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How Average Human Beings Will Look Like By 2050 & 3000

Updated on February 6, 2015

According to National Geographic


By Studies

Several studies have been made to see how the average human being will look like by the year 2050, due to the huge mixture and combination between all races.
People nowadays are already getting mixed into each other, where discrimination is no longer having a significant and a strong existence in today's times.
The average human beings by the year 2050 will have wider and larger eyes.
Also the forehead may enlarge as well. This study is according to National Geographic

Do you think people will really look like this by 2050?
These studies can't be 100% exact but they do have accuracy because I'm sure they didn't come out with their conclusions out of nothing, the strategy of studying such a study started by looking and observing people's faces during times and how they have changed

This is how the estimated appearance of the average human being will be after 100,000 years


This is how the average human being will be looking like after 100,000 years, who would even expect us to look as such?

People will have larger heads and eyes, their eyes would also glow just like cats, at least that's what one of the researchers claimed.

It's kind of Scary though, right?

My Personal View

People will look very close to dolls and barbies in my opinion, do you agree?
I don't see however, that big difference between people now and the estimated appearance of the average people in the year 2050, it is a slight difference, this difference will continue by the running time though.
People after 100,000 years might have much wider and bigger eyes.
It's crazy to think about how would people look like after 200,000 years then? Would they be considered aliens or humans?

Would you wish to be one of 2050's generation? Imagine as well the amazing new inventions that would be available by this year? How people would wear, how would they be acting, what about wars? How will buildings be like? what would be the new currencies...etc?

It's also great to know that all terms related to discrimination would be terminated and forgotten about as we saw in the pictures, people would just mix, imagine the huge numbers of probabilities of such combinations?! Amazing, isn't it?

For Japanese/Korean/Chinese etc

Do you think that Japanese/Korean/Chinese people would look like the middle eastern/Australian/American -and some other people who resemble those people- their small eyes would just enlarge and widen to look like the eyes of those people mentioned, well this probably can happen unless the gene responsible for making their eyes look small is dominant, in this case the probability would be smaller.

I'll leave you with your thoughts now, let's know what you think and what would your answers be to the questions asked.

Your participation would be appreciated because your opinions simply matter!

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Would you wish to be one of 2050's generation?

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