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"What is High Magick - and why do we need it?"

Updated on April 22, 2011

We can interact with our world in some amazing and beautiful ways.

Magick is something of a rarity, and high magick even lesser-known - even among occultists. High magick is where metaphysics meets spirituality. Unlike more prevalent occult practices, high magick is less concerned with bringing about direct physical manifestations like altering the weather or turning lead into gold, and is primarily focused on increasing alignment with the Divine in both the practitioner and in the world generally.

Religions often seek to do this, but one of the downsides to many religions is that they leave the magickal element out of the equation entirely. The ability to direct our Will in ways that alter the world around us is one of the greatest joys our Creator ever gave us, and magick is no exception. Not only are we able to interact in ordinary ways in our lives, making ordinary kinds of choices and experiencing the results of those choices, magick allows us to fundamentally alter our experiences in ways the material world insists we're unable to do. The Creator, on the other hand, seems to suggest otherwise, and allows us to alter our own experiences - even our physical, tangible experiences - according to our Will. One of the amazing things about high magick is that it turns our entire lives into a kind of spiritual laboratory, where we can learn and experiment with different magickal Choices and, from their results, get a better understanding of the nature of Creation, ourselves, and our Creator firsthand. By seeing what works, what doesn't, and the kinds of results we get, we can start to build and refine our models for understanding those concepts. This kind of life-as-laboratory situation is something most religions cannot provide to anywhere near the degree that high magick does, and for a practitioner of high magick, life becomes a sort of creative playground where we can increase our understanding of ourselves and our Creator as we have fun. It becomes a sort of Montessori school, encouraging learning through experimentation.

I've shared a lot of what I've learned here on HubPages already. In Marbles and Matchsticks, I've gone into the model of different degrees of consciousness and states of reality, from Eternity to our day-to-day physical experience, using metaphors like a tree and an archery target. In this Hub, we'll be going into a little more depth on those models, and getting a better understanding of the nature of Choices both worthy and unworthy. We'll also be looking at how to apply some of the lessons learned through high magick to improve situations in the physical world, and make them more worthy and enjoyable.

Let's start off by working with the tree structure I've described in Marbles and Matchsticks, and some of the fundamental principles of Creation I've outlined in my Maxims Hub. Looking at the tree again, we can see that the lowest point, the trunk of the tree, represents the Perfect, Loving state of Eternity. Going up the tree, we encounter more and more branchpoints where our Choices about reality split off into increasing delusion, and we encounter the results of our flawed Choices in the kinds of life experiences that go on around us on a daily basis. Although they're physical, solid and tangible, and appear quite real, our spiritual insight tells us with certainty that only Perfection truly exists, and that all other states must necessarily be illusions. People often point out the discrepancy between these states, between a Perfect Creator and an imperfect world, when they ask, "How can God let bad things happen to good people?" Well, this is the answer. He doesn't, and the experience that He does is merely an illusion. Dispelling those illusions is as simple as Light dispelling Darkness, and we're going to explore how to do exactly that.

Just as these states of experience are unreal to varying degrees, increasing as one goes up the branchpoints of the tree model, the same is true of Choices. In fact, the varying degrees of Choices is what causes the varying degrees of sensory experience, because they are the direct - or indirect - result of those Choices. When only Love truly exists, to the extent that we make a Choice that isn't in alignment with Love, we're making a Choice for illusion. And our Choices always have results. In this case, they have illusory results of suffering, misery and despair. This is always the case when a Choice is not in alignment with what the Creator knows to be Fact. Adam and Eve were said to have eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Creator knows that only Good exists, and when we choose to "know" both Good and Evil, we experience a fiction in which we encounter them both as a natural result. At that point, we have used our ability to Choose to create an illusory experience that springs from a Choice for fiction.

Everything in Creation was brought about by a Choice. The nature of a Choice determines what it brings about. If a Choice is aligned with Love - the only fact there is - then the results of that Choice are positive and healthy. Choices for fiction, on the other hand, produce unworthy, unsatisfying illusions that generally only bring about misery. Our conscience is the internal compass we have been given that tells us which is which. So Divine Facts (like Love, Joy, one thing called by a hundred different names) are the basis for creating anything truly functional, desirable and worthwhile.

