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Need a Makeover?

Updated on September 6, 2010

Appearance matters everywhere whether it be for work or meeting somebody for a meal/coffee. A Good appearance gives a first impression of a good appeal and even before you open your mouth, it gives a slight hint on how cool the person is? Being in trendy clothes makes an impression to a certain extent but not for long though, unless the person is going to be a mannequin for the entire meeting. It definitely matters what and how the person will appeal to when he opens his mouth.

A makeover, is essential in everybody's life in order to give that first hand appeal to our audience. Age is also another factor which makes us do the above especially when turning 40 which is considered a new beginning to life and people see a lot of physical and mental changes. That is the time, a person should consider a Make Over. A person needs to see the world with a new dimension, with a new perspective since he is not the same young person anymore. The body and brain needs some time to capture things, the synapse in the neurons take a while to deliver the message so why not get a physical appeal and distract our audience while we take time to take charge of the situation mentally.

Since everyone around us, is aware of being physically attractive, that there are some who, are smart enough to make money on it. There are beauty experts who can guide us and show us our true appeal with the right type of hair style or makeup. Since we mostly spend time in the virtual world there are websites such as Marie Claire that support Virtual makeovers and help women get an uplift in their appeal and their confidence level.

Virtual Hairstyle Makeover

Apps on Makeover

There are even Apps on a phone which tells us IF our make up is up to date and IF it suits us. This App is selling like hotcakes. What an idea!!

Follow the below link to get more information

Not sure how that haircut or eyeshadow will look? A new Samsung App can preview it for you for less than $1.

Character Makeover

Besides getting a physical makeover, there are experts with ideas on how to give our character, a makeover which will make us master over the adjectives such as:-Patience, Self Control, Self-confidence, Generosity, Humility, Love.

Financial Makeover

Money is needed to survive and most people need advice on how to attain financial freedom from mortgages, credit cards, student loans and make the right decisions to create a secure future. The road to a happy credit free life could need some guidance and there are experts out there.

With all this help around, what are we waiting for? Let us look inside us, and reach out for the required kind of help...Good luck!!


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