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How females think and behave

Updated on January 31, 2014

How Females Think

First and foremost, considering ladies in the area of risk taking. You will discover that females have a low risk taking capacity. One of the reasons that make them so much concentrates on the present in order to avoid a disastrous outcome. For instance while in school, if an assignment is given to the whole class, what males consider first is the time of submission i.e. how long or short the duration is. But at the very instant the female begins to run around in order to solve and answer such assignment. According to my understanding, everyone responds to the operant conditioning theory of learning postulated by Ivan Pavlov and J.T Watson, but females responds more to it than males. Females work in order to avoid a consequence or perhaps to gain a reward but males so much believe that he would still be able to solve the problem before the submission time. We can see clearly that in female the emotion is involved which enhance the memory of the females.

How Emotion Affects Females

Not only that, if you offend a female, you have given her something to meditate on for the rest of her day, or better still if a female friend ask or demands something from you and you are unable to do it at that very moment, you might even promise her for another day. She may become bitter for that moment and might even keep malice with you. But in the case of a male, you promise him of another day, he thinks for a while and may decide to wait showing the ability to endure just because of his ability to strongly believe in the future rather than the present.

Furthermore, females believe very much in what happens now more than any other thing. She sees or believes more in what is visible and might be confused or even pretend not to know any thing about those imaginary thoughts and perception of the future. In the present she can do anything and give whatsoever to accomplishing the present goal. However there exists a connection of her emotion with learning and action which in one way has its own advantage as well as disadvantages. Looking at the merit, there is effective memory, recollection of stored and learnt information but on the other side it is short lived. Unfortunately, they may have a risk factor of having an elated blood pressure, i.e. hypertension due to anxiety which may eventually lead to heart disease or failure.

Any Exception As We Conclude?

Conclusively, with a full prove of the psychological aspect of females in relation to that of males considering the external activities as well as comprehensive and practical examples or illustrations of the concept. It seems good to note that there may be exception. As we all know that there is always an exception to every law. But then it is necessary that females understand the way their body works so that they can be able to function at their best.


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