At this point, using another parallel might make things simpler. Most people understand the concept of inflation in an economy. Initially backed by gold, paper currency has gotten one degree of separation away from being directly something of value. Currency only has value because it's a representation of value... that is, it can be redeemed for something of value, and represents it. In the 1930s, the United States swapped the currency over to a system that was not backed by gold. So we've gone from gold, which was one degree of separation from value because it universally is accepted as valuable, to paper money (another degree of separation away from value) to paper money that isn't backed by gold (which is another degree of separation off from value). These degrees of separation correspond directly to branchpoints on the tree metaphor I wrote about. As something gets increasingly distanced from anything of value, it becomes more worthless. A peso, for example, is an unregulated currency that is essentially printed as desired to pay the bills, and as a result has become essentially worthless. During World War II, Germany's money was printed according to a policy of paying the country's bills like this, and as a result the hyperinflation created a system where it took an entire wheelbarrow of German currency to purchase a loaf of bread. This is always the result of an agenda that has become totally dissociated from actual value.

As an aside that allows me to convey this concept more effectively, let's look at the US dollar for a moment. Dollars are actually "Federal Reserve Notes", which are promissory notes. Promissory notes are not money. They are literally promises to pay someone at a later date. They're IOUs. This is why the United States cannot pay off its national debt. You can't pay a debt with IOUs. This will become very important later in this article, so keep it in mind. And as a fun trivia fact while we're on the subject, a year or two ago the Fed quietly changed its policy. It no longer announces how many Federal Reserve Notes are in circulation, so it is no longer possible to know the value of a dollar. Another degree of separation away from value, and now the only thing that separates the dollar from a currency like the peso is the perceived value it has over the peso. That, and the superior infrastructure the US has to Mexico... which it won't have much longer as a result of the Fed's choice not being aligned with value.

So we began with a basic societal desire for currency as a way to express the concept of value between people, and as we've gotten further and further away from that we now have something with no intrinsic value. At that point, it's become a mere illusion that relies on that "concept of value between people" in order to exist. Where the dog once wagged his tail, the tail now attempts to wag the dog, and it's a situation that doesn't work. This will also be important later.

Now that we have this parallel, let's apply it to our spiritual model with the tree metaphor. Rather than financial value, we're learning about the basic value in Creation - that is, Love, or the Will of the Creator. Nothing else truly exists, and nothing else would truly be satisfying. So it's this Love, this Will, this state of Fact, that is the basic currency of Creation. Choices that don't have alignment with that Love soon go bankrupt, and we can see this by flawed systems everywhere in the world. This is what a lapse of integrity brings about, because a lapse of integrity is a Choice against Love and so it brings about flawed, unsatisfying results. So in Eternity, at a Choice for Perfect Love, we get Perfect Choices. They are Perfectly in aligment with the Love that is the Fact of Creation. As Choices are made that are increasingly out of alignment (those branchpoints, or degrees of separation I described), they become increasingly imperfect and unreal, and produce increasingly flawed, illusory, and unsatisfying results. So at the base of the tree we get Choices that are "backed by gold", so to speak. And as we go up the tree, we get Choices that become increasingly baseless and worthless - just like inflated currency. How many wheelbarrows of loveless Choices we see in the newspapers today would you have to have to equal the "purchasing power" of one Loving Choice? Quite a few certainly, if you could even compare them at all.

And that is the crux of this entire line of reasoning. A basis of Love is what makes any Choice valuable, it's what makes any Choice work, and it's what makes any Choice solid. We now have a means to compare Choices, and rank them according to how much they're actually worth. We can look at a Choice, any Choice, and see whether it belongs at the base of the tree, up at the very top by the leaves, or somewhere in between. We can look at two Choices together, and see which is superior - which one is worth more, by being more in accordance with Love. And in doing this, we can determine how "real" and solid a Choice and its results are, by seeing how much in accordance with the laws of Creation and the Will of the Creator it is. And like military personnel, we can rank Choices in terms of authority.

That last sentence was no mere metaphor. What we're learning about here is the fundamental authority built into the structure of Creation itself, because something only has clout if it's real - and it's only real to the extent that it's in alignment with Love. The law talks about a concept called "derivation of authority" - that is, the chain of command along which authority flows, from the leader to the laws down on to the people who enforce it. What we're seeing here is the "derivation of authority" from the Creator Him or Herself, down through us, to our Choices... and as we've seen, some Choices are superior to others. So Choices that are further down the tree model we're using have more Love, are more in alignment with the structural laws of Creation, work better, and are worth more than other Choices. They have more "purchasing power" than lesser Choices. And the implications of this are phenomenal.

