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Miracles in Life

Updated on December 2, 2016

It is a miracle that:

  1. A kid with little formal education can play beautiful music or be proficient in mathematics.

  2. A person can have one’s problems going away by just praying.

  3. Some people can survive a fiery plane crash that leaves everything in pieces.

  4. With the human beings’ violent tendency that they have not annihilated themselves with their weapons of mass destruction.

  5. With all the planets in the solar system, only Earth can harbor not only life but also intelligent life.

  6. Human beings can keep finding new resources on Earth to support an ever-increasing population that has reached 7 billion.


The miracle started around 3.5 billion years ago when 6 chemical elements, CHNOPS, came together in the ocean and under the right conditions, to form the 4 basic bio-molecules – nucleotide, amino acid, carbohydrate, and lipid – that became the building blocks of all life forms on Earth.

  • DNA is made of nucleotides that not only hold the information to build the living things but also make replication easy and possible.

  • Protein is made of amino acids that are responsible for the actual construction of the living things.

  • Sugar is made of carbohydrates that are used by all living things as a quick source of energy.

  • Fat is made of lipids that are used by all living things as a source of long term storage of energy.

    All the living things on Earth from the simplest bacteria to the largest blue whale and the most functionally versatile human beings are all built up from these 4 bio-molecules. It is now known that the formation of these 4 bio-molecules were not in random or by chance. Their bonding follows strict rules of chemistry. Chemical reactions require the right ingredients and conditions. Earth was a big test tube and incubator. And they had a billion year to get everything right.

Intelligent Hands

The existence of the human beings can be considered a miracle in term of the fact that they are made up of the 4 basic bio-molecules without the help of intelligent hands. The human body is unimaginably complex, incredibly versatile, and unbelievably reliable. Most importantly, it has the ability to understand and change the surroundings to satisfy its physical needs. It has the capacity to seek knowledge and companionship to feed its spiritual cravings. It is even more miraculous in what the human beings have accomplished in their relatively short 7000 years of civilization. They had:

  1. Built structures that had stood for thousands of years,

  2. Developed spoken and written languages to express and record feelings and idea,

  3. Discovered electricity that lights up the world and automated the manual works,

  4. Assembled mechanical contractions for transportation on land, in air, and even to the moon and beyond, etc.

    Today, a fully functional car with 10 thousand parts can be assembled autonomously in a factory without the help of intelligent hands. A car is highly complex, very reliable, and an indispensible transportation mean. For the uninitiated, the car could have come into existence miraculously all on its own without realizing that human beings are the intelligence behind the intelligent design. It is now known that the human beings did not come into existence miraculously overnight. To be exact, it has taken more than 3.5 billion years. The fossil records found on Earth support an intelligent evolutionary process of naturally selection based on mutation and environmental changes that is responsible for the slow, gradual, but inevitable emergence of the human beings.


The human beings have developed a world of their own in order to accommodate the ever-increasing population. Just like in Nature, there are living things of all forms, shapes, and functions. In the human world, there are people with miraculous abilities, there are people who are easily satisfied and are contend to live a simple routine life, and there are people who like to do things their own ways with little regard to the old ways. This miraculous diversity is the result of the intelligent evolutionary process and is crucial in the human beings’ survival on Earth. There are:

  1. Farmers who produce food,

  2. Engineers who build infrastructures,

  3. Scientists who uncover the Nature’s secrets,

  4. Criminals who reveal the dark side of the human’s nature,

  5. Artists whose work lifts the human spirits, etc.


Life is a miracle. The existence of the human beings is a miracle. What the human beings are capable of doing is a miracle. All these miracles owe their occurrences to the force behind the life’s assembly lines. Just like the car will never know the intelligent hands that design and control how it is put together. The human beings are not equipped with the capability to comprehend the intelligence behind the intelligent design. What the human beings can comprehend is that miracles in life can be explained by probability. Given enough changes in objects and conditions, with the right shuffling and mixing, anything good or bad, common or in-ordinary, mundane or miraculous can occur in due time that can be as long as many billion years.


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