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16 Things That Emotionally And Mentally Strong People Never Do

Updated on February 9, 2015 | Source

Being Emotionally Strong

When you're not emotionally and mentally relaxed, you might really experience harder times than when you're not being physically relaxed because hard emotions, feelings and thoughts consume too much energy and just tire the minds.

What defines a strong personality and an emotionally strong person in general?

1- A person who doesn't doubt him/herself: This person who wouldn't just lose and ruin a beautiful day just because of receiving a negative comment or having to experience a simple negative incident by thinking about it and getting upset afterwards.

Instead this person would try to find out the positive things that has happened or will have the probability to happen during the day or any other times.

2- A person who doesn't compare him/herself with others: Because you simply don't have to do that as long as you believe in yourself, everyone is just special in his/her own way.

3- A person who controls him/herself: That person who controls him/herself during tough times and when put under pressure, instead of showing a negative and a sudden reaction, he/she would simply try to keep calm and think twice before saying or doing anything.

4- A person who let go of unneeded things and details: That person who would prefer to live for the moment instead of thinking of or showing a repetitive action for whatever unnecessary thing that has happened in the past or 15 minutes ago and as the Disney " Frozen" movie's cover theme song says : " Let it go!"

5- A person who has a positive outlook: That person who likes to see and find the positive things in the negative things and just act and be positive in what goes around through life in general.

Of course, there are many others definitions to the mentally strong people and I just liked to outline some of the top and most important traits.

Things These Emotionally And Mentally Strong People Never Do

1- They never hide from the truth

They're always honest about anything and everything with themselves and they never hide from the truth, they would rather face things instead of running away

2- They never have a problem to say " NO"

When they don't want to do or say or have something they would never be afraid or have a problem of saying " No" to it.

3- They don't attend to hurt others to heal their insecurities

They would never try to heal their insecurities using others or by hurting people.

4- They don't care about fitting in

A lot of people think that they have and need to fit in so they would be considered cool by the groups that they might desire to join but these emotionally strong people just don't feel the need to do that at all. | Source

5- They don't care about getting attention:

They believe in their potentials and they would never beg for attention because they're confident about themselves, they can get attention without caring about receiving it or begging for it.

6- They're not afraid of changing:

They believe that a change is good whether it opposes the way they think or not, they're ready to make changes concerning themselves and the things in their lives in general if it would be a change that will make them better.

7- They don't limit their thoughts:

They don't limit their thoughts according to their beliefs,traditions and the things that they've went through, they love to widen their thoughts and are ready to get out of their circles whenever they feel they're ready to do that.

8- They don't care about pleasing people:

They would never care about pleasing people as they believe that the right people will get into their lives because of their nature and honesty and they would be convinced of whatever they would be doing, they want to live their lives being happy that's why they avoid pleasing people because they realize how things work and how they would not be relaxed doing things to please others instead of pleasing themselves first.

9- They never depend on others:

They would never depend on others for completing whatever important things they have because they know that only them can do the job better than anyone else.

10- They're not afraid of challenges:

They're always ready to take and undergo things under their own supervision and risk, they're not afraid to undergo any challenges if calculated and planned perfectly by them.

11- They don't regret things they've done:

As long as they're conscious about a specific decision or an action, they would never regret doing it even if it gave them negative results because they know how negative things can teach them lessons and make them stronger and better. | Source

12- They don't break and quit easily:

Whenever they have something in mind, their strong persistence would never allow them to quit as they always try to assure and keep balance in their lives and they're not afraid of failing.

13- They don't take things for granted:

They know that most things never last and are not guaranteed so they appreciate everything that places a significant impact on their lives and they would never like to take anything for granted.

14- They don't lose hopes because of negative situations:

They would never lose their hopes because of negative situations, they instead focus on the positive things in their lives and even if the negatives were greater than the positives, they keep on focusing on the things that have the biggest impacts and they always tend to be optimistic.

15- They never let anything stop them:

They never let anything stop them from going forward their goals and aims, they ride life just like riding a bicycle.

16- They don't care about getting revenge:

They believe that life is a circle and they would never try to heal themselves by simply getting revenge or returning the bad things that others might have done to them, instead they just return standing up with a head held up high and they focus on getting success for themselves because success is the indirect revenge and whenever they get to have to face the people who have hurt them before, they simply reply with a smile on their faces.

Imagine the whole world just sticking to never doing things as such, how beautiful would it be? Unfortunately, common sense is not common.

Above all of the good qualities and things that would exist, love would always be the first reason for us to be doing things happily and optimistically.

I hope you find this list as beautiful as I think it is, check out the other interesting topics below and enjoy reading!

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how emotionally and mentally strong do you think you are?

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