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NLP - Your action plan

Updated on February 15, 2013

To better understand this article you must read or re-read "NLP-You-and-about-You".

Step one: think about one of the 13 ideas from “You and about you” and choose one that you find interesting. Now think at a specific situation between you and a friend of yours. How would you act thinking the idea you chose is real?

I will give you an example. I have a friend who is working in a high-level company and he is part of a team. Well, the idea is that my friend’s colleague is always pushing him with unnecessary information and when it comes to details, his colleague doesn’t even give him enough details about the project so the entire team has to do researches over researches. But it was my friend’s fault. He realized that everyone works and acts perfect but the strategies that were involved were wrong. According to my friend, his colleague has the ability to sort information at a higher level and he is able to do it faster than the most average people. My friend explained to his colleague the situation and now, his colleague, knows when to ask a question or how to give the right details so everybody can understand the situation.

Step two: again, from the 13 ideas choose one idea that you doubt the most and another difficult situation from your life. How would you act if you could apply that idea? What would have changed?

Step three: watch the movie Matrix and think about the whole thing. What would it be like if you were playing the Neo character? Would you take the red or the blue pill? And now think even deeper, are you sure you are not in matrix?


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