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Hurricane Sandy: This Is Not A Drill

Updated on July 14, 2016

Hurricane Sandy

Just what the President needed to get America behind him for the next four years
Just what the President needed to get America behind him for the next four years | Source

This Is a Drill

The recent Hurricane that destroyed parts of New York City, surrounding neighborhoods and parts of the East Coast was practiced fifteen years ago as a drill and get this even called by the same name Hurricane Sandy. Even before it reached land this hurricane was being called out as man-made and the timing of it questioned as it was predicted to interfere and impede Election Day 2012.

Award winning meteorologist Scott Stevens went so far as to confirm it was definitely man-made on the Alex Jones radio show. I questioned it a week before while it was still in the Caribbean wreaking havoc but being labelled a Frankenstorm and wondered in an article how they could predict it would hit New York/New Jersey a week later unless they were controlling the weather.

Lo and behold it did exactly what they said it would do. However what I would like to know is what purpose did it serve, after all if you can control the weather what is your motivation for creating a 'perfect' storm on the eve of Election Day 2012?


Yes, people the Feds practiced this very same storm at least once in the last fifteen years to make sure they got it right.
Yes, people the Feds practiced this very same storm at least once in the last fifteen years to make sure they got it right. | Source

Hurricane Re-Election

Hurricane Re-Election kinda catchy don't 'cha think?
Hurricane Re-Election kinda catchy don't 'cha think? | Source

Hero Worship

What better way to save the day (Election Day 2012) than to be Johnny on the Spot after a huge environmental disaster such as Hurricane Sandy. Not only are you well prepared for the event with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) already in place ahead of the storm but are able to restore the publics faith in your leadership by providing strong support for the survivors.

Yes, it is a huge tragedy for America however together we can rebuild America, blah, blah, blah!

Or I can give you a direct quote from an article that seems almost like a press release as an endorsement for the President, who writes this stuff . . .

Other public officials have praise for the agency. In an e-mail to me yesterday, Takirra Winfield, the press secretary for Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, wrote:

“FEMA has been extremely helpful and has been embedded with us at the emergency operations center since before Sandy hit the state. Under President Obama’s leadership, FEMA arrives before the disaster hits and is ready and willing to help in whatever capacity is needed.” FEMA’s resources, Winfield added, “have been a tremendous asset in Maryland.”

Wow, Johnny Obama on the spot, there to pick up the pieces . . . Mitt who? The timing is truly impeccable, let's vote now before that warm fuzzy feeling I have wears off and my gag reflex kicks in.

If anyone doubts that weather modification is real, all they have to do is review this scenario on the eve of Election Day 2012 with an open mind and just a little critical thinking. This is a made for TV movie in the making, Hollywood could not have written it any better.

However considering America is critically thinking challenged and wouldn't know an open mind if you used a chain saw, I will endeavor to enlighten you, read on grasshopper . . . !

Sandy On It's Way . . .

If you could dial up a storm to win an election and the public would never know, why wouldn't you use it?
If you could dial up a storm to win an election and the public would never know, why wouldn't you use it? | Source

Flood Damage

Certainly the havoc from gale force winds creates the most visually spectacular wreckage for news stations but the flooding from Hurricane Sandy ultimately did the most damage. So why was the flooding so dominant from this storm, because it was 'perfectly' timed to coincide with the high tide for maximum affect.

The timing of this storm wasn't just that it coincided with the eve of Election Day 2012 but that it was also perfectly timed with the tides to inflict maximum damage with flood waters.

The peak of the flood surge, according to NOAA, arrived within 24 minutes of high tide which was predicted days in advance by the National Weather Service.

Move over Edward Cayce, Nostradamus and the Oracle at Delphi there is a new prophet in town and they're deadly accurate. They are called the National Weather Service and they can predict the greatest storm in the last 150 years down to the minute.

They will be giving odds on the Super Bowl later to raise money for the Obama campaign . . . this just in they don't need to it is a done deal put a fork in the Romney roast he's done.

Politics aside this has got to be the most well predicted storm in the history of mankind, a week before it hit forecasters were predicting it would probable make landfall in the New York City/New Jersey area!

Hurricane Sandy set records in every major category, the previous record for tidal-flooding was 10.5 feet set in 1960 from Hurricane Donna.

Since 1851, only a foot and a half separated the previous top 10 coastal floods in New York City, which includes some of the biggest storms to ever hit the region (Donna, Irene, the ‘Perfect Storm’, and several particularly intense nor’easters).

Yet Hurricane Sandy not only broke the record but literally shattered it coming in at 13.88 feet or almost three and half feet ABOVE the previous record.

Well, if your gonna create the perfect Frankenstorm to alter the 'selection' process you want to make sure to leave nothing to chance.

That is why it's unique approach was so spectacular as it lined up to allow the worst of the storm surge to align with New York Harbor. This created an unimpeded direct surge down the East River from Long Island Sound, which allowed water levels in the city to crest at their maximum.

According to the NOAA Hurricane Sandy was the largest hurricane EVER recorded as measured by it's diameter of gale force winds of 945 miles, Wow!

How to Guide to Making a Hurricane


I wrote this in response to a question on Hub Pages about the rumor even before the storm struck that Hurricane Sandy was created specifically for Election Day 2012. Included is the text word for word the only thing I have changed is the format and some pertinent links, which is somewhat limited in the answers section of Hub Pages.

