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Two Moons Get Real

Updated on July 15, 2013

Two Moons . . . Who Knew!

Get Real Folks, this is disinformation designed to create confusion. I created this artwork in less than thirty minutes, just think how real I could have made it if I had taken my time.
Get Real Folks, this is disinformation designed to create confusion. I created this artwork in less than thirty minutes, just think how real I could have made it if I had taken my time. | Source

Only One Moon

Recently taken photo of the moon
Recently taken photo of the moon | Source

How Stupid Do they Think We Are?

It is clear from the multiple articles being spreading across the internet that The Powers That Be think the public is pretty Stupid . . . Two Moons get real! They would have us believe that small one meter asteroids that share the Moons orbit is what is responsible for the second planetary body we are now seeing in our skies today.

What most people don't realize is that many of these articles that spread disinformation are no longer available to the public and get pulled soon after being published. This is just another way of spreading confusion, inciting fear and spreading disinformation. Also photoshop can easily create realistic artwork to convince an unsuspecting public.

I have published many articles espousing the concept that Nibiru is here now and did not break up nor did it crash into the sun. That it is responsible for all the seismic activity, earthquakes, volcanoes and world wide flooding occurring right now on a global scale.

No one needs to be a Rocket Surgeon to realize that a tiny asteroid sharing the Moons orbit will NOT look like a large planetary body when seen by the public. This kind of disinformation is designed to capture your attention and embed the headline into your subconscious memory. TPTB expect you to only remember only the headline (Two Moons Get Real) and forget about the nonsense in the article.

When Nibiru, Planet X or Comet Elenin ( Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near ) can be clearly seen by all, The Powers That Be and corporate owned media will be able to fall back on these articles as proof that a second Moon does exist. This tactic is tried and true and has been used before to fool the public, so they see no reason to change now.

After all everyone has heard the saying "Don't fix it , if it ain't broken!"

This tactic will fool some of the ignorant public, but those that are aware of the true reasons we are experiencing global seismic activity and plate shifting will not be fooled. Only by sharing this disinformation with our fellow humans will they become aware of the deception, whether they believe it now or not is beside the point, PLANT THE SEED!

Two Moons Get Real is not an article designed to spread fear, actually quite the opposite is true. It is designed to allow the easily fooled public to recognize that change is occurring globally and that by becoming aware of this change will allow those that are sitting on the fence of knowledge and understanding to comprehend the implications and begin to explore these concepts.

Many ancient cultures from the Sumerians to the Mayans have shown evidence of a planet that circles our sun roughly every 3,600 years. Zecharia Zitchin talks of this planet in his book The 12th Planet, a must read for anyone interested in the subject.

Knowledge is Power this is a fact, but by becoming aware and learning to question the tired old rhetoric of a false paradigm, we allow our minds to expand to new possibilities without the shock of sudden awareness.

Two Moon Theory

Trying to convince the public we have two Moons is absurd however the goal is to simply plane the seed.
Trying to convince the public we have two Moons is absurd however the goal is to simply plane the seed. | Source

Becoming Aware

Becoming aware of our night skies will allow the public not to be easily fooled by disinformation.
Becoming aware of our night skies will allow the public not to be easily fooled by disinformation. | Source

Don't Panic Ask Questions!

Are we being lied to . . . certainly and without a doubt, but this is no reason to panic. Many of your fellow humans have already figured this out and have not panicked. This is because they have taken the small steps necessary to be prepared for any coming natural disaster.

By asking questions and inviting discussion we can get the word out without causing panic or spreading fear. There is no reason to overreact to the fear of being lied to, however we can take small steps to prepare ourselves to any natural disaster.

  • The next time you're at the grocery store buy a couple of gallons of drinking water.
  • Buy some extra lighters and basic camping gear just in case.
  • Fix up a box of extra non perishable items and extra can opener, keep it in your car or where you live.
  • Buy and/or fill a backpack with extra clothes, socks, can foods, prepare an emergency kit.
  • Get a flash light and extra batteries, a map, prepare for the worst.
  • • Remember to buy any extra medication you will need and get basic bandages.
  • Make a list of things you can think of that you might need in case of an emergency
  • Ask questions and invite discussion with neighbors, co workers and friends.
  • Above all pay attention to the local and worldwide news and share information.

Remember Information is power, so the more we keep informed, the better prepared we will be. I personally, think we as a species are going through a conscious change in the way we think about our world, as well as a geographical change in environment.

We humans are going through subtle changes in how we interpret information, communicate with our fellow humans and think about the physical World in which we currently live. We are becoming more intuitive in the way we solve problems and recognize the truth.

Whether we recognize this consciously or not is beside the point, we are learning to trust our God given instincts and listen to our hearts. I see this all around me on a daily basis, however I am looking for these subtle changes and so am aware of them more.

As far as articles in the News and on the Internet espousing the concept of Two Moons Get Real, no one with even half a brain would buy that nonsense, the idea is absurd!

So by learning to trust our hear and soul we can learn forge a new paradigm closer to the heart and live only once with hope while knowing that our soul is eternal.

Two Moons Get Real ask the reader to look beyond the disinformation campaign and examine the obvious.We as a Nation maybe scientifically challenged however we can trust our common sense to help determine the truth.

Changing Orbit

Is the Moon's orbit changing?
Is the Moon's orbit changing? | Source

What Do You Believe . . .

Are there two Moons or is this Planet X, Nibiru or Elenin

See results

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