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Cataclysmic Doom vs Spiritual Awakening: How to Recognize the Truth

Updated on November 2, 2014

Nibiru Planet X Is Here Now

This photo shows Nibiru Planet X clearly outlined as our Sun is to the right behind some clouds.
This photo shows Nibiru Planet X clearly outlined as our Sun is to the right behind some clouds. | Source

Tectonic Plate Exploration

Robert Ballard, most well known for finding the Titanic shipwreck, will be leading an expedition of 31 scientist this month into the Caribbean to investigate the Septentrional fault lines.

"It's a pretty serious thing we're looking at ... The Puerto Rico trench can generate very large and powerful earthquakes," Ballard told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Connecticut.

The expedition will focus on exploring underwater fault lines around the islands of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominica and Montserrat all of which have had there fair share of seismic activity and rising sea levels in recent months.

This area of the Caribbean that is being explored has had many volcanic eruptions in the last few months and by using remote control submersibles they will be able to gather data on how these eruptions are affecting the sea floor. The expedition hopes to gather data that could help them to predict major earthquakes here in the USA and any possible tsunamis that could impact the southern portion of the North American Continent.

Faith Can Move Mountains

As the number of floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and fireballs from the sky begin to climb in number, life on planet Earth becomes more and more tenuous and fearfully uncertain. Being caught between your spiritual beliefs and the rational fear of climate change on a grand scale has many people contemplating their future. In this article Cataclysmic Doom vs Spiritual Awakening: How to Recognize the Truth the author will explore how our changing Earth environment impacts our spiritual beliefs.

As many of you know I have been promoting the belief that the Earth is currently under going a Polar Shift due to the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system, this belief hasn't changed however it is tempered with the belief that humanities spiritual awakening can alter our future by simply creating the energetic focus of millions on a positive outcome.

David Wilcock showed in both his ground breaking books The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key how only 3,000 people meditating at the same time can alter the course of human interaction and reduce violence and terrorism on a global scale. This fact backed by scientific data shows that when humanity harnesses its internal spiritual energy and projects it outwards to all other humans on the planet it creates a peaceful outcome.

Many intelligent, spiritual people now believe that humanity is on the threshold of a new Golden Age and that our civilization is at the turning point in our world history. For anyone paying attention to global events we are now seeing how the old ways of warfare, economic enslavement and greed are crumbling, bringing to light an opportunity to create a new paradigm based on giving, unconditional love, unselfishness and forgiveness.

However we also see untold and too numerous to name global disasters, that include flooding in all parts of the world, large earthquakes, massive volcanic eruptions, extreme weather and rising ocean levels that are creating refugees on an unprecedented scale. This uncertainty in our changing weather patterns coupled with rising sea levels and tectonic plate movement has many people contemplating radical moves, preparing for disasters and fearful of what the future may hold.

My own mother says that all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  • However what if there is more that each of us can do to protect ourselves and loved ones from an uncertain future?

  • What if the answer was actually very simple and cost nothing to try?

  • What if the answer to all our problems and fear of the future has been inside our hearts all along?

The Polar Shift will create the opportunity for humanity to become of service to others less fortunate than themselves. Even as it has awakened inside us a fear of the unknown it also has created the chance for us to show compassion on an unparalleled scale. Compassion and unselfish giving is the part of humanity that defines us as a species worth saving.

I'm not suggesting that I can predict the future by any means but what I am suggesting is that by simply focusing on positive thoughts, love, forgiveness and showing patience and tolerance to each other we can reduce the fear, ease the discomfort of uncertainty and reduce the violence against each other.

Two Light Sources

This photo clearly shows two light sources, one a planetary orb and the other behind the clouds. The point of this photo is to show that if our Sun were to break through the clouds at this moment, the planetary orb could not be seen due to the glare.
This photo clearly shows two light sources, one a planetary orb and the other behind the clouds. The point of this photo is to show that if our Sun were to break through the clouds at this moment, the planetary orb could not be seen due to the glare. | Source

Spiritual Awakening

Do you believe that humanity is undergoing a spiritual awakening on a global scale?

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The Awakening

While I completely endorse the concept that our Earth is changing due to an outside influence in the form of another planetary body in our solar system and also believe that the Earth is experiencing a Polar Shift, I do not believe the geographical upheavals will be as bad as is being predicted on such sites as Zeta Talk.

My stance on the severity of the Polar Shift has changed due to further research on the subject, the current impact it is having on the planet and the conditions of our weather. I also believe that outside influences from a variety of alien races have lessened the impact Nibiru Planet X is having on our own planet.

I believe these alien races such as the Pleadians, Acturians and others are manipulating events behind the scenes to ensure that humanity not only survives the Polar Shift but any World War III type scenarios attempted by The Powers That Be from the disarmament of nuclear arsenals.

I suspect that they have been altering the orbit of Nibiru Planet X to ensure that it will cause the least amount of destruction while still enabling it to be seen and create a less destructive Polar Shift. After all the lesson of its passage and the displacement of the Earth's tectonic plates will still give humanity the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment without world wide global destruction.

The most important role Nibiru Planet X served was to awaken the masses to THE potential of world wide destruction, not the destruction itself. Now that the majority of humanity has awoken to the deception perpetrated by The Powers That Be and have realized that indeed a long standing cover up of not just Nibiru Planet X but Aliens, Corporate Greed, Warfare, Monsanto, The Illuminati (Cabal), NASA, our education system, false flag terrorist events, our spiritual existence and the nature of our planet itself, there no longer exist the need for wanton destruction or the eradication of our entire species.

So many people have awoken to such a wide variety of the long standing cover up of the true nature of humanity and the planet itself that it is now time to give humanity as a whole the opportunity to change our current paradigm.

