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The Devices of the Enemy!?!

Updated on February 28, 2017

The Appeal to the "World" of the Flesh Comes From Where...

Why Wouldn't It, he Stole "Our" Dominion of the Earthly Realm from "Us!!"
Why Wouldn't It, he Stole "Our" Dominion of the Earthly Realm from "Us!!" | Source

Why is “Our” weakness So Effective?

“We” Humankind are a walk by “Sight” or go through our lives as doing things by the natural senses. The sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing; these are only “Our” natural given abilities. Since we are made of flesh and blood, out natural senses are just extension of our natural selves or flesh and blood. To tempt the flesh, our natural abilities are the entry points for fleshly or “Worldly” influence. Why is this important to note? What happen when you “See” something that looks good? You want what you saw, which appealed to you visually. How about something that “Smells” good, yup you guessed it, the same affect. “We” are draw to things that get “Our” natural attentions; don’t let something Look, Smell and Sound good all at once… There usually is a riot, a stampede or mass hysteria behind the source!!

This is why fleshly, surface dwellers or naturally inclined lifestyles go for things which appeal to their natural God Given abilities. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch, when there is so much more which could be experienced by something deeper! Even the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) says: “we must walk by Faith and not by Sight!” Before we dive into this, why is the surface dwelling so difficult to break from?

The Devices of the Enemy?

Defeat the Flesh with the Word of God!

Nothing is Greater, not Even the "I" way!
Nothing is Greater, not Even the "I" way! | Source

How Are the Distraction of This “World,” the Hooks in “Our” Jaws?

Again, our natural inclination is to go by what we “See,” Smell, Taste, Hear and Touch. This is the world of the flesh and the tools used to draw the flesh to enjoy or partake in fleshly things. This is the natural hook in the jaw. Ah What? What is brought before your sight is a hook with bait. If you feel you need what you saw, this hook and bait has grabbed you, you now have been reeled in and/or sucked into getting or doing what you have seen. Basically, ‘It” got you and this is the tactic of the enemy or the devil. This is his domain, the world and draw of the flesh and the things of it. Don’t believe me, refer to We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation!

Are you seeing how the draw of the “World” is fleshly based and many live this way! The flesh is weak, has 5 entry points, all of which are bombarded throughout each and everyday! Are you beginning to “See” why so many are losing themselves in this “World,” are you getting it now?

The Flesh "Loves" Our Natural, Evil, Vile Nature!!

Does Being in Darkness "Feel" Good?
Does Being in Darkness "Feel" Good? | Source

How This “World” Draws You In!?

Whether you Know, Believe, Trust or don’t Know Jesus. The tactics of the enemy are the same and the devil doesn’t care who he destroys, as long as he can destroy as many lives as he can! With all of the newest technology, the number of distractions and their effectiveness has also increased. So the draw to the things of the flesh are more abundant and more prevalent. This is why it is so necessary to cut ties to this “World” and be at peace within. Which is what everyone desires deep down. Where it becomes an issue, is where it is found or who it is found through rather.

Letting Go of the things of the flesh or this “World” of the flesh requires something other than “Sight.” Why is stating this so important and where are you going with this?

This is Only an Imitation!

Jesus Christ is the Real Thing and Does Exist!!
Jesus Christ is the Real Thing and Does Exist!! | Source

Imitating the Real Things of the Spirit!

The things of the flesh or the “World” of flesh, imitate the things of the Spirit. There are many examples, I am going to use two examples, one will represent the “East” and the other will represent the “West.” In the Spirit and of Father God, things are pure and white, which represents purity. In the case of the two examples, one being Goku, the star of the Dragon Ball, which represents the “East” and the other is Superman, which represents the “West.” In both instances, they are not of this world and come from far regions of the Universe. Both happen to end up on the Earth and are raise by people. They learn what it means to be Human and our customs or way of life. Both don’t really fit in, because they aren’t from here.

