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The Month Of Juno - June

Updated on September 4, 2016

Roman Goddess Of Marriage


The Month Of Juno

The month of Juno

The sixth month of the year brings us to June. June has thirty days. In ancient Roman times the year began in March, thereby making June the fourth month of the year.

It has been said by some people that June was named for Juno, who was the Roman goddess of marriage. others have thought that the name came from the Latin word Juniares, which means, "young man". These same people say that the Romans held June sacred to young men, they also held May sacred to the majores, or older men.

Summer begins in the northern half of the world on June 20th or 21st. Whereas, in the southern part of the world, this is when winter starts.

People in Europe, long ago, celebrated on midsummer's Eve, June 23rd. Building bonfires on the hills and dancing late into the night. People in Sweden still celebrate the coming of summer in this way.

June Birth Stones

Alexandrite | Source
Moonstone | Source
Pearls | Source

Symbols Of June

The birthstones for the month of June are, Alexandrite, the moonstone and the Pearl. Meaning health and longevity.

The birth flowers for June are the honeysuckle and the rose.

Zodiac signs for June are Gemini until June 20th or Cancer from June 21st onward.

Parental Bonding


Father's Day

Honoring Our Father's

A celebration to honor Father's Day.

Father's Day was started in the United States in the early 20th century to complement Mother's Day in order celebrate fatherhood and male parenting, paternal bonds, as well as the influenceof fathers in our society.

Father's Day is celebrated in some countries on the third Sunday of June, although it is also celebrated on other days.

The US Flag


Flag Day June 14th, A tribute to our flag.

It's A Grand Ole Flag


The American Flag has fifty stars, one for each state in the Union. All fifty states honor the flag on Flag Day. However, Flag Day is only a holiday in one state..and that is in Pennsylvania.

On June 14,1777, in the city of Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania, that the Continental Congress adopted the first official American flag.

The thirteen American colonies were fighting for their liberty. They were seeking freedom from Great Britain. As a symbol of their independence and united effort, they wanted to have one flag.

The Revolutionary War started in 1776, at this time Americans fought under many flags. One of the flags had a pine tree on it along with the words "An Appeal to Heaven." another with a rattlesnake and the words " Don't Tread on Me." Others had the words "Liberty or Death" or the words "Conquer or Die."

The new flag that was made consisted of thirteen stripes, seven red stripes and six white stripes - and thirteen white stars with a blue background. No one seems to know, who designed or made the first flag.

Of course Betsy Ross did sew flags during the Revolutionary War, and she did live in Philadelphia. however, there is no proof that she made the first official American flag.

There is also no record of why red, white, and blue were chosen for the colors of the flag.

Having said that, it was later said that the red stands for hardiness and courage, the white for purity, and the blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

The stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies, and there is one star for each state.

King Kamehameha floral parade



A Feast For A King

Hawaii, is one of the fifty States in the United States.

Although, it was once a group of islands that was ruled by many kings.

One of the kings, ruled part of the large island of Hawaii. Kamehameha I.He was a great warrior who had won control of all the Hawaiian Islands.And made them one kingdom.Over a hundred years ago Kamehameha V, the last king of Hawaii, set aside June 11th as a day to honor his grandfather.And so it is that, Kamehameha Day is a time for all kinds of festivities.

In Honolulu, they decorate the statue of the great king, with flower leis and singers chant songs in front of the statue. There is a big parade and one of the floats carry a man dressed like a king.He is clad with a helmet and a cloak of golden feathers. Representing each of the eight islands, is a princess riding on horseback.

Later, after the ceremony and the parade, there will be a feast called a luau. The main dish will be a whole young pig, that has been roasted for hours in a deep pit. As the roast pig is carried in, the feast, fit for a king, commences.

The month of Juno

The sixth month of the year brings us to June. June has thirty days. In ancient Roman times the year began in March, thereby making June the fourth month of the year.


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