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How to Communicate With Your Facebook Friend Who Don't Know Your Language?

Updated on January 4, 2011

Facebook Language Translation

I have so many friends from different countries. I often communicate with them in global language English. But, one day I surprised them by chatting into their own language. They get amazed! And it was very good experience for me too! As for me it became very exciting to chat with my foreign friends in their own language. So, now the question is how I have done this? The answer is simple! Using translator!

As always, Google is doing this good work of translation for us. We are going to use Google translate for this purpose. I think so many people may already know that Google translate could be used to translate a text form one language into any other language. We can look out for some tricks to make use of Google Translate easy. And the easiest way to do this is to take help of Firefox Add-on. The work of translation would become so much easy for us by use this Add-on. So, let's see how to do work of translation using some easiest ways like this? We can apply these tricks to communicate with your foreign Facebook friends in their own language.

Facebook Translate Add-on

Here is the best add-on which is ready to help you in translating facebook message. You can find this add-on at this place. After installing this add-on restart your Firefox web browser. Type the address of Facebook in an address bar and when Facebook gets opened you can see the new 'translate' option beside 'like' option. Whenever you see any foreign language message, just click over 'Translate' to translate this message in English or in your own language. By default English is the language of translation, but you can change your preference by going through an add-on option within 'tools' section of your web browser. The major problem that I have faced while using this add-on is that my browser functionality became slow at the time of inclusion of this add-on in my Facebook account and surfing the Facebook pages. You may try the use of this add-on by your side, as it may work on your computer, laptop very well. This add-on has 5 star ratings and 35000 downloads, so we can say that people quite like this add-on.

Google Translate Add-on

If you feel that the add-on mentioned above is not working properly, use the Google translate add-on in your web browser. You can find this add-on at this place. This add-on will not only help you to translate Facebook texts, but it is also helpful across all over the internet to translate any text anywhere in any language. After installing this add-on and restarting your web browser, select any text on the web with the help of mouse to translate it into a language of your choice. You can do this using right click over the selected text that you want to translate. You will see the translated text or the option about translating the text. You can use this very good facility of translation to translate the message, text that you want in your desired language. As you can use this add-on across all over web, use it for a translation purposes in the Facebook. Make your friends amazed by unexpectedly chatting in their language.

Google Translate Page

This is the simplest way to translate any text and there is no need to install any add-on. You may just go at Google Translate web page and then paste any copied text into the given empty box. The Google will automatically detect the language that you want to translate. Google will also automatically correct any misspelled words in that box. Now, only one thing left is to select the language in which you want to translate this text. Don't you think that this method is simple!? Translation is very exciting way to communicate with your foreign friends anywhere in the world. You can use these benefits of translation for Facebook.

Google Translate to Translate Facebook Text

Use Google Translate for translating Facebook
Use Google Translate for translating Facebook

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    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I love Google translator. Great tool.