When the time comes, they begin to discover they are not human and have abilities which far exceed any human or any creature on the planet. They both have abilities, new powers which are discovered and even transform or tap into more or hidden strengths. This is pretty much where their similarities end, but you get my point. Goku on the other hand represents the things of the spirit a little more than Superman. How so? In the anime series Dragon Ball, Goku is able to become a Super Saiyan. His dark black hair becomes whitish-yellow and stands up upon his head. This transformation makes him stronger, faster and more powerful. Now both Superman and Goku are always willing to risk their lives to save or help people, even if it cost them their own lives. Many times, several situations they actually did lose their lives. The point is they didn’t fear death, even if it could have been their last breath; they gave their lives to save others and the ones they cared about.

Goku and a False Hope or Fooled by "Sight"?!?

The Greatest Event in World History!!!

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ! | Source

Where Do You Think Fiction or Comics Get Their Source Materials?

Why do I share this and what is the point here, these are just fictional characters? There is one person who is real and does exist. He to, like Goku and Superman was not of this world. He had great power, authority and could also transfigure! His abilities were also greater than our own and yet he was very humble. He taught, He Healed, He Blessed and gave freely to those who had needs! He even demonstrated His Power and Blessings here on Earth, in the flesh to the flesh. Also like Goku, He passed on His knowledge and gave others abilities to reach out and help others. When He was killed, He gave His life willingly to save those He cared about and He also Did Not Fear Death or the pain of the crucifixion before His death. Unlike Superman and Goku, when He resurrected, this was done by Supernatural means and of His Heavenly Father. Also unlike Superman and Goku, He still exist and is changing the lives of billions of people and is far more powerful than both of them or any character within their fictional worlds could ever be.

Jesus Christ is the answer to who every superhero story tries to relate to. The story of Jesus Christ and His life is one the “World” of the flesh doesn’t want people to know. Unlike the fictional characters, there is Real Power in the name of Jesus and Faith in Him, and what He has done will change your Life. The “World” of the Flesh doesn’t want this for anyone; it loses it power of control and enforcement or influence. The Name of Jesus Christ saves lives and changes them forever. Superman, Goku and any fictional character could never do this; they can only distract us or pull you away from the Truth about Jesus Christ, the “Only One” Who Really Can Save Your Life!!

You Are So Close, Freedom is Just Within Reach...

Come On, You Can Make It and Jesus Christ is Right There!!
Come On, You Can Make It and Jesus Christ is Right There!! | Source

Because “We” Walk by Sight, When Will We Ever Trust in Faith?

Every Single Human Being on this planet walks by ‘Sight!” This is “Our” natural inclination, this is how the enemy, the devil works in distracting “Us” into doing his will. This will or purpose of Lucifer, Satan, the devil has used this will to kill, steal and destroy. Unfortunately his will uses our natural abilities to his favor; these are “Our” natural 5 senses Taste, Touch, “Sight”, Smell and Hearing. To be a natural based person, living by the flesh is easy and by default, this lifestyle will destroy your Eternity at your death. Oh that’s harsh!! The Truth is never easy at first, it will however, eventually set you free!

It takes Faith to surpass “Our” natural inclinations. It also takes Faith to make Heaven our Home and it takes Faith to realize “We” need to meet our Lord and Savior, to make Heaven our Eternal Dwelling Place. Faith is much Higher than living by our natural abilities or “Sight.” Being a flesh based or living a life in the world of the flesh, it is very difficult to turn away from the “I” way of doing things. Living and walking by Faith is leaning on a means or a source outside of ourselves, which is the highest calling and choice we can make! Uh, how so? I am glad you asked!

Faith Verses Sight, Choose Faith!!

Increase Faith Through Practice and Use!
Increase Faith Through Practice and Use! | Source

Faith Supersedes "Sight" and Jesus is Greater than Goku and Superman!!

Faith is Always Greater Than Sight!!

Walking by “Sight” is the weakest form of living out each day. Walking by Faith is Leaning On and Trusting the Promises of Father God, and “We” can through Jesus Christ! Why is Faith So Important? Faith is trusting in things which are unseen or not “Visible” to the naked eye, they are beyond the sense of smell or our natural hearing. Basically, things beyond the natural, for they are Supernatural in nature. The Promises of Father God Jehovah are just that, they are Supernatural and Faith in them is believing in something which is “Higher!” In a sense, this is the “High” way, not the “I” way, which most people know and live their lives.

