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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Fun and Interesting Activities for Letter Qq

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Show and Tell

The Letter Qq:

We’re almost there. We have come as far as letter Qq now and the lesson is becoming more exciting as the kids learn and become aware of all the letters of the alphabet.

You can start the lesson with one of the popular children’s songs to motivate first the kids and make the lesson more interesting and alive. The best song for this lesson is the "Two Little Ducks."

Let the children sing the song first and have fun.

After the song; you can ask the kids, "What did the ducks say?"

The children will answer, "Quack, quack, quack."

Then you can start the lesson and say; "Now children, I am going to teach you a new letter that has a sound similar to the sound of the duck. It is letter Qq."

Now, you can introduce letter Qq.

Flash the card to the children, say the letter and demonstrate how Qq is sounded or pronounced.

Say: "The sound of Q is kwa-kwa-kwa. See? The sound of Qq is a little similar to the sound of the duck. Now, follow after me and say, kwa-kwa-kwa."

Let the children say the sound of Qq again then proceed to the next activity.

Show objects or pictures and even names that begin with Qq.

Here are some words that begin with Qq:

  • quail
  • quack
  • quarrel
  • quarry
  • quarter
  • quart
  • quay
  • question mark
  • query
  • queer
  • queen
  • quill
  • quilt
  • quiver
  • quit
  • quiz

One Quick Reminder:

Fun Activities for Letter Qq:

Here’s a short rhyme for the kids:

Queenie the queen has a yellow duck.

She bought the duck for a quarter buck.

When the duck says quack-quack,

Queenie the queen says, “it’s good luck”.

When teaching rhymes to kids, especially the young ones, the shorter pieces are recommended so that they will easily memorize it. The kids will have more fun if they know the rhyme or poem very well. You can teach them some simple actions to accompany the rhyme.

The lesson becomes more interesting to the kids if you can use a puppet duck to accompany the rhyme.

The Syllables:

Q syllables are different from the other syllables. Teaching the q syllables will be harder than the previous lessons. This is true because there is an added letter. Instead of only two letters, the q syllable requires a u after q; like this: qua que qui quo

You have to explain to the children that q is always followed by a letter u. To instill this fact to the young kids; you have to let them copy the syllables.

Sample worksheet for syllables;

Worksheet for qua que qui
Worksheet for qua que qui

Sample worksheet:

Dictation of Syllables:

Dictation of syllables is very important in basic reading skills. This activity will further hone the reading and spelling skills of the children. Once these skills are polished, the kids will have no problem reading in the future.

Schedule a dictation activity every day so that the children will be able to memorize their syllables.

Do not make the dictation too long because the children will learn better if you give them work that they can handle well. Give them at least 5 syllables a day and they will have fun writing the syllables that you dictate.

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