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Zoroaster and The End of TIME

Updated on October 24, 2015

Ripples of Time

The End of Time as we perceive it close, what exciting times we live in, I can hardly wait!
The End of Time as we perceive it close, what exciting times we live in, I can hardly wait! | Source

Sacred Geometry

Is the key to understanding our Universe and the Planet we live on Geometry?
Is the key to understanding our Universe and the Planet we live on Geometry? | Source


This is the image most commonly associated with Zoroaster the prophet
This is the image most commonly associated with Zoroaster the prophet | Source

The End of TIME

I finally understand what the prophecies are all about and now that I realize the meaning, it seems so intuitive I feel a little guilty that I didn't become aware of it sooner. In Zoroaster and The End of TIME I will try to explain how forty years of research and the absorption of knowledge all came together for me after reading one amazing book.

The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock brought all the pieces of the puzzle together for me and allowed me to realize what the Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, Hindu and all the ancient cultures of the World were really talking about. The explanation is so simple that it is stunning and a little bit of a relief.

I feel as if a great mysterious burden has been lifted from me, that true purpose has been restored to me and that the minutia of everyday life is a true blessing. The Apocalyptic Cataclysm of a Polar Shift really is just a natural rebirth of a cyclic evolution of not only Humanity and the Earth but the Universe itself.

That Evil and all the suffering and Wars were part of a Grand Lesson designed specifically to enlighten our species and prepare us for the End of Time itself. A return to the Golden Age is upon us and the awakening of the truth is really our way of destroying the evil in our World. Not only will evil become a concept that is no longer accepted but how we conceive of Time itself will change.

Life will no longer be measured by the concept of Time.

This is what the ancients were talking about when they described the ending of an age of man, this is what the Mayas were prophesying. The whole concept of Time as we know it will change, the Polar Shift is just a necessary part of this evolution of the Earth. Our lives will no longer be constrained by the passage of time.

Physically this may take some time to adjust to, but as we move into this new Golden Age of evolution our way of thinking will invariable change and adapt to our new environment. What exciting Times to be living in.

This is why The Powers That Be have so tenaciously clung to their evil ways because not only is change difficult but it also requires a new way of thinking that is hard to visualize as we have no preconceived notion of what this may mean.

How can anyone be expected to give up all that they achieved for something they have no experience with.

Everything Must Change, it is inevitable, but many see it as a supreme sacrifice because they have no vision, no imagination. They have not learned to trust their heart or to believe that their intuition is real.

Had we as a society learned to trust our God given instincts earlier in our evolution perhaps things would be different but it matters very little as we will all be given a choice. No soul will be left behind and everyone will be given the choice to reincarnate on this planet or learn our lessons in another manner altogether.

This awakening that will culminate in December of 2012 was started almost a hundred years ago with the first modern day sightings of UFO's. However it was truly started long ago by the myths and legends created and left for us by our ancestors as a way of guiding our thinking and encouraging us to understanding and exploring our World.

The common denominator of all the major religions on this Planet has been Love and compassion combined with truth.

Golden Age

The new Golden Age is upon us, as prophesied by the Zoroastrian scriptures . . . looking forward to it!
The new Golden Age is upon us, as prophesied by the Zoroastrian scriptures . . . looking forward to it! | Source

Zoroaster the Beginnings of Montheism

All of the ancient cultures of our planet tell of a time when man lived in a Golden Age with the Gods and did not want, life was good. The weather was fair and no one suffered from disease or hunger and man live a long and happy life.

But for reasons obscured by the dim myths of time this changed and with it came great suffering and hardship brought about by cold winds and snow, an Ice Age as we call it now. Because those that suffered this fate had no experience with it was considered the wrath of the Gods and punishment for evilness and wicked deeds.

What is widely regarded by most scholars as the first religious documentation is the Zoroastrian Vendidad scriptures which gave rise to Hinduism and is the first religion to speak of One God. The name Zoroaster is actually a Greek pronunciation of the name Zarathushstra a prophet that is thought to have live around 800 B.C.

