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Nibiru Planet X February 24, 2013 Extreme Weather is Proof of Increased Earth Wobble

Updated on June 1, 2014

Nibiru Planet X in BBC Broadcast

BBC broadcast shows Nibiru Planet X in 2012.
BBC broadcast shows Nibiru Planet X in 2012.

Extreme Weather and Travel

Weather conditions are changing so quickly due to Earth's increased wobble that it is catching travelers off guard and stranding motorist unable to adapt. In California on Wednesday rain switched to snow very quickly causing multiple crashes and pile ups between LA and Bakersfield.

Earlier this week during a snowstorm near Sacramento a tornado was spotted with wind gust from 40 to 70 miles an hour, a rare event.

"We went from about 10 degrees above normal this past weekend to 10 degrees below today," said Austin Cross, another weather service meteorologist based in Monterey. "We're usually somewhere in the 60s, temperature-wise, at this time of year."

The snow storms moved across the plains States from Arizona west of the Divide to Ohio with the bulk of the precipitation in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Extreme Weather

The amount of extreme weather events globally and here in the United States is all the proof anyone needs to know things are not quite right on the planet Earth. In this article Nibiru Planet X February 24, 2013 Extreme Weather is Proof of Increased Earth Wobble I will illustrate how all of the extreme weather events world wide are painting a clear picture of the Earth's increased Wobble due to Nibiru Planet X in our solar system.

As massive snowstorms cripple the NorthEastern United States and 40,000,000 (million) people brace for its impact, snowstorms of equal size and damage are causing havoc in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Slovakia.

Just last week huge flooding and earthquakes crippled parts of Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. This week continued rainfall and snow melt in the Andes are pummeling Uruguay, southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina and parts of Paraguay. The conditions in South America are bringing damage from mud and landslides, flash flooding, river flooding and earthquakes creating thousands of refugees. Dozens of volcanoes in South America are beginning to wake up creating even more geographical hazards to population centers.

  • Rainfall in southern France in the Pyrenees, the mountain range that separates France and Spain, have had twice the annual rainfall, most of it coming in the last few weeks.

  • New South Wales and other parts of Eastern Australia braces for even more flooding as torrential rain is forecasted for that area already swamped by previous floods.

  • Madagascar is expecting to be hit hard by Tropical Cyclone 16S which may cause flooding throughout the region. The Philippines is also expecting flood conditions from a Tropical Depression.

  • Indonesia has been suffering through another bout of flooding and landslides from record breaking rainfall and river flooding.

  • Athens, Greece endured its worst flooding in fifty years Friday as over 100 mm of rain dumped in six hours, when normally they only get 50 mm for the entire month of February.

What this extreme weather indicates is that storms are arriving quickly and dumping large quantities of rain and snow in just a few hours, caused by the augmented wobble of the Earth, which has not only altered the jet stream and normal weather patterns but increased the winds velocity. Areas of the Earth not used to rain and snow are now experiencing them and regions that used to get a lot of moisture are now experience drought.

The normal snow and rain storms are not getting larger but are getting quicker and dumping more volume in a shorter period of time. These kinds of weather events creates flash flooding and mudslides and often catches travelers off guard.

These quick, ferocious storms are the direct result of the increased Earth Wobble from the presence of Nibiru Planet X as it's stronger magnetic force pushes the planet Earth around. As the Earth Wobbles in its orbit the atmosphere rushes to catch up creating a strong jet stream that moves storms into areas of the Earth unaccustomed to severe weather.

Ring Of Fire February 22, 2013

The Ring of Fire shows how the increase in large earthquakes is a daily occurrence.
The Ring of Fire shows how the increase in large earthquakes is a daily occurrence. | Source

Colima, Mexico Volcano

Colima, Mexico


Large Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity

Couple with the extreme weather, large and small earthquakes are on the rise globally bringing with them a whole host of problems. We will see more land and mudslides, natural gas explosions, train derailments, roadways buckling, bridges collapsing and sinkholes appearing.

While the media and government officials will use the most common excuses and explanations to cover the fact that most of these events are due to tremors and earthquakes, the public eventually will begin to wonder how so many of these tragedies can be blamed on incompetence or accidents.

The recent gas explosion in Kansas Ctiy, Mo was blamed on another incompetent gas worker just as the natural gas explosion in Springfield, Maine was earlier this year. How long the public continues to buy these excuses is anyone's guess, however they might want to come up with some alternate explanations and excuses, as the incompetent gas worker explanation is wearing a little thin.

As roadways buckle, bridges crumble and railroad tracks get demolished from more and more landslides, tremors and sinkholes even the most skeptical will begin to take notice.

Large earthquakes cannot be easily covered up with poor engineering excuses or incompetence and so the media and officials must either ignore them, leave them unreported or report them and downplay their significance. However smaller local tremors can be covered up with a wide variety of excuses and explanations.

Of course the only way to keep the public from recognizing the increase in volcanic eruptions is to leave the recent activity unreported or to report them and then downplay the magnitude of the event itself, then only the local residents are aware of the activity.

Another coverup tactic is to have local residents file reports of recent eruptions, that emphasize how common and normal the volcano activity is, as way to reassure non-locals. Even this tactic cannot downplay the relationship between the recent volcanic activity in Colima, Mexico with the large earthquakes in the region.

Sinkhole in NJ

Sinkholes and Landslides

Sinkholes in major roadways and landslides are causing major transportation issues world wide and here in the USA. Authorities were unable to determine the cause of a large sinkhole that appeared on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey last Thursday.

