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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Fun Activities and Exercises for Letter Yy

Updated on January 16, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Y is for the initial letter of young:

The letter Yy:

I will discuss letter Yy which is the 23rd letter in my planner. The letters of the alphabet are almost finished being discussed and I'm sure most of the kids are happy and waiting to finally go to the next level of their reading lesson.

To start the new lesson, begin by showing letter y and saying the sound. Letter Yy sounds yiiiiiiii just like the beginning of yellow. Once you have introduced the letter you can now proceed to show things that begin with Yy.

Here are some things and words that begin with Yy:

  • yam
  • yak
  • yard
  • yardstick
  • yacht
  • yarn
  • year
  • yelp
  • yell
  • yellow
  • yen
  • yes
  • yet
  • yesterday
  • yoke
  • yolk
  • you
  • your
  • yoga
  • yoyo

Do not limit your activities to the things that you have learned but expand your knowledge and discover new things that will enhance reading skills in the children. Sometimes, a teacher needs to always have new ideas aside to boost learning.

Review Lessons:

  1. Give the children posters then let them point to the letters as they sing the Alphabet song.
  2. With the same posters, let the children point to the letter as you dictate them. This activity will train the children to find and identify the letters.
  3. Show the flash cards to the children and let them recite all the letters that you have already taught them.
  4. Let the children say the sound of all the letters already taken.

Story Time:

Tell a short story to the kids then ask some questions when you have finished the story.

Yin and Yan are in a yacht, docked near the big yard.

They found a yellow yoyo but it has no string.

They cannot play with it.

Suddenly, Yin saw a yellow yarn hanging by the door.

They pulled the yarn and tied it in the yoyo.

Now, Yin and Yan have something to play with.

Now, ask the children some questions that they will answer orally:

1. Who are friends?

2. Where are Yin and Yan?

3. What did they find there?

4. Why can't they play with the yoyo?

5. What did Yin see hanging?

6. What did they do with the yarn?

7. Were they able to play with the yoyo?

More Activities for Teaching Yy:

Art Time:

Coloring is a fun activity for the kids. Give the children yellow crayons only and tell them to color the pictures nicely. By this time, the kids have already improved their coloring skills. The children who have the best work will get a price and their work will be tacked on the bulletin board for a week.

The Syllables

Just like in the past; review lesson is necessary every day especially when you are letting the children read the syllables. Retention is hard when there are already too many syllables so make reading a daily routine and the children will develop their reading skills better.

After reading all the previous syllables that you have taught; you can now introduce the new lesson which is; ya ye yi yo yu

Here are some helpful activities that you can do with the kids:

  1. Dictation of syllables (either board work or paper work)
  2. Individualized reading
  3. Group reading
  4. Written works like answering worksheets about syllables

All of these are very helpful in developing and enhancing the reading skills of the children.

Game Time for Syllables:

Make 5 rows on the blackboard and write a e i o u.

Dictate one syllable for each child to write on the blackboard. That is if you dictated la, the child should write it in the a column and so on.

The children who have done good will be given a star as incentive. Praises are also good to encourage children to cooperate in class activities.


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