Zoroaster made contact with Ahura Mazda or God and was told the story of the Golden Age of man and the coming Evil Wind that would change the nature of mankind. He was told that man would suffer for many millennium until the truth would awaken in him and that mankind's history of suffering would end but this would not be the end of the World, just the end of His story.

That evil would weaken, crumble and fade away due to man's tireless struggle to expose the truth. That vices such as tyranny, enmity, heresy and injustice would fade away as the World awoke to the truth and a New Golden Age.

" . . . When all the creation that was created by the Lord will come to an end, and every man will come to the Great Judgement of the Lord, then the times will perish: there will not be any more years, or months or days, the hours will not be counted any more, but the Aion (time) will be one."

Zorastrian scripture, 2 Enoch

Zoroasters teachings revealed that the first Golden Agewas just a taste for mankind and that it ended quickly (a thousand years) so that Evil could be used to teach humanity the lesson they must learn to evolve their collective consciousness. The negativity mankind has endured the Wars, the disease, the starvation, the greed and the corruption were never meant to last they were just a means to an end.

Zoroaster taught that salvation depended on human choices and concern for not only your fellow man but the whole World. He taught that compassion and giving was the road to salvation. That before a new Golden Age could begin that quite literally time would end and a Great Judgement would take place, where all of humanity will be given a choice.

Trust Your Heart

Learn to trust your heart, practice asking your soul to reveal the mysteries of the Universe, you will be amazed at the results.
Learn to trust your heart, practice asking your soul to reveal the mysteries of the Universe, you will be amazed at the results. | Source

The Rainbow Body of Light

The evolution of the Human Species is of how we think about our World and the Universe in which we live but is it also of the body?

Many Ancient cultures and religions have expressed the concept that as we evolve consciously we also evolve physically. Will this happen only time will tell, however there is much 'evidence' to support this . . . if one practices trusting The Word of One Who Knows, your heart!

In Sufism it is called the most sacred body or supercelestial body, the Taoists call it the diamond body or the cloudwalkers, Yoga refers to it as the divine body or body of bliss, the Vendanta scriptures name it the superconductive body, the Egyptians called it the luminous body of being, the Gnostic religions referred to as the radiant body, the Mithraic liturgy named it the perfect body, in the Hermetic Corpus it was known as the immortal body and Thoth of the Emerald Tablets just called it the golden body!

Tibetan Buddhism has termed the phrase "The Rainbow Body" and have documented over 160,000 cases of humans achieving this state of being. What occurs is that the body is transformed back into its true form as a purification process takes place, also known as Divine Synthesis.

Many ancient cultures and even some modern ones believe that the evolution of mankind wasn't determined by random mutations as described in the 'theory' of evolution or Darwinism. That these evolutionary events are cyclic in nature as described by the Mayan Calendar and are Universal.

That this evolutionary process is controlled by powerful forces beyond human control and that science has been designed to create the illusion that we understand our own evolutionary process, again for purposes of control. Our thinking and perceptions have trapped us in a prison of our own making.

To illustrate this point I would like to share with you some interesting Bible quotes, even though I'm not what anyone would consider a 'Bible Thumper' there is much truth in the document.

"The first Adam was made a living soul, the last Adam a quickening spirit." I Corinthians 15:45

"We shall bear the image of the heavenly . . . I show you a mystery, we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye . . . the corruptible will put on the incorruption, and the mortal will put on the immortality." I Corinthians 15:49-53

Even as recently as 2002 David Steindl-Rast a Benedictine monk, investigated the Rainbow Body phenomenon with the help of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Although this transformation may sound like science-fiction to some, this concept of a transformation to pure energy or light has been around for a very long time and follows a certain logic.

