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Bernoulli's Principle

Updated on January 23, 2012

Bernoulli's Equation


Bernoulli's Principle

There are three main concurrent themes to Aerodynamics.

1) The vehicle must be aerodynamic which means it must have curves that are conducive to flight. You might find it interesting that French curves used in the 18th century in Venice were all aerodynamic. And there must be a zero drag coefficient.

2) There must be acceleration.

3) Is the concept of transportation of energy which is covered in thermodynamics.

Now this is the cliff notes version of aircraft design and is by no means to suggest that this is all inclusive at all but rather a reminder that perhaps you should review the highlighted links to start to understand the physics of flight.

But I must first provide you with a definition of of Bernoulli's Principle.

Bernoulli's Equation

It is important to atleast have a working knowlegde of Bernoullis' equation. The equation comes from Princeton.

Oddly enough gravity does not influece Bernoulli's principle.

Experiments of Bernoulli's Principle In Space


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