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Father of Mine: Words In Haiku From Your Son That I Did Not Tell You Dad.

Updated on October 24, 2012

Father of mine.

Unspoken words are often merely like raindrops in a storm over a lake; individually unseen, yet so full of energy, each drop is lost to the lake as a whole. Conversely, a raindrop from a storm over a desert; is seen and it's purpose and energy banked, to lend to new life that could not have existed without that drop. A life circle, that brings hope for a future. Father of Mine: Words in Haiku from your son, that I did not tell you Dad; by Pearldiver, can perhaps give a purpose to the life within a raindrop.

Being a father is truly a role that some men excel in and for whatever reason; some men do not. The art of fatherhood has no set measurement of love or of joy; it is weighed against what is positively learned by all as a result of being: A father to a child.

We are all conditioned in some way by degrees of the relationship and trust that is shared, or was shared with our father. So many of us have learned to find fault in the one that gave us life; too easy it may be to forget that without our life; we would not have the ability to judge. Embrace the life that you have and remember that if you judge your father; you judge yourself. Some of the most successful people you will meet in your life, have at some time considered their father to be a fool. Only a fool can consider their father to a fool for all time.

For all the cultures that honor their fathers for the seed of life that was given; it is generally understood that it is the role of that life; to positively build upon the platform created by the father (and mother) for the betterment of the family and the lives created beyond.

I hope that the words below show that your father; irrespective of the perceived value of time together; did actually give you more than you may ever realise. Please Enjoy.


Each our father's son.

See yourself in me

I stand with my grandfather's son;

We each share his eyes.


Anniversary of a father lost.

Gone this day my Guide

Forever to follow your path set;

Wait for me.

Of a father unknown.

I cleanse myself of anger

Calls lost to frozen winds and heart;

Your loss is my life.

Of rebellious years.

So blind you of my youth

My manhood reached me, and then;

You knew so much.

From a daughter.


Be my Hero; Just Be

I take your strength into my heart;

So I may find my love.

Of Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Let me Tell You what You Taught Me;

I Love You.

Of lifelong friends.


Always you knew me

Wonderment of time shared as if one;

Always my best friend.

Of life skills given.

My master of arts passed on

Wisdom and more gained for my son:

Strength and character.


He took a tiny hand in his

Walking together; through the years

A Father and Son.


All that I learnt when young

So freely given to me by this

Father of Mine.


© Copyright 2009 - 2010 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved.

Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a gift of an Apple ipad tablet and case.

You Taught Me To Listen.

Father of Mine: Thank You.

Irrespective of the type of relationship or depth of relationship that you have or have had with your father; never forget that it takes two people to have that relationship. We, as children can not choose our fathers; but we can usually choose the degree of real communication that we can have with living fathers, based on our own openness.  We also tend to forget that most of our fathers were also young when we were born; I know for one, I was.

Genetically, you carry your father's genes. Always consider that during good times or bad. For all the fathers in the world; pass on your knowledge, your wisdom and all those things that you do well; In this way you let the circle of life that started with you; complete its course. Father of Mine; the Words I did not tell you were: Thank you, for giving me the chance to have the life that I do.

I know that in life there are many steps that I must take.. but I have such large strides to take alone.. and each step takes me further away from where I began and my home.  *Pearldiver*
I know that in life there are many steps that I must take.. but I have such large strides to take alone.. and each step takes me further away from where I began and my home. *Pearldiver*
There was no manual when I became a father... I followed my father's ways.. and wished that he had had a manual to not just be a better father; but also a better son. *Pearldiver*
There was no manual when I became a father... I followed my father's ways.. and wished that he had had a manual to not just be a better father; but also a better son. *Pearldiver*

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