Full Disclosure

Yes they are already here and eagerly awaiting reuniting with their Universal brothers and sisters!
Yes they are already here and eagerly awaiting reuniting with their Universal brothers and sisters! | Source

Disclosure Is Imminent

Evidence that Aliens have visited our planet has been discovered in almost every ancient culture in the World, although skeptics would have us believe otherwise. Evidence that they are visiting modern man is everywhere in crop circles, eyewitness testimony, books, videos and on the WWW. Hollywood has presented mankind with many different scenarios that most often show invasion forces intent on destroying the World, Humanity or both.

I have been asked on numerous occasions why the government's of the World would keep the Alien presence a secret? The excuse offered the public is most often to keep the public from panicking, as it would change the public's perspective of the World they live and their entire belief system, this is just an excuse and not the real reason!

The purpose behind the reason for not allowing full disclosure is power and control, pure and simple!

Because once full disclosure takes place many governments, corporations and the powerfully rich elite will become obsolete. They will no longer be needed and they will lose their standing in the World, the playing field will be leveled.

The rich and powerful enjoy being rich and powerful and do not want the average man to know what they know or have the same advantage as they do. No longer will they be able to charge an unsuspecting public for energy that should have been free to begin with or knowledge that they don't have.

No longer will they be able to charge you money for keeping you alive (Health Care) or feeding you, the public will no longer be enslaved by their own ignorance.

Over 100,000 of your fellow humans starve to death everyday on this planet and yet farmers in America are paid not to plant crops. Cows eat better than two-thirds of the human population of this planet here in America.

The public will not be happy knowing they have been systematically lied to for thousands of years, generation after generation.

One does not need to be a Rocket Surgeon to know this!

These are just a few of the reasons behind the collusion of governments World wide. Technology is another reason, the rich and powerful have benefitted from technology that was given to humanity for all to use and they kept this a secret from mankind.

Do you like being lied to . . . I know I don't!

The Alien presence in modern society began exactly 100 years ago in Germany, 1911 to be exact, this was not an accident. Full Disclosure will happen in December of this year, however it is already underway lead by India, Russia and China. Once this occurs all other nations will have to disclose what they know or be left behind and the consequences could get ugly.

At this very moment over 100 Alien races have gathered around planet Earth preparing for their own Full Disclosure Event. They now outnumber the population of this planet 2 to 1 and even if our own governments do not disclose to the public the Alien presence they will, the date is set.

Even now this presence has benefitted mankind by helping reveal the truth about this planet, our solar system and the Universe in which we live. This presence has also helped to lessen the destruction caused by the presence of Nibiru or Planet X as the Pole Shift continues.

Consider for a moment if everyone on the Planet knew the truth all at once, that no one had any more secrets. Consider how that information would change our social structure, how the powerful elite and rich would be at a distinct disadvantage.

Do you have the compassion in your heart to forgive your fellow human for keeping you in the dark for so long? Do you have the Unconditional Love in your heart to allow the rich and powerful to continue to exist knowing full well they have lied and enslaved you for so long?

Unconditional Love and the Truth is the most powerful force in the Universe. Forgiveness and compassion are by products of this powerful force.

I don't know about the rest of humanity but I can forgive the ignorance, greed and deceit that our World leaders have perpetrated on mankind, for the knowledge to live a truly spiritual life of Unconditional Love and compassion in the pursuit of the Universal Truth!

Full Disclosure will allow all of humanity to make an educated choice in how they want to continue living. I believe this Event talked about for so long and prophesied by so many cultures the World over will give humanity the choice.

The history of mankind will be changed for ever and this is why the rich and powerful have resisted Full Disclosure. In Zoroaster and The end of TIME, I hope I have answered a few of my readers questions but perhaps I have just created more. Many perhaps will ask for proof or evidence and I will say it again as I have said so many times before, I do not need proof to trust my heart. If I can come across this information so can you, however more will be revealed . . .

End of Time

Are you looking forward to the End of Time?

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