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Habits of a Successful student

Updated on November 21, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Habits of a successful Student

There are many students out there. But successful students are very few. Many students drop out, just because, they are not successful. So it is very important to be a successful student. Let us look at some of the best habits of a successful student.

1. Focused: A student must be focused. Focusing doesn't mean that while in the class you must be focused. Throughout the duration of your course, you must be focused. While studying, there come many disturbances like friends(it could be your girlfriend or boyfriend), games, TV, Telephone, Internet, Newspaper, PC etc. They are good and you should learn how to handle it or use it. If they come in the way of your studies, immediately put a break on it. Don't spend too much time on things listed above. On the other hand, spend a lot of time in your studies.

The focus has power in it. Have you ever seen children burning paper using a magnifying glass and sun rays? Under normal circumstances, sun rays will not burn a paper. But using the magnifying glass, children are able to focus all the rays into a single point. The heat of many rays will burn the paper. If you focus your full attention on your studies, you could do wonders.

2. Long-term perspective: Studying is a short-term affair. Many students misunderstand that studying is only to pass the examination. They don't think above that. That is a terrible mistake one can make. What you are studying is useful for your entire life. Make it a point, what you study is the basics of your further studies. That is the foundation. If there is no foundation, you cannot build a tall building. If you try to build without a strong foundation, it will fall. So what you study today is required for your further studies. It not only required for further studies, but it is also required for your career and would be useful for your entire life. Students who study for the exam miss this point and fail in the later stage. Gradual and step by step understanding will help you to retain what you studied in the school or college time. You are going to use those skills in your career in the coming days. It is an important point and a student must be careful about it.

Repetition is the mother of learning

3. Do not forget the English proverb: "Repetition is the mother of learning". It is true to some extent. Once you complete a lesson. Go back to that lesson very often. It will help you to retain and express the contents when you appear for the exam. Many children complain about the lack of memory power. To increase the capacity of your memory mussels, you need to exercise your mussels. Repeating names and equation will help you to increase and retain the information you have studied in your memory for long. Have you ever forget the alphabets? "A, B, C, D...........Z". Why you are not forgetting the alphabet? Because you are repeating it very often. The same is with your studies. Repeat what you have studied very often. You would have a very good memory about what you have studied.

Control your thoughts while studying

"If you are not controlling your thoughts, your thoughts will control you." - Jacob Kutty

If you closely observe, a series of thoughts are going on in our mind every now and then. It could be of constructive and positive or destructive and negative. When a teenage student sitting to study his lessons, lots of thoughts may come to his mind and divert his attention.

These thoughts mostly surrounded by his/her girlfriend/boyfriend or the events that happened during the previous day or past week. Sometimes, immediately they remember some other things that they can do and they go for that work. Anyhow, these thoughts will divert their attention from studying their lessons. Even though there is no benefit in continuing such thoughts of spending time with friends etc., very often students enjoy and tempted to live in the dream world.

It is possible, very often we could find ourselves sitting behind the open book and enjoying the thoughts. You need to be alert to identify such waste of time and thoughts. Stop for a moment. Close your eyes and take two deep breath while focusing on your breath. Then continue your studies.

Destructive Thoughts

Sometimes the nature of these thoughts may become destructive and negative which lead to depression and anxiety. The basic reason for this anxiety and depression is that you may be having negative thoughts like failing in the exam, feeling that you are not able to remember your lessons, you are not able to understand the lessons etc. These thoughts may lead you to believe that you are helpless and cannot do anything in your life. It will bind you from continuing your studies. You lose interest in your studies and then stop studying your lessons. The best way to avoid such situation is that be alert and you should confront your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and say yourself that you are good in your studies, you easily remember all the terms and formulas etc. Picture yourself holding the A grade certificate in your hand and feel how joyful you are.

Do not think that only this kinds of thoughts are destructive thoughts. Other thoughts like carrying a grudge against to our opponent, who insulted you, may come up. And you may be making plans to return the insult. It is also a negative and unproductive thought which is destructive. Ultimately you will lose your precious time. Forgive and forget such insults and pay no attention to such incidents. Concentrate on your studies. It was said about the student that "A student must be alert like a dog". If you watch a Dog, it is alert always. Even in the midnight when the thief comes, he knows and started to react. As a student, you must be alert about your thoughts and react immediately and control it. Then only you would be able to concentrate on your studies and get a good grade.

"If you are not controlling your thoughts, your thoughts will control you." - Jacob Kutty


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