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Colors, Songs And Dreams Can Really Change & Affect Your Mood!

Updated on February 9, 2015

Colors,Songs And Dreams

Colors,songs and dreams have been proven that are three of the reasons to have w strong impact on regulating and changing your mood,they do affect your mood,feelings,thoughts and viewpoints in a way or in another.

United Colors

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Colors can play their roles according to each worn or mixed with another color in clothes.

Dark colors are always known for the bad impact that they put on your mood because they're more likely related to winter and in winter, flowers die, the trees get naked and the cold weather sickens the soul, the body and the mind.

However, these dark colors can prove their positivity in winter for absorbing in the heat and getting the cold off of your clothes, so they're cozy and nice in winter time but not in other seasons.

Bright colors can make you think of summer vacations and all the fun that you would have, some colors like yellow can make you feel so energetic and active!

Bright colors have been always known for their positive impact on moods, that's why perhaps patients at hospitals wear the white colored robes. The white color represents peace and purity.

Some colors like orange and red can actually make you hungry that's why you might really notice that restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King and junk/fast food related places would have their buildings designed in red or orange or both, inside or out or both.

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Songs can actually affect your mood big time.

If you're sad and if you listen to sad songs then this will make you actually more sad so it's recommend that you put relaxing music and songs that would make you feel safe and get you peaceful and happy thoughts.

Your favorite and most loved songs and music can also play a positive role in getting your mood better, try to have them related to happiness, strength, peace and ambitions or others.

Check out this article below about some very relaxing,soft and positive feelings giving songs right in this box below!

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You can always get specific feelings after a certain dream, the feeling could be negative or positive depending on what you have seen and also your interests and favorites.

Sometimes dreaming a lovely dream about someone you like or your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife or any other related person can give you and show you what your real feelings for that person might be and after this dream you might feel that you actually love him/her more.

This is how dreams can affect your moods, other images may give other feelings and thoughts and you know that after each dream that you would have.

Dreams can really have important messages and signs to show to you, they carry 70% of reality messages so you should really keep on trying to find out the explanation of each dream as it might have important hidden secrets.

For now you can check some explanations about interesting dreams that we all might dream or have dreamed about, check the boxes mentioned below.

In Your Opinion

Which Of These three ( Colors, Songs and Dreams) mostly affect your mood?

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