Not only have I heard it but have some proof that it is real, go to this link and read for yourself that this 'perfect' storm was practiced and created specifically for this purpose.

Now we know that HAARP is capable of creating minor earthquakes the government has already admitted this and 'fracking' basically creates a similar scenario however what isn't being admitted is the 1976 NATO treaty on weather weapons and HAARP's use to manipulate and control storms using Tesla technology.

The Powers That Be have conditioned the public to use contempt prior to investigation this is a natural symptom of cognitive dissonance which many people on this page are actively displaying without even realizing it.

  • Consider that Tesla created this technology in the 20's and America has been perfecting it for almost 100 years.
  • Consider that every major government in the World signed a treaty preventing the use of this technology in warfare but this does not include times of peace.
  • Consider that meteorologist are rarely correct when predicting weather and yet predicted this storm five days in advance with frightening accuracy.
  • Consider that the same storm, using the same name, in the same area of the country at the same time of year was actually practiced in advance.
  • Consider that millions of people will be unable to vote in a close race and the storm affected the only five states left that could decide the election.
  • Consider how our government has lied to us about weapons of mass destruction to propel us into a war.

Consider that Hurricane Erin which sat off of the Long Island, NY coast on the morning of 9/11, 2001 was another hurricane that was manipulated and harnessed for the Hutchinson effect it creates naturally.

"Directed energy is such a powerful technology it could be used to heat the ionosphere to turn weather into a weapon of war. Imagine using a flood to destroy a city or tornadoes to decimate an approaching army in the desert. The military has spent a huge amount of time on weather modification as a concept for battle environments."

  1. Consider the US military created a secret bomb during WWII when used could create a tidal wave 100's of feet high capable of wiping out millions of people, THAT WAS 60 YEARS AGO!
  2. Consider the Japan earthquake/tsunami wasn't natural but was to cover up a nuclear detonation by the US military in retaliation for Japan and the EU's secret economic treaty . . .

. . consider you are being lied to


You don't have to be a Rocket Surgeon to figure this out, even an American can decipher the clues, albeit with a little prodding. Yes, America it is time to turn your TV (your thinking machine) off and buy a clue.

Alex, I'll take "How to alter a Presidential Selection" for $200 please!

When the forecasters were predicting that Hurricane Sandy would be the 'perfect' storm didn't you think they were referring to the weather conditions not that it would alter the Presidential Election by creating an opportunity for our President to become a national hero?

Has an event of this kind ever happened on the eve of an election? You could almost refer to it as unpresidented! (oops did I misspell that word?)

I'm sorry America if this article offends you but let's get real there are more unexplained coincidence's here than 9/11.

We may never 'know' the truth of either event but we can certainly feel what is the truth in our hearts. The technology certainly exists to create this kind of event and has for a very long time. Before I leave you I would like to share some other articles about weather control events that have been confirmed by governments in the past and the links to these stories.

NOAA Spreadsheets Listing Ongoing Weather Modification Programs in the United States

However to be fair why stop with just the United States, after all do you think countries world wide would allow just the USA to control the weather when the US public is so easily deceived.

Weather modification has been going on for decades, because your TV hasn't informed you of this is not their fault they are paid to tell the corporate version of the truth. Ever since the US Supreme Court ruled in 2003, that TV News Stations were not required to tell the public the truth, they have been making it up anyway they see fit.

So if you see an opportunity to enhance your chances of being re-elected by modifying an already impending storm, why not take it. After all the American public will believe what they are told to believe and will not question their elected officials . . . so why not?

I would like to remind my readers that many of the ideas and concepts in this article are not mine and are merely repeated from a wide variety of articles, books and video's. Yes, weather modification is real without a doubt and whether or not our President or some other power used it for his or their own purposes will undoubtable remain a question however the coincidences are too profound to ignore.

I have provided dozens of links to articles that explain how this is possible, the real question is not if it is possible but who would do such a thing and why . . . perhaps the answer to that is because we let them!

The Solution

Regardless of whom or what is to blame for this tragic event it is the perfect opportunity for mankind to stop looking to point the finger and to appoint blame. Too often mankind feels the need to blame others or assign responsibility when we are all to blame for allowing this kind of behavior to go on unchecked.

We all have allowed this to be our reality by not accepting the truth of this kind of behavior and turning a blind eye, by playing dumb or ignoring the possibility that this was beyond 'Mother Nature' we reaffirm our victim consciousness.

It is time we stopped pretending that humanity is incapable of this kind of gross, barbaric behavior by accepting that this kind of behavior happens all the time in the form of greed.

Droughts and famine are man-made to allow the minority to get rich off the weak and helpless. Is anyone willing to argue that damming a river to prevent farmers down-river from receiving water is any different than weather modification?

Humanity has been denying its brother in the name of greed for thousands of years, it is time we took responsibility for our actions and admitted the truth to ourselves.


However there is a solution and it starts with each one of us, it is quite simple, admit the truth to yourself and create a new way of life in your mind (new paradigm) and hold it there for as long as you can everyday.

That is all you need to do . . . I will see you all on the other side . . . don't be late!


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