The Tipping Point has been reached, the 100 Monkey Theory in which when enough people begin to realize the truth it will soon sweep across the entire planet, allowing the majority to recognize that we are already changing spiritually. We are at the beginning of a New Golden Age of mankind, in which we will throw off the yoke of economic enslavement, bring down the tyrannical governments that wish to enslave us and create a new paradigm of hope, forgiveness and unconditional love.

This is happening now and will proceed into the new year!

Perhaps the most fundamental change will be when all the world learns at once that we are not alone, when our star brothers and sisters finally reveal themselves to us en mass.

Comet ISON

Comet ISON has shown some odd orbital characteristics which could lead one to conclude it is not a comet at all.
Comet ISON has shown some odd orbital characteristics which could lead one to conclude it is not a comet at all. | Source

Fireballs, UFOs and Comet ISON

While few writers, reporters and investigators are willing to go out on a limb and share their beliefs on just what it is we are all seeing in the night sky, I have no such compulsions. After all so what if I turn out to be wrong, I do not fear being wrong just not learning and growing from my mistakes. This article Cataclysmic Doom vs Spiritual Awakening: How to Recognize the Truth was written to allow others to know exactly what I believe.

In September of this year over 200 fireballs were reported across America in just two days, these small meteors are from the vast debris tail of Nibiru Planet X as the Earth passes through it. However these should not be confused with the numerous UFO sightings around the world being photographed and shown on videos.

These photographs and videos of Aliens and their craft are being allowed to happen as our Star Brothers and Sisters get closer to the day they reveal themselves to us en mass. The Council of Worlds has decided that the best way to enlighten the citizens of Earth to the presence of EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) is to reveal themselves all at once, all over the globe.

Plans are in place by The Powers That Be to use this mass Full Disclosure event as a false flag Alien invasion scenario, hence the reason for so many movies like Independence Day that show these types of scenarios.

However now that so many of the current Earth population has awakened to the deception of false flag events, the Council of Worlds is confident that humanity is ready to accept their presence without undo violence and panic.

The Council of Worlds tried to reach out to individual governments in the past to reveal their presence but greed, fear and the desire for power kept their efforts of Full Disclosure from reaching the public.

I have often wonder what the world would be like if everyone on the planet were to gain the same knowledge all at once!

It is not a matter of what everyone believes it is a matter of having the same fundamental knowledge of our existence on this planet. I have a vast amount of seemingly unrelated knowledge to many diverse subjects and as more is revealed the pieces of the puzzle to our existence and the true nature of the Universe fall neatly into place. It is what David Wilcock refers to in his book The Synchronicity Key, random events, concepts and ideas that are all seemingly unrelated begin to be understood if one is to keep an open mind, use critical thinking and learn to trust their heart.

Comet ISON is just another piece of the disinformation puzzle, if one learns to read between the lies and note that many amateur astronomers the world over have reported that ISON has in fact slowed and even stopped on its trajectory into our solar system, then one can conclude that this is not an ordinary comet. Many photographs of ISON seem to show that this comet may indeed be an intelligently designed spacecraft. However regardless of its true nature it is not Nibiru Planet X, nor will it impact our planet.

The Source Field

Learn to think with and trust your heart and you will not be disappointed.
Learn to think with and trust your heart and you will not be disappointed. | Source


The upside to all the predictions of Doom and Gloom on a global scale from such websites as Zeta Talk is that humanity has awakened to the deception perpetrated by The Powers That Be and the massive coverup of many related topics. This awakening has lead many to recognizing their true spiritual nature and potential.

Many reasonably informed people (sheeple) have begun to question what the Fake Stream Media chooses to report as inconsequential events with ordinary explanations, such as fireballs streaking across the sky, sinkholes appearing in neighborhoods and two suns in our skies.

Of course the next step is to take action, sure being prepared for local as well as global cataclysmic events is wise in case of food and water shortages, ultimately it will be our spiritual mindset that will make the difference.

So the question arises as to how we can achieve a positive spiritual mindset and the answer is very simple. Turn off the TV, stop listening to the Doom and Gloom reports designed to spread fear and learn to meditate. Take the time everyday to ask that wee little voice inside all of us how we can achieve a positive mind set and let go of the fear being broadcast into our homes on a daily basis. The heart never lies and knows that the truth stands alone and needs no defense, learn to trust it one day at a time.

You will literally be stunned by the results, I guarantee it!

The Powers That Be have always feared humanity becoming aware of their own true spiritual nature and learning to think with their hearts, instead of their minds. That is why they have poured literally billions of dollars into TV and movies for the last century as a way of conditioning mankind into believing their lies and deception.

Once you begin meditating and asking your true consciousness to remember your dreams, paying attention to the synchronicity in your everyday lives and learning to trust your heart you will begin to recognize why you have incarnated at this time in human history. The lies and deception will begin to fall away and no longer will you fear the unknown but welcome the changes. Things that used to baffle you will become clear and you will be amazed that you never recognized these ideas and concepts before.

Every journey begins with one step and that first step is usually recognizing that you have been in denial. Don't be afraid of learning about concepts and ideas that used to puzzle you, we have all been there, so you are not alone.

Remember this one truth when confronted with conflicting information and you will be fine. A person that knows the truth need not convince you of anything, a person that lies or is in a state of denial will do everything in their power to convince you, often with bits and pieces of the truth to sound believable.

Hopefully in this article Cataclysmic Doom vs Spiritual Awakening: How to Recognize the Truth I have offered enough information to begin the journey of spiritual awakening. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day so don't expect apocalyptic results right away, just remember that it is not the destination but the journey that is important.

© 2013 somethgblue


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