It's a basic quality of people that we'd rather experience a more Loving Choice from someone than a less Loving one. We value those Choices more. This is even true in the Choices we give out to others... only sometimes we're so screwed up and frazzled that we have difficulty making the most worthwhile, Loving Choices we can. Often, we give out "IOUs", instead - worthless, baseless, unLoving Choices. They're not worthy of the people we give them to, and they're certainly not worthy of us.

People inherently recognize the relative value of Choices, even if they conveniently set that knowledge aside sometimes. Occasionally, society as a whole starts accepting Choices that have little, if any, value. Choosing the best hypocrite to run a country, for example, and pretending that it's somehow valid and worthwhile without the accountability to keep them honest. At that point, it's merely a pretense, just a matter of everybody "going through the motions" with a worthless Choice and pretending that it has value. Like the way people still value the US promissory notes, even though they're not backed by gold.

But however people Choose to respond to a Choice, accepting it excitedly or rejecting it out of hand, the absolute value of a Choice in objective terms remains. A lie is still a lie, even if nobody calls the speaker on it. Even if everyone smiled upon a Choice for degrading behavior, it would still be worthless. The value we're looking at here is the value that's embedded in the structure of Creation itself. It's an objective means of measuring a Choice, and it isn't subject to the whims of a person or even a whole society. If something has clout, it continues to have clout whether people accept it or not.

And this is where magickal application comes in. The Choices of someone with, say, a lot of power and influence and next to no integrity, appear to be very powerful within society. The Choices of, say, a saint on the other hand seem to have very little earthly power no matter how much integrity they have backing them. But metaphysically and spiritually, the laws of Creation say this just isn't true. The Choices of the saint have vastly more "purchasing power" than the corrupt figure's Choices have, and whatever society says, Creation quietly bears this truth out.

It's the Antaeus Principle, really. Antaeus was famed in Greek mythology for being very strong - undefeatable, in fact. He drew his power from Mother Earth, and could best anyone in combat. He got into a wrestling match with Heracles, who found that no matter how many times he threw Antaeus to the ground he just couldn't beat him. When he realized that this was where Antaeus was actually getting his strength from, he lifted Antaeus up off the ground and Antaeus became as feeble as a kitten. Sure he was. He was separated from the source of his own existence, and the same applies to all of us spiritually. The Love of our Creator is the essence, source, and Purpose of our existence. It's how we were intrinsically Made to be. As that old KISS song goes, "I was made for loving you baby / You were made for loving me". The further we get from that, the weaker our Choices - and our positions and experiences - become.

And we can apply this fact metaphysically, routing around a person or a society who says otherwise. When you have a person or a society acting along with a lie, it doesn't make the lie true - it just increasingly untethers them from anything real. So when something is in accordance with the Divine facts of Creation, they can exert influence in some pretty powerful ways just due to the underlying structure of Creation. And they can especially exert influence on anyone at a lesser positionality - any person or even a whole society that's at a weaker position of Choice on the tree.

So, metaphysically, how can we apply this fundamental Fact of Creation? What does it mean? Well, metaphysics is the perfect place to exert a strength like this, precisely because it works with the objective truths of Creation rather than the subjective responses of others. Nature abhors a vacuum, and this is true with a vacuum of value or legitimate authority - different aspects of the same thing - as well. "Deficit choices" - Loveless IOU's, are a vacuum of Love, just waiting for a Love-based Choice to fill the expansive space they contain.

Understanding money

Giving gold

This presents a wondrous, miraculous opportunity. When most of society is living in a state of essentially meaningless, unworthy, unsatisfying Choices - like the hungry ghosts depicted in many traditional religious mythologies, or perhaps zombies - we have the opportunity to act upon very Loving, spiritually-based Choices and fill them up. In market terms, this is the Law of Supply and Demand. It is also comprable to an investment. By infusing the world around us by making specific Love-based choices in very conscious ways, we can invest value in the empty world around us - and come out ahead, effectively owning a large material chunk of it in the process. A little investment of Love, and a huge return in the form of material success... because material things are themselves an inflated currency. We should "give gold" to - or rather, invest it in - those around us.