A landslide in Arizona caused a major highway in the State to buckle, puzzling engineers. As the tectonic plates of the Earth continue to move from the magnetic force of Nibiru Planet X even small tremors that can't be felt by the public will cause large sinkholes to appear, natural gas lines to rupture and roadways to buckle and shift.

This is now happening all over the world and here in the United States and are far too numerous to detail in this article Nibiru Planet X February 24, 2013 Extreme Weather is Proof of Increased Earth Wobble, suffice to say they are exactly the kind of evidence the public can point to when looking for evidence of the Polar Shift.

Landslides and sinkholes are causing roadway damage here in the US.
Landslides and sinkholes are causing roadway damage here in the US.

Space Station

Space Station and Satellites

Once again NASA warns us of a potentially huge Solar Storm brewing from our Sun that could release massive amounts of radiation and cause damage to Earth's satellites only to watch it fizzle and die.

NASA spokeswoman Karen Fox said, "This is a fairly unstable configuration that scientists know can lead to eruptions of radiation on the sun called solar flares."

NASA continues to warn humanity against huge solar storms that threaten Earth mainly as a preemptive cover story for the debris field from Nibiru Planet X that our planet is currently passing through. This debris field consist of space dust, meteors and asteroids that Nibiru Planet X has collected in its 3,657 year journey through the stars.

NASA temporarily lost communication with the International Space Station on Tuesday supposedly due to a computer glitch but was able to reestablish it hours later. As the Earth continues to be pulled closer to Nibiru Planet X in the coming months these kinds of communication losses will become more frequent due to the tail of Nibiru Planet X.

This massive debris field is what can be seen from Earth as the wings to Planet X referred to in the ancient legends and myths about Nibiru. Because of its reddish nature (magnetic iron ore particles) the tail or debris field is seen as reddish in color. This tail is attracted to the magnetic force of Planet X but comes into contact with Earth as the planets move closer to each other in preparation of the Pole Shift and is one of the signs of rotation stoppage.

Planet X has collected this debris from the many passages through our solar system and the havoc it causes planets and asteroids. It is speculated that Earth was part of a far larger planet known as Tiamat which collided with one of Nibiru's Moons in the distant past creating what is now known as the Van Ryan Asteroid belt and of course the Planet Earth.


As the coverup of Nibiru Planet X continues unabated and the planet Earth move closer to the Polar Shift and eventual rotation stoppage, the only thing that stands in the way of the public being completely unprepared is article such as this one, Nibiru Planet X February 24, 2013 Extreme Weather is Proof of Increased Earth Wobble.

How long will The Powers That Be be able to continue to fool an unsuspected public only time will tell, but if we use critical thinking, keep an open mind and do not settle for the first reasonable excuse or explanation for the extreme weather, increase in geographical events and natural disasters, I believe the public will begin to see an all to familiar pattern and begin to ask the right questions.

There are just too many of these events happening at once to be considered normal or coincidental eventually even the most skeptical will begin to notice them.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Everything that you do now will help, try getting the little things that will help such as lighters, backpacks, Wal-Mart sells water purification tablets and drops, first aid, duct tape, pocket knives and hand ax, make a list of the small stuff and work on getting them checked off . . . I know what you mean about surreal, because it is hard to imagine.

    • profile image

      Sun 4 years ago

      Reading what you're saying is very surreal. Honestly, I don't know if I could handle surviving that. There is so much I don't know how to do, like get food from nature, purify water and just basic survival techniques. I have watched many youtube videos in regards to these items, but I still feel incompetent . I have been stocking up on canned food and harboring water, however with the kind of mass destruction you are describing, I seriously doubt that is going to help me or my kids. I haven't been able to afford a bow and arrow setup yet. It seems so depressing really. I do believe that our creator has a master plan I am glad to be able to find comfort in that thought. I wish the world would wake up and begin mass preparations for this catastrophe. I know that is literally not feasible, but anything is better than this "lets all pretend like nothing is really happening" game that they are playing now. People get ready...

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Seen from Earth right smack in the middle of the Sun, so we can't see it from the glare.

      However it is moving away and soon will be outbound, of course that is when the trouble will begin for us as it will take the Earth about 30 million miles closer to the Sun as it goes.

      Then it will give the Earth a good 'about face' (Pole Shift) and be on its way. When this occurs the inhabitants of Earth will be a little busy surviving to notice.

      When we are able to see it with our own eyes, the Pole Shift will be close, weeks or maybe a few months.

    • profile image

      GiselleDFW 4 years ago

      Well we do have a lake a few minutes away from here, so maybe that's why.

      I read the other article and watched the video. Like you, I don't know how ppl can still question it's existence. You mentioned that because of it's current position that you can't capture any more images... Well where is it now?

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yeah it is tectonic plates grinding against each other, is there a large lake or body of water nearby, because water amplifies sound from the ground.

      You should read/view the Hub I just published about videos capturing images of Nibiru Planet X, just some amazing footage, incredible stuff!

    • profile image

      GiselleDFW 4 years ago

      Blue, it's been unbelievably windy here. And remember that sound I told you about? It's becoming more prominent and more constant now.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Well, even folks that are ready, ultimately will not be prepared for everything, however being aware of the potential destruction is half the battle.

    • profile image

      Sun 4 years ago

      Good hub. There were 5 earthquakes in AR over the weekend. The largest was a 3.9, but this is not normal for us. Just hoping the NMF doesn't adjust anytime soon. I'm not ready...