The “I” way is of self and is of the flesh, the realm, area and arena the devil uses to build his kingdom, as well as where he uses his tactics to enslave those who follow him. The only option for those who live by his means is on the “I” way. Hell is their punishment for rejecting the Saving Grace and Sacrifice Jesus made for them at the Cross! How and Why? You rejected Jesus Christ at every chance you received while living on the “I” way or no way. When you died, He had to reject you because you rejected Him before you died and entered into Hell, a place of Total Separation from Jesus! Faith on things Higher and choosing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the “High” way, it is a Promise from Father God to give you hope when you leave this life.

Faith and the Bible!

They Go Hand in Hand!!
They Go Hand in Hand!! | Source

Let Go of Walking By Sight, Choose Faith Today!

Jesus Christ is the “Only” way to get onto the “High” way, to begin a life on the things of Jehovah God and to receive the Promises of Father God! This is why Jesus Christ is A New Beginning! You can have and experience this New beginning today, you don’t have to wait! This is Why We Need Jesus! Let Him write your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life and you can Make Heaven your Home, this is a Promise from Father God! Are you ready to get onto the “High” way?

Let’s begin: You must confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe with your heart Father God raised Jesus from the dead and you will be saved! Your new life of becoming free and separated from the “World” of the flesh has just begun, you are on your way to experiencing more promises of Father God and His Kingdom!

If you want, desire or need a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and want to really tell Him how you feel! Then let’s pray: “Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”

In either case, you are well on your way to making Heaven your Home and will Meet Jesus Christ, the One who died for you, me, and for All who call upon His name!!

Let Jesus Christ Set You Free Today!

Break the Chains of Bondage to Sin Through Jesus!!
Break the Chains of Bondage to Sin Through Jesus!! | Source

Jesus Christ Is Greater Than Any Device of the enemy!!

When Jesus rose again on the Third Day, He was exalted by Father God Jehovah and given all power over Death, Hell and the Grave, not to mention All Authority over All Father God has in His Kingdom! Taking Authority in Jesus Christ is no joke, His Authority can and will send things of darkness back to the dark places they came from! It doesn’t matter the name, the source or the cause, Jesus Christ is over all! Like the Bible says: “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” In the name of Jesus, this is true and it is also a Promise from Father God, meaning you can trust it!

Do you need to become free from this “World” of the flesh? Or are you tired of doing things the “I” way and not feeling satisfied? Whichever the case, Jesus Christ is still the answer and the “Only” way “We” (Humankind) can break free from any situation this “World” can put “Us” in. We don’t have the strength nor the power to overcome this “World” or the things of it.

Jesus is the Greatest, Far Beyond the Things of the Flesh!

The "Only" Way To Heaven!!

Jesus Christ is It!!
Jesus Christ is It!! | Source

The Way, The Truth and The Life, Come to Him Today!

Jesus Is the Way the Truth and the Life, just like the Bible says! The Bible is the Word of God, so it can be trusted and applied to your life, this doesn’t matter what stage of development or your level of life experience either. The point is Jesus Christ is your answer, you by yourself can’t defeat the plans or the devices of the enemy. We are already born into his system, refer to We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation and Why We Need Jesus for more clarity and to discover in more detail how and why “We” are in this system.

The point of all of this, “We” all need Jesus and without Him, there is no Hope for all Humankind and Eternal Destruction would be “Our” only option. Because of Jesus, “We” have hope for Eternity and one day being able to see Father God Jehovah Face-to-Face, Our Creator!!!

What Have "We" Learned Today?

Did You Know the "World" of the Flesh and the "I" Way Was So Dangerous?

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Beware, Be Free and Choose Jesus Christ!

God the Son has Overcome All Things!!
God the Son has Overcome All Things!! | Source

Did You Know this "World" represents the Flesh and There is but One Way to Overcome It? Please Share Your Thoughts!

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