How can we do this? Well, once the basic strategy is known the applications are endless. We can use powerful, Loving Choices to exert influence on lesser, counterfeit Choices in many ways. We can become successful public figureheads for desperately-needed social change by applying Choices of value to social causes. For example, one of my internet startups is Wolfpack. It's like a Wikipedia for corruption, where anyone can compile information on a given politician, corporation, or media figure. And anyone will be able to press a Donate button on each page, and donate a minimum of $50 towards that particular fund. When the fund fills up, Wolfpack can get an attorney and take the matter of corruption or lawlessness into court, returning the seized assets to those who contributed, in whatever proportion they've contributed. By creating a system that allows just about anyone to invest in - and to profit enormously from - fighting corruption in any country, Wolfpack has quite a devastating business model. And by applying these kinds of high magick strategies to the world in ways that bring about financial success and societal course-correction, it's an example of a worthy Choice that people can feel proud of participating in. Had I not discovered the very simple model of Creation we're examining here, it is exceedingly unlikely that I ever would have come up with the idea for Wolfpack. Wolfpack is a direct result of my having this spiritual, high magick model, and there are countless other applications for it.

Courts themselves are meant to be very accommodating places where spiritually powerful Choices can bring about significant effects. But this model can be used anywhere in society, from politics, to streamlining business to make them more effective, consumer relations, innovative concepts for website-building and programming wondrous new programs and applications. It can even be used to design some very interesting creative projects like works of fiction, socially-relevant art, and even computer games like Portal. It can have great potency in the area of organized religion, allowing people to better understand the fundamental direction of their religious works and to make their spiritual models more cohesive and effective. In everything we do, we can apply Love and integrity - now very much absent in social Choices and therefore very much in demand - to create things which will bring us material success... and overall, greater societal success as well.

But what happens when society rejects this kind of value outright? When people just "aren't ready" for more meaningful Choices? Take the broad majority of mainstream television, for example. While people may be champing at the bit for something better than backstabbing reality shows brought on by a writer's strike, television executives seem to have too much invested in quite a different Choice to allow something more fundamentally worthwhile past their bottlenecks. From fast-food chains to exploitive clothing conglomerates to apocalyptic retail behemoths like Wal-Mart, there are many areas where people simply have too much invested in the bottom-line - that is, literal, baseless money - to be willing to be persuaded to make more valuable Choices. Like the powerful magician Koschei the Deathless in Russian folklore, no conventional approach will keep them from harming others.

Does this mean that these areas of life are full of unassailable "necessary evils"? Is their momentum and power just too much to shift and course-correct? Are these essentially antisocial monsters with no way to get them to shape up, and no way to apply Love to correct their actions?

Mighty juggernauts often have feet of clay.
Mighty juggernauts often have feet of clay.

They are not. This is fundamentally, metaphysically true. It's just the way that Creation works. If their loveless Choices were unstoppable, even just by an individual sufficiently aligned with Love, then they would be a fact. But lovelessness is never a fact. It is, and can only be, a fiction. So there exists some critical weak point, some Achille's heel, some feet of clay in any such force, no matter how apparently powerful.

It's a classic David and Goliath scenario. A small individual, pure of heart, and aligned with the Divine, versus an apparently unstoppable juggernaut that exists as a manifestation of a Choice for lovelessness. Saint versus demon, effectively. The power of a saint lies not in his physical strength, size, or material resources. It exists in the spiritual authority of his Choices, and the disparity with the spiritual weakness of the opposing force. What's needed here is a form of exorcism.

Often, the means of approach for something like this become apparent just from looking at a situation from this perspective, and giving the matter a few minutes of creative thought. For example, large corporations can have their corporate charters yanked for behaving in ways that conflict with the public good. This is one of the conditions of forming a corporation, and this safeguard was intentionally built into their legal structure as entities. Politicians can be impeached, and countries can often be saved by revolution. Even simply the power of an idea can transform the face of the world, spread through the internet and its message carried by people who find it an enormously empowering alternative. But even on ones' own, one can accomplish the task directly with a metaphysical approach. All it takes is the act of one person, aligned in enough accordance with Love and Divine Will. As a pastor friend of mine was fond of saying, "...and I believe that God, and myself, comprise a majority vote."

