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Greatness: The Greatest Enemy Of A Great Man

Updated on February 1, 2014

My Greatest Fear

So many times, I feared to be great but I see myself gradually intending towards this. I am afraid of success and power but I gradually knew I could not avoid them. We see these successful and powerful men on top never thinking for once the onze of grief, horror and uncertainty that can be felt in their heart from their face. We could less be bothered about their odds, what they have to say about life. I think Alexander the great has something to say. He conquered many nations and won in so many battles, but his strength and power was a snare unto him. He went forward, proceeded for more power, more honor, more glory even though he has seen the loss of many loved ones, tasted the blades of many a arrows, spears and sword, has seen blood spatter on his face so many times and suffered grief and horrors. It shows so greatly on his face, anxiety, confusion, indecision though unnoticed by most people yet he went on . I know there are times he often would have asked himself what life was, all what success and greatness is about. Is there more to life than this?

Life Conclusion From Heroes Of Greatness

I can say categorically, I know someone who has been to places which I feared most and has come back to say all is vanity. “King Solomon”. He has known what success means, he has tasted the sourness of wealth and has been drunk with the cruelty of power, he has experienced the scorch of pleasure, all, absolutely all has been his experience , he has attempted to gain to himself reaching the peak of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, success, pleasure and power but comes back with the most powerful conclusion and summary of life that any genius could ever think of. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity . With the money, you may ask? Wealth, house, influence, power and women. King Solomon what did you say? VANITY

My Own Experience

Now I understand why God has refused to permit me to pray or request for His power or gifts of His Spirit yet even though I see their little manifestation through myself. I know there is a lesson or perhaps, some lessons that God would have me learn before I could be able to successfully handle greatness. God knew, if I rushed into it, I would eventually crash; it may bring about my downfall and ruin. I may not last like other past heroes. My gift, my greatness is a snare unto meeeeee

Your Share Of It

This conflict I feel in my heart, am sure is general to every rational human being with few exceptions. We celebrate men that were not born but made, men who did not inherit kingdoms, wealth, power, grace, wisdom, things in life but men that fought it with their very last breath and drops of their blood . We look at them a far off and feel as though the place up there is the best place to be. We think there to be the safest and most peaceful place not knowing that if considered meticulously, it is actually the opposite. At times, I feel I should just remain in the middle where little peace abounds but I have got no choice than the top. It’s my destiny.

The heroes past, Alexandra the great, Achilles, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, David Livingstone, and Praying Hyde were celebrated for their greatness, they reach the top but we have forgotten the sacrifices in their bedchambers. We do not consider the prices paid in their secret place. For some of them, it was loneliness and constant loss, for Kathryn: it was a thousand death, yet for others it was the exchange of their will for the will of the father( God) and for others it cost them all, absolutely all, all they have got . They mount the pulpit or podium with radiant faces as though they have been with the lord but after they descend with the greatest agony and hottest tears in their life. For Paul the Apostle, it was life challenges from brethren and non brethren, thorn in his flesh, tossed on every side, beaten, locked up and the likes. Whether we like it or not in our journey these we cannot avoid. They are imminent.

The Proper Way

Finally, for these men, life is full of work, full of going, full of struggle, full of battle, full of fighting, full of conquering and I know as well as they do. Nothing else pleases them like death. Only death can end it, only death can put a stop to this endless crave and strive. For Paul the Apostle, it was an option whether to die or to stay alive and continue the strife and work . For others, it was an honor to die at their post and for a captain to die fighting. For Kathryn, she longed to end it and it happened at her duty post, for Livingstone, it was on his weak but strong knees that he found his end and for us where it will be. I do not write this to discourage us or anyone or decrease our morale but I write to let you understand, it is tasking. You will have a sacrifice to make, you have prices to pay. And it is impossible for you to thrive like some of these heroes except you have been taught of the lord in his school of learning. Do not rush into it. Enter gradually knowing fully well what the future holds for you. You only enter into Gods school by giving your life to Christ. It is only through him that you can be trained of God for greatness. Good luck

                                                             Written by Adesuyi Emmanuel Olumide


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      Albert Brown 6 years ago

      Guy,kudos to speak from real.your article is resourceful.