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Human Vanity

Updated on April 4, 2011
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

          The origin of the word vanity comes from the Latin word vanus which means emptiness. This word is synonymous to the terms: void; negated; empty space; invalid; null; and void. Furthermore, the glaring personal meaning is arrogant, conceited, egotism, narcissism and pride . The idea of human vanity emphasizes the dysfunctional psycho-social role of individual as he interacts in the society. It also created by certain personal and social dimensions that attracts the poles of self-attraction in the society.

          In the Latin language, the word “emptiness” reflects from the vacuum social stature that has an important value of oneself in the society. Remember, the sociological idea that man is a social being. The societal recognition embraces the man’s self-esteem and image along recognition, respect and appreciation. These are the human descriptions as to the degree of the self dimensions created from the socio-psychological dysfunctions for the social stature: self-image; self-esteem; self-seeking; self-interested; self-importance; self-absorption; self-diversion; and self-centeredness.

          These are most interesting conditions of human activities that depict psychological images when trying to interact in a certain group of people to enforce what we call selfish motive. Usually, the image in the mirror describes certain degree of animosity as to reinforce his personal goal one sided stature. It also shows his certain degree of pride as it portrays the higher stereotype of mental image in the way it interacts in the society.

           Seemly, the personal dimension reflects the hereditary condition and its own beliefs and values. It may not regard the obstruction of the social interaction but ingrained to display the atmosphere of human superiority.

  1. It does not believe the mental notion of others but his ideas are more tangible than others.
  2. It plays the egocentric being within the range of social issues and concerns.
  3. It down plays the physiological response simply use self-diversion to achieve the high degree of self esteem.
  4. It has autism world where reality is applied beyond the norms of human interaction.
  5. It usually articulates the human responses to capture on side dimension of human variables as respect and dignity.

          The sharing of ideas defines only the broad range of the beliefs, values and attitudes. It represents psychological toughness to enforce the superiority of being. However, human reciprocity of generosity and friendship is diverted by social status that may lower the degree of self-image. The general impression about oneself is to usually find time to impress others as a sign of smartness and intelligence. The personal communication is one-sided and the feedback mechanism that transcribes the reversal flow of oneself.

            The common notion of vanity other than the personal dimension is the social dimension that reflects the general interest of individual directly designed from the physiological conditions along social variables on stature and recognition; elite inclination; extravagance and pleasure; and other personal vices .The social distinction reflects from the abundance of material wealth as core of human dignity, respect, and recognition by the society.

             In the society, the human existence plays dominant role of social status in the development of personal pride and prestige. It is an important component on the full sense of its life accomplishment. The social recipe for good life is in the material wealth that induces what we call as self actualization. These are the physiological reactors that all of us want to achieve as it creates bodily pleasures which means heaven life. The hedonism of human existence provides collective goal on what is known as social quality of life. The tangible properties such as luxury cars, mansions, condominiums and other expensive properties are the basic ingredients to get the sense of societal respect and recognition.

           The material wealth creates social stratification bound to guarantee human prestige. The privileged or elitist class defines the sophisticated culture to deal in socially ambiance of ideal tradition from the age of enlightenment in Europe. In that period, the social sophiscated culture and traditions of the elite transcribed the highest degree of recognition, prestige and respect among the members of structured society.

            In contemporary time, the human society imposes the same degree of social ideals. The common ground of breeding in the social stature is manifested the stereotype recognition in business and government positions. These social entities provide the presence of high financial reward from the implicit economic motive through investment and enterprises; and the use of political power and authority. The other strange connection that poses the social ideals from those who are not included in these entities is in organizational promotion that 70 percent of the enter populace are striving so hard to get the financially rewarding “thumbs up principle” by the management.

           These are deadly immersion on the application of human vanity as the social ideals of recognition, prestige, respect and influence may come in. No one is exempted from this rule, the usual personal ambition and aspiration of life mainly focuses on how to get fortune and promotion, It provides the driving force to sustain the luxuries of life. The social paranoia is how to maintain the pride, prestige and recognition. The interesting film that provides the main description of human vanity is the film “The Devil’s Advocate” where Satan (Al Pacino) seduces wealth and power to maintain the social ideals of recognition, respect, and influence. You may not like it but you have the vanity of your spirits! Remember we are sinners our favourite personal vices are pleasure, recognition, exploitation, influence and deception. It is within us just like the genetic structure of chromosomes of human beings, It is the one of the seven deathly sins ( pride) as the Satan loudly claimed it ‘ I love vanity!”

            Now, we are in stalemate how can we get rid vanity! Simple, if you are in East Asian region use the ideals of Nirvana. In Christian faith, the personal ideals of humility, integrity, honesty and simple life. When have these personal goodness in our heart and soul as we are rational being. Someone should remind you just like this article on human vanity... Hey! Why not reduce these human actions like anger, jealousy, greediness, and lust. I’m sure you will not regret it because you will be saved by our Savior!


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