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Most Shocking And WTF Facts Ever

Updated on September 15, 2014 | Source


There are many hidden facts that everyone should know, that's why this article exists! Share it with your friends to help spread the facts and let's start!

Consumption Of Caffeine

Most people who consumed caffeine right after learning something new are most likely to have a stronger and sharper memory about the thing that they've learned about the next days.


Apple Stores everything that you say to siri in its data and server.


Only 15 minutes of laughter can be equal to two hours of sleeping. | Source


Dogs sometimes may fake being sick so they can get some attention from their owners.

A Copy Of You

Scientists suppose that if space is infinite then there would be an exact copy of you somewhere in the universe.


Chocolate overdose can actually kill people.


The greatest star Shakira was once banned from participating in the choir at her school because her music teacher thought she couldn't sing. | Source


Redheaded women were considered more expensive then those with different hair colors in ancient Rome.

Apples: Caffeine Alternative

Apples can be better than caffeine in waking up people!

Check out what apples are also capable of doing in the topics linked below.

When You Hear Your Name

When you hear your name or think that someone just called your name while nothing of that could have happened then it's a sign of a healthy mind.

High IQ

People with high IQ's usually tend to stay up during most night times due to their increased and unstoppable mental stimulation.


Kissing can burn calories! And we're not talking about the regular kissing, we're talking about french kissing! Up to 3 calories can be burnt just by starting it.

Let's kissercise for a bit!

There are many other amazing facts to kissing like its ability to be anti-aging and to reduce stress, you will be able to find them by following the link mentioned below! | Source


While asleep, the nerve responsible for sneezing would be asleep too so that's why we would never sneeze.

Happy And Open Minded

Most people who enjoy eating sweets and chocolate are considered to be happy and open minded people.


The more you dream the more your IQ is considered to be high.

Check out more interesting topics about dreaming in the links below.

Throughout Life

Humans have two organs that keep on growing throughout their whole lives which are: Nose and Ears.

Lack Of sleep

The lack of sleep can make it harder for people to control their emotions that's why sometimes people get over-reacted easily during night times or whenever they would be lacking some sleep.

Talking To Yourself

People who actually talk to themselves are usually and most likely to be considered having very high IQ's!

Beautiful Women

Studies confirm that men can have their stupid behavior ignited while the presence of beautiful women.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, for more interesting and exciting topics please follow the links provided.

Let's Ask You Random Questions

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love chocolate?

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    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I guess it can stand for both, depending on the info..

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      What does wtf stands for? Vulguar or decent word?


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