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MCQs on "Muscle Stretch Reflexes" Tendon Stretching

Updated on July 17, 2015

MCQs on Deep Tendon Reflexes

When I was an undergraduate student, I always felt intimated by the post graduates who roam around with a hammer and keep knocking at the knees and elbows of patients. I used to wonder at the ease with which they elicited reflexes. It was effortless for most of them. Then I realized that there has to be a particular pattern to elicit these and one has to be thorough with the anatomy of these muscles.

This article is bout deep tendon reflexes; and how you can elicit them. Please read standard text books before starting to answer.

Deep Tendon Reflexes Video

Multiple choice questions(mcqs) in anatomy

1. Origin of the long head of biceps muscle is from

A. supraglenoid tubercle of scapula

B. coracoid process of the scapula.

C. infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula

D. acromion process of scapula

2. The common tendon of triceps is inserted into the

A. olecranon process of the ulna

B. trochlear notch of ulna

C. coronoid process of ulna

D.Ulnar tuberosity

3. Nerve supply of brachioradialis is from

A. Radial nerve

B. Median nerve

C. Ulnar nerve

D. Musculocutaneous nerve

4. Vastus lateralis is supplied by

A. Femoral nerve

B. Obturator nerve

C. Lateral cutaneus nerve

D. Sciatic nerve

5. Achilles tendon is inserted to the posterior surface of the

A. calcaneum

B. Talus

C. Cuboid

D. Fibula

6. What is the connective tissue that surround individual muscle fibres called?




D. Epimysium

7. The functional unit formed by the end – to – end connection of sarcomeres is called

A. a myofilament

B. a myofibril

C. a sarcolemma

D. an M – line

8. The site of communication between a myofiber and a neuron is called

A. neuromuscular synapse.

B. motor endplate

C. myoneural junction

D. All of the above

9. When an action potential reaches the axon terminal, it opens

A. voltage gated Ca channel

B. voltage gated K channel

C. voltage gated Na channel

D. None of the above

10. The release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction is caused by the influx of

A. Ca2+

B. K+

C. Na+

D. Mg2+ 

11. The role of the transverse tubules in the excitation of skeletal muscle contraction is to

A. provide an inward path for spread of the muscle action potentials

B. serve as the storage site for calcium ions

C. connect the sarcomeres end to end

D. conduct nutrients into the interior of the muscle fiber

12. Muscle stretch reflexes are those that are ellicited in response to application of the stimulus to

A. tendon

B. bones

C. joints

D. All the above 

13. The banding pattern in each cell of skeletal muscle is attributed to -------

14. The plasma membrane of a skeletal muscle cell is called -------

15. Thick filaments inside the myofibril with cross – bridge heads are called -----

The Stretch Reflex Video

Answers to the MCQs on "Muscle Stretch Reflexes"

  1. supraglenoid tubercle of scapula
  2. olecranon process of the ulna
  3. Radial nerve
  4. Femoral nerve
  5. calcaneum
  6. Endomysium
  7. a myofibril
  8. neuromuscular synapse
  9. voltage gated Ca channel
  10. Ca2+
  11. provide an inward path for spread of the muscle action potentials
  12. All the above
  13. contractile proteins
  14. sarcolemma
  15. myosin filaments

MCQs on Deep tendon Reflexes

Hope this quiz was useful to all of you. Please don't hesitate to leave you questions or comments at the end

Thank you


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