologists will use selected information from ancient scribes (such as Plato or Manetho), while leaving out any information that doesn't fit their theories. For example the thirty ancient dynasties that Egyptologists claim began with the First Dynasty Pharaoh Menes 5,300 years ago are based on historical data derived from the Egyptian priest Manetho whom lived around 2,200 B.C.

Manetho researched and described ancient Egyptian civilization that covered over 39,000 years and yet only his descriptions of the most recent thirty dynasties starting with Menes around 5,300 years ago is taken as fact, discarding all the previous information before that as inaccurate, myth or legends.

My contention as well as Barbara Hand Clow's is, that if you use one source of information to base your theories on, you must then logically, use all of that's sources' information despite the fact that it may not fit your paradigm.

This selected information tactic is used constantly to create many of the theories that are introduced to the public through our education system, Fake Stream Media and archeological and astronomical theories ('science'). However because humanity has been conditioned to accept these incomplete narratives and one sided 'his stories', no one questions it beyond the serious researchers and writers of our modern era.

What would be the point of only accepting some of his work, while not accepting other parts that have been verified as accurate, unless the information describing these previous dynasties were to reveal a truth that The Powers that Be wish to remain a secret?

This common disinformation tactic is used by The Powers That Be to confuse and obscure our ancient history, in an effort to prevent the public from recognizing our true legacy.

  • What is it about humanities' not so ancient past that scares the Global Elitist/The Cabal or Powers That Be so much that they would contrive to systematically destroy the true narrative of our past?

  • Could it be that these so-called gods that ruled ancient man still exist today and are what we refer to as The Powers That Be, The Illuminati, The Cabal?

  • Could it be that they have committed a crime against humanity that is so horrible, that if it were to be revealed mankind would be so outraged, that we would rise up and overthrow them?

  • Could it be that this group of ruling elitist are so few and so scared that humanity will learn the secret of our past that they have routinely destroyed all evidence of it throughout the centuries?

When you stop and think about mankind's incomplete and fragmented history from about 6,000 years ago back into the antiquity of time it does seem more than just coincidental that all traces of our beginnings are so thoroughly incomplete, distorted and obscure.

Could the promotion of Catastrophobia be a tactic to distract modern man from researching, exploring and learning the true nature of our not so distant ancestors?

Is the promotion of an End of Times scenario an attempt by the ruling elite to encourage an unrecognized fear that has served to cripple and paralyze our emotional thinking in an effort to prevent us from embracing our true destiny?

Fear of the truth is what is preventing mankind from realizing our true potential,. Only by recognizing these collective character defects can humanity find the courage to face them and ultimately overcome them.

“Not for the first time I felt myself confronted by the dizzying possibility that an entire episode in the story of mankind might have been forgotten. Indeed it seemed to me then, as I overlooked the mathematical city of the gods from the summit of the Pyramid of the Moon, that our species could have been afflicted with some terrible amnesia and that the dark period so blithely and dismissively referred to as `prehistory' might turn out to conceal unimagined truths about our own past.

— Graham Hancock

Egyptian Legacy and Censorship

Although Manetho's writing's did not survive the ravages of time or has not been publicly released but does exist, (whatever the case maybe), his ideas and research has been widely quoted from by various authors and historians, is that modern Egypt is merely the legacy of a civilization born almost 40,000 years ago known as the Zep Tepi or (first time).

This Zep Tepi spoke of a time in which the gods ruled Egypt through intermediaries known as Ursha (the Watcher's) and humanity was taught the laws of civilization, were educated into the sciences of astronomy and mathematics and shown the art of agriculture, writing and music.

While Manetho's writings and the Turin Papyrus and Palmero Stone are incomplete sources of information describing ancient Egyptian Dynasties, what needs to recognized and contemplated is that all the missing information is uniform.

Meaning all the information in these records pertaining to the dynasties of ancient Egyptian rulers before Menes (5,300 B.C.), seem to be missing, broken off or incomplete. This shows a systematic censorship of missing fragmented history that on the surface might seem circumstantial or even accidental but upon further investigation shows to be well orchestrated.

My contention as well as many other authors is that historians are willing to present one set of facts about our ancient history while discarding all other sources of information that doesn't fit their particular paradigm of uniformitarian and social Darwinism.

This censored form of history prevents the common man from recognizing a time in our not so distant past, in which mankind as a whole reached a high degree of spiritual and technological sophistication that rivals if not surpasses our own civilization. It also precludes from recognition the fact that our ancient ancestors were ruled by beings posing as gods, that lived incredibly long lives, had a high degree of technology and routinely left the planet, via spacecraft.

This censorship does not just pertain to ancient Egyptology but is pervasive in all our ancient histories of cultures and civilizations throughout the World. Consider this for a moment and you too will recognize that our knowledge of the past seems to be well documented and then abruptly ends to be replaced by theory, conjecture and innuendo.


For me what reading the book Catastrophobia did was take me on a journey of self discovery and allowed me to awaken to my own unprocessed fear of geological upheaval which may have manifested itself in my numerous articles about Nibiru Planet X. While I still think that Nibiru Planet X exists, I do concede that it may not have the cataclysmic effects on our planet that have been predicted.

I was able to accept that my own Fear Is The Soul Killer and that Catastrophobia is the conditioned manifestation of that fear.

However this book also provided me with a vast new resource to a previously unexplored avenue of research into our ancient past. The book Cataclysm by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair is an incredibly fascinating read that shatters many previous held theories and ideas taught in our mainstream education system of the formation of the Earth's surface.

Catastrophobia also allowed me to appreciate in a new light many other books such as The Fingerprints Of The Gods and The Orion Mystery by revealing a deeper understanding of these works.

Barbara Hand Clow was able to use many of the same books that I have read such as The Stargate Conspiracy to unravel a mystery that is profound and yet disturbing while showing how the ancient history of the human race weaves a vast tapestry against a backdrop startling wonder and discovery.

She introduces us to new ideas based on ancient legends and myths, while weaving a fantastic tale of survival that spans the eons of time. Her optimistic view of humanity never falters as she leads the reader through the Hero's Journey of the human race. I highly recommend this author to all new age enthusiasts and readers.


Does mankind suffer from Catastrophobia?

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Barbara Hand Clow

© 2015 somethgblue


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