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Life Lessons Found During Fall

Updated on September 28, 2016
fall colors remind us of the beauty in nature.
fall colors remind us of the beauty in nature.

As time goes on seasons come and go, and we go on with our busy lives. But when autumn comes with beautiful colors, people often pause to look around. One cannot help but notice the beautiful leaves and feel the chill in the air. Cold, crisp mornings feel invigorating, and we welcome the coming months -- a time of celebration, reflection, and fun. Fall in all its glorious splendor provides us with important things to think about and lessons to be learned. Here are a few that come to mind.

Prepare for tomorrow, but enjoy today.

The animals all know it--fall is a time of preparation. Gluttonous bears eat as much as they can to prepare for hibernation. The deer also appear in great numbers foraging for apples, corn, or whatever they can find. Squirrels rob the birdfeeders and gather nuts, and some birds head south to avoid the coming cold. The animals prepare--it is instinctual.

Preparation is important for people too. If a person is prepared, s/he feels confident and avoids stress. Preparation also can reduce the liklihood of conflicts.

But to spend too much time preparing is not good because then a person will miss out the joys found in a particular moment. The beauty of a fall day can disappear overnight with a strong wind.

Appreciate natural beauty and intensity.

Look around. What is more beautiful than the bright red and orange leaves of a maple tree against an azure sky? The beauty of fall can take your breath away. Colors are rich and intense. Painted masterfully into the landscape, these colors of fall remind us of how wonderful are surroundings are.

The colors are quite intense. Sunlight shining on leaves is incredibly bright like a flame. In life we meet people who are intense, and sometimes their fiery personalities can overwhelm us. But like the intense colors on a fall day, these intense people enrich our world. Usually these people are passionate about their endeavors -- some are activitsts, some are artists, and some are even politicians. These fiery, intense people challlenge us to think and make change happen. At times, they enrich our world.

Fall splendor on a northern Wisconsin lake.
Fall splendor on a northern Wisconsin lake.
The beauty of fall leaves in the sunshine.
The beauty of fall leaves in the sunshine.

Accept and celebrate change.

Autumn is a season of change. Our surroundings change--trees glow then drop leaves, weather changes, gardens mature as vegetables ripen. Many of us look forward to fall because we appreciate the changes we see happening around us. We marvel at the brilliant colors, bundle up in warmer clothes, and look forward to eating apple pie. We celebrate.

And we should celebrate change. If the trees did not shed their leaves, they could not bloom again in the spring. Similarly, people who do not accept and embrace change become stagnant and fail to grow and develop.

Change need not be difficult. A change i n one's life can be as simple as making a new friend, learning a new skill, or taking up a new hobby. Sometimes we hesitate about making a change in our lives because change involves stepping out of your comfort zone. But making a change in one's life often can lead to great developments in the future.

Take time to appreciate the little things in life.

Kids laughing as they jump into a pile of leaves, the taste of sweet and sticky carmel apples, and the smell of wood smoke -- all wonderful things of autumn. In our busy lives we often get so caught up in doing, and not enjoying. We sometimes forget to stop and take time to experience the pleasures of the moment. And as we get older, these little moments are what we will remember and treasure.

So take time to slow down and enjoy. Savor now. Fall is a great season for taking a walk, looking around, and relieving the stress of our busy lives.

Recognize the importance of maturity.

As the leaves turn in the fall, we see trees reach maturity because they will not grow during winter. In the garden, vegetables ripen and are ready for harvest. By fall, young animals have matured enough to survive throungh the winter. Maturity is an important part of the life cycle in the natural world.

Maturity is important for people too. As people get older, they mature; and, for most, with age comes wisdom gained through experience. Elders act as a great source of information, and we can learn so much from them if we take time to listen. Like the great harvest of autumn, our elders have matured and offer great gifts through their wisdom. Recognize and appreciate what they offer.

See the beauty of Autumn:


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    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      What a great hub! Well written and really thoughtful. I love your thoughts on celebrating change and appreciating maturity. However the park about preparing and enjoying at the same time really registered with me this fall. Thanks for sharing.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Julie I think my favorite time of year is the fall and you've expressed it beautifully, Thanks,


    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      Julie, I love this hub with the simple suggestions and appreciation of the things many take for granted.

    • profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago

      Cris A,

      Thanks, life lessons are all around us, and I hope some time you get to experience the beauty of fall. Julie

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      i love this hub - so genteel but inspiring! too bad we only have two seasons in the Philippines - wet and dry! Nevertheless your life lessons are universal so thanks for this wonderful hub :D

    • profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago

      Ripplemaker, Life goes on, and in MN fall is over; we just received the first snow already (but it has already melted). Perhaps some day you'll get to see the beauty of fall in MN -- it takes your breath away. Winter can be beautiful too, but it's a bit chilly! Hope all is well with you. Julie

      lori, yeah, sometimes change is hard so people fear it. But chgange is important because it helps us grow. Thank you for your comment. Julie

    • lori763 profile image

      lori763 9 years ago from SWFL


      I agree - your hub is very soothing.

      Learning to celebrate change (instead of fearing it) - that is a wonderful idea)

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi Julie, how are you? Hope all is well. As always reading your life lessons always make me stop and pause for awhile to reflect on things. I love being able to do that. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things to ponder upon. I dream of seeing autumn someday. :) Until then I bask in the beautiful photos of it. LOL Take care...

    • romneykat profile image

      romneykat 9 years ago from Near San Francisco, CA

      Hi Julie, Fall is my very favorite time of year and you write it so lovely that it brings it home for me.

      I just saw your hub: Important Lessons I Learned From My Dogs

      I just published one - My Best Education Came from Animals.

      We must be kindred spirits.


    • profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago

      Thanks Aya. I feel sometimes more quiet and peace is exactly what we need. Thanks! Julie

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 9 years ago from The Ozarks

      Julie, I like this hub for the quiet, peaceful feel of it.