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What Dreamers Should Know

Updated on February 1, 2014

My Dream Land

As I sit in the shadows of my dreams,

It’s all full of darkness,

I knew I was a dreamer,

But this must not end in the dream land.

I will wake, up into reality,

And walk in the light of my dreams

As it become a vision for me,

I must decide, for decisions are the train,

On which dreams ride to fulfilment.

Decisions Versus Determination

Decision is more than determination,

As alacrity differs from enthusiasm,

The former is of a greater degree than the later,

Decisions are a little more than zeal, fervour and doggedness

For all these are virtues that litters the garden of decision.

Decision is more than mere speech,

It’s more of a resolution in the intellectual world

An action already formed in the soul,

It produces the factory for mental energy,

All that is needed for the dream to come true lies here!

Decision Is What Is Already Done In The Soul

In reality, decisions proceeds action

But in the real sense of it,

Decision is only a display,

A display of what has already happened in the soul

Before those who developed the first atomic bomb decide to act,

It had already happened in their soul

They have already killed multitudes in their soul.

Don't Want To Remain In My Dream Land

My soul longs for this energy

All of my being constantly cries for it

What must I do, so I don’t remain a dreamer?

How do I get into reality?

I must not dream alone;

I must dream with others;

I must make others see my dream,

And work with me to accomplish the dream,

For dreaming with others is the first step,

To fulfilment of your dream

Else you may die with the dream in your belly.

Failure To Decide

If I don’t decide now,

Many deciders out there awaits me,

Ready to make decisions on my behalf,

But not ready to bear the consequence with me

They give no regard to my dreams.

The fools are out there

Making decisions for people

Circumstances is the major decision maker

It has swerved so many a people,

Away from their dreams

Far into unknown lands.

Nonentities in the business of deciding

Waiting for men without a dream

Awaiting dreamers who have forgotten their dreams

Waiting for undecided dreamers

Ready to decide for them directly or indirectly.

Wake Up And Decide

I must wake up and decide;

Decisions on what to do,

Decisions on how to do it,

Decisions on when to do it,

Decisions on why am to do it

Decisions on who to do it with,

Decisions on where to do it

What now happens after I have done it all?

It’s left for the future to judge.

How will I decide?

I know little or nothing about the future,

My dreams are still not very clear to me

Though they occur to me in pictures, music and formulae

How will I know what to do?

What is the baseline for my decisions?

The Prayer Of A Dreamer

Oh! Dear soul

Many dangers on the road to reality

I also heard that Satan and his cohorts

Makes decision for people

God please help me!

My soul is scared to death.

I will wait Lord!

Wait on you to lead me:

In the path of righteousness

Beside the still waters

Into the green pastures

Where I can rest in your train

Till I reach fulfilment.

Your leading; my decisions

Your vision, my dreams

Your manifestation; my fulfilment

Let your energy now surge through my being

That I may get up at once

Until it comes to reality

I must keep going; no stopping

Till I see my dream land in reality

Adesuyi Emmanuel .O.

The dreamer


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