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Walter Russell's book on a new concept of the universe pdf link

Updated on May 20, 2011

I just read a special revised edition of "A BRIEF TREATISE ON THE RUSSELL COSMOGONY"


This book speaks of how science is mistaken about our physics concepts since the beginning of our scientific method and how imperfect our concept of how the universe works.

Magnetism is one example.Today we only refer to north and south poles when talking about how magnetism works in our science textbooks.There is no reference to east and west poles in magnetism.This is one of the subjects discussed in this book.Others include how planets are formed how suns are the source of the creation of the planets and the planets are the source for the universes moons Planets that have rings around their east-west equators such as Saturn are pregnant planets that are about to give birth to new planets and the planet Jupiter is a likely cadidate to become a new sun.He says that natural magnets have a different magnetic field than our manmade magnets.The natural magnetic field has a curvature that manmade magnets don't.

He talks about all of the elements in the periodic table coming from various combonations of silicon,carbon and Aluminum.This has to do with elements decaying or transmuting into other elements over time.

He spoke of the earths resources being depleted long before we had the green revolution.

He claims the reason we are here is to manifest Gods will on earth.He says knowlege alone will lead man to that supreme discovery.His wife Lao Russell speaks about man once again nearing yet another darkage as a result of man's fear of his fellow man.He and his wife both talk about the laws of nature that relies on a balance between life and death or their action of giving and recieving ,growing and decaying.The life cycle of all living things,This is where the idea of giving being better than recieving.For giving is the giving of life whereas recieving is degeneration rather than regeneration.For example the earth recieves decaying matter and transforms it through the regeneration of the soils by living bacteria to supply the nutrients plants require to feed animals that depend upon bacteria to live.


"Man is still barbarian,for man still kills man;and he still worships a wrathful god of fear.And man will forever suffer the agonies of his ignorance until MIND awareness of the god of love awakens in him in it's fullness,and man knows man as one brotherhood,and begins to serve man instead of killing him."

"Man learns his lessons by deep suffering,for only at times of great suffering does he turn to god for light to illumin his path out his dark pit of hopeless dispair"

"When Mind Consciousness dawns in man,GOD awareness likewise dawns in him,and he becomes illumined with full knowing of the oneness of Mind of man and Mind of man and Mind of God."

He says Spiritual values can replace material ones by shearing material values of their power to nurture greed and Avarice.

"The wealthiest men are the Geniuses who have extended their Immortality to other men without thought of gain."

As a famous quote says "It,is better to give than to recieve."

Planting a seed of knowlege works the same way.

Keeping needed knowlege works this way.Keeping this knowlege to oneself is selfish and does not allow that knowlege to grow.If,planted knowlege can grow a thousandfold.

"Man must be transformed or perish"

"Science has the power to make the transition so ,that it will create no hardship to commercial interests or the world economy.All great transitions have been seen as calamitious,but they ultimately prove not to be."


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    • profile image

      okpanlogo 5 years ago

      walter and lao russell have the keyn to enlightingment

    • tkieffer63 profile image

      tkieffer63 5 years ago

      Awesome stuff, isn't it. I found Russell bout 6 or so months ago on youtube from a couple of guys, Matt and Robert. They really promote Walter Russell. I also have a group on FB for this. Not too many are really into this kind of thing, although I don't know why. If we all understood how it all works we would be so far better off then we are now. I love this stuff and I am so grateful for those that have tried to get this information out. Russell's work and "theory's" can be proven. I understand why the Kontrolers' would not want this Truth be known. Thanks and peace. We are finding the others aren't we... ?

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 6 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Thank you both for your comments

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I'd like to check it out. Magnetic fields have always interested me. Thanks for the review.

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 7 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Russell is certainly an interesting fellow. This book was most interesting, the way you presented it, in brief glimpses of his findings and beliefs. Thanks for sharing it with us. I think you've uncovered a lot of truth and it certainly hits home, doesn't it, when he talks about people who share are immortal in a way because what they have goes on living in other people. Great Hub. Don White