As entities, for example, any group structure can be approached and positively-influenced by providing a more spiritually valuable approach - a sort of course-correction - to the group's egregore. An egregore is a sort of spirit-based mascot that any group aquires when enough people invest enough Choice into it on a collective basis. It is the group's own archetype, a sentient being made of the collaborative Choice acting to form a group and sustain its identity. People have invested as a group to create this social niche with its own structure, identity, values and agenda, and the egregore is a naturally, metaphysically-occurring manifestation of that Choice - it is the group's identity and momentum, personified, as a spirit entity.

Nations have egregores. Corporations have egregores - particularly corporations that are into "branding" and spreading their imagery into the minds of the mainstream. Magickal lodges have them, towns have them... even individual churches have them. These egregores can be addressed, shown the flaws in their approach, and given better means to accomplish their goals. Often, they can be persuaded to use this information to refine their strategies and effect their agenda in more benevolent ways. If they are disinclined, one can use their superior positionality on the tree - their superior authority provided by virtue of their alignment with Love - to bind the egregore into a position of submission, or (and this is rarely if ever necessary) to exorcise or dispel it entirely. (Disclaimer: attempting to engage an egregore in any adversarial encounter is ill-advised unless you are very proficient in the occult, or extremely aligned with the forces of Love. To quote Rule 22 of the Evil Overlord Checklist, "No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.") A friendly or bound egregore will be willing to assist you in your goals - provided that you retain enough authority in Love to be superior to the agenda of its' former masters - and can do lovely things for you. A corporate or political egregore, for example, can furnish you with closely-guarded internal secrets via a Ouija board, scrying device, or in dreams. It can influence internal policies, even if you've never been able to set foot onto the corporate property in question. It can create meyhem - or specialized accidents - in the filing system of the organization. It can connect the organization to other groups that will sway its' overall or specific agenda. It can even network with the egregores of other groups, harmonizing them or playing them against each other as necessary. (I would advise making this sort of play constructive rather than destructive, as you'll ideally want something that will strengthen and improve the organization rather than destroy it. If you're in competition with them on a fundamental level, you probably don't have enough of a Love-based positionality to be able to do any of this without tripping over your own shoelaces.) Beyond egregors, basic spells become a lot more potent when backed by the spiritual purchasing power of Love. Even simple, fervant prayers can be extremely effective. God is not mocked.

"Empowerment", a public sculpture in Lincoln, England.
"Empowerment", a public sculpture in Lincoln, England.

However you choose to approach it, a position superior in agenda with regard to Love gives you an authority to lesser positionalities, no matter how much worldly influence they exert. It gives you a certain amount of claim to those resources they hold - if only because those resources could be put to a much better, more benevolent and efficient use by applying them to a more Love-based agenda. Finally, a venue where "survival of the fittest" means "survival of the most Loving". It's a kind of food chain, really - with the Creator in the superior position, and the less-Loving as prey. (It's odd to think of Love in the context of a food chain, but keep in mind that this world, with it's no-win setup of limited resources and competition against one another, is an illusory context in the first place... and it lends itself well to many incongruencies when viewed next to the context of Love and spirit.)

In closing, this is the structural law of Creation we're exploring here. It's just how things are, no matter whether one person or a whole world defies it. The Perfection and Love of Creation does not require anyone's approval or kudos - it simply exists as fact. When people ignore or defy the laws of Creation, it's as if they're pushing water uphill with a rake. Knowing this simple model of Creation, you can use your creativity, intuition, and intelligence and apply it to the kinds of situations you encounter in your own life, and in society as a whole. And you'll be doing the opposite - harnessing the power of Creation and Divine Love to work for you (or rather, harnessing your own True Nature to finally work in alignment with the laws of Creation and Divine Love), and it will have all the strength and usefulness of a massive hydroelectric dam. You'll be "going with the flow", acting in concert with Divine Will and the order of Creation, and you will find your effort magnified and intensified with almost no effort. Because your Will will once again be in harmony with the Will of your Creator, and therefore the whole of Creation.

Use it in good health.

Personal consultations available

I have about fifteen years of experience with these heavy concepts, and applying them in my life. They've become second nature to me (possibly first nature) and I love sharing them with others to assist them in improving their lives as well. In addition to sharing this information through the internet, I also do freelance work giving paid personal consultations, to assist people with integrating this knowledge into their lives. Feel free to contact me if you'd like assistance in applying these insights to make your own life work better.


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