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How to Create Immortality Within Your Lifetime

Updated on January 11, 2013

The tangible possessions of tranquility and wisdom.

Embrace that which we do not know.
Embrace that which we do not know.

Plant the seeds of your Immortality in fertile ground.

How to Create Immortality Within Your Lifetime; looks at the journeys that we travel within our lifetimes and why they may not necessarily be the journeys of choice. Each step that we take on our paths, determines what we achieve and what each and every achievement represents to us; as a result of other people we meet along the way. It is how we interact with others, that will determine whether the seeds of our own immortality are planted in fertile grounds and to what degree we help others find their own destinies.

Immortality: What is this thing that is sought by so many in their lifetime and how is immortality the ultimate compliment and testimony of all travelers in this life? Do we even consider the real effect that we are able to impart on others, or do we blindly live our lives without any thought of sharing the power within, to share lessons learned?

Immortality is an earned status within a mortal time; a given memory; given as a result of an event; that moved the hearts, souls or minds of others. In this life we each hold the seeds of our immortality from birth. As a new born child, we use this magic in the ability to convince our mothers, that all she has put up with throughout her pregnancy, was worth every second of it. We sell this message to her through the conveyance of a first cry and in the language of a smile.

Your birth has changed the life of at least one other person, to whom you will always be remembered. In this respect, you have sown the first seeds of an immortality; that will grow in stature in line with the deeds of the life that spans before you. The new born child has made a extremely powerful statement: "Remember Me; for whom I am and how I changed your life."

Do we walk on different paths?

We each follow a path worn by those who passed before us.
We each follow a path worn by those who passed before us.

Do You Tend to Remember People For:

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And of toys when we were young.

Yesterday was but a blink away.
Yesterday was but a blink away.

The deeds of this life determine your immortality.

So in reality, we are born to make an impression on others and to seek recognition from others throughout our lives; in ways that really can lead to the memory surviving long beyond our demise. An opportunity that is available to all of us, if the deeds of our life are such that we are worthy of the compliment. Inherently we all seek to be remembered by others in some way, each time we take the time to interact with another.

Each to their own: What is it that you seek? Do you even realize that you do? Do you tend to want to be the one that stands out from the masses, or do you prefer to be part of the mass? Will you ever know who remembers you beyond this human life? And of the memories held of you: Will they be factual or merely an extension of someone's imagination?

What is it in an interaction that you tend to remember most, in regard to any other party? If you were to survey 1000 people; the majority will tell you that what they remember most in others; is the positive effect that that party has had on them. Of course, we are all able to remember those who have had a negative effect on us; but as we move on, we tend to forget or minimize the negative experiences and replace them with positive events or outlook. If we find that we are unable to naturally do this; then we will be unable to realistically move on along our path, towards our fullest potential in this adventure that we refer to as Life.

How easily we forget our first living acts. As important as they are to our future; they are lost in the mind of an infant who accumulates all other information on offer; during the early stages of life. We simply do not remember that our first smile changed the world. As we grow, we replace previous information with newer information; all that in some respect will be relevant to the next stage of our growth. Why do we choose to stop growing at times in our lives?

Why do we doubt the power of just being ourselves and why do we withdraw from others, in fear that we will not be accepted, if our experiences fall outside of what others consider to be socially acceptable? Why do we not embrace the life of another whose color or culture varies from our own? Why do we let religion or politics stand us apart from each other? Why do we choose to not understand the richness of all life; in its own environment, for its own purpose on earth? Why do we find it so hard to reach out with a compliment or a smile, such as we learned as a new born? So many questions considered to be irrelevant to our own 'success' as measured by or as dictated to, by the peer groups that we call our own.

Life: Is Art and Hamanishi's Flow.

Seek a balance in your journey that will keep your path in sight.
Seek a balance in your journey that will keep your path in sight.

How do you feel when someone compliments you?

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The power of a compliment.

Each day we miss the majority of opportunities to share with another; the many things that we are able to offer that person; if only to make their life better. We have conditioned ourselves to not give; without expectation of a reward. It has become acceptable practice that for each person that we spend a fraction of our lifetime with; we tend to personally wish to gain an immediate benefit from; yet being more open would often give us far more return in the longer term.

It costs nothing to compliment any person that you meet. If you take the time to know that person; you will generally always be able to find in them, a positive reason to give them a positive compliment. Within a split second of meeting someone else; a genuine smile cuts across every boundary that we confine ourselves to. It is a compliment that you may always be remembered for. A single genuine statement that carries so much power and tells another who you are, without a word spoken. It will make you unique when compared to others; if you are not afraid to give without expectation of reward.

A smile is nearly always returned and when it is conveyed with kind words; you have the power to connect with any living being that you choose to. You have the power to show another, why they should remember you and that they are worthy of the act of you remembering them.

Do not consider where the compliment will take You; that is not the purpose of it. The purpose is solely to demonstrate your appreciation for the opportunity to give something that has the potential to impact positively on another. Most people choose not to take the opportunity; generally only because they are afraid to, or feel they may be rejected by the action. We all know how to make someone appreciate us; but for whatever reason, most take the opportunity to avoid: the opportunity to be appreciated. One is lucky if able to not fear the power of a compliment, nor shy away from giving of one's heart to another in need. To treat all as you would have them treat you and to always be the strength of one to whom a broken soul can rely and rebuild on.

The maze we build around us.

Step outside the maze that holds you; to find that nothing holds you: But yourself.
Step outside the maze that holds you; to find that nothing holds you: But yourself.

Your Affirmations should support the path you hope to find yourself on.

Use affirmations to help identify and seal your destiny and to endorse your chosen paths.

For Example: "Immortality: What is this thing that has lead me here. I have sown so many seeds on my journey. I have done so; to reap the crops of wisdom and to remain; merely a humble man. For I have learned from pain and love and from time. For I have so many words to give all who would hear me and I have my smile to give those who would not. I do not seek immortality to be thought of as better than others, nor to be a master. I seek an eternal life of wisdom and tranquility, in which I can enhance with all my ability, the wonders and beauty of this world and to always know that my journey in the end will, take me home."

Happy Trails.

© Copyright 2009 - 2013 Pearldiver - Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

Thank you for reading my works.  If you enjoyed this story; then please Rate my work Objectively and Positively.  Pearldiver.
Thank you for reading my works. If you enjoyed this story; then please Rate my work Objectively and Positively. Pearldiver.

Immortality is not gained in a dictionary - It is achieved from the paths we take - how we shine, in life.

- A Perfect Path. -
- A Perfect Path. - | Source

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