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If we have 14 billion brains cells

Updated on March 10, 2016

Another question that I feel qualified to answer. platinumOwl4 asks, "If we have 14 billion brain cells and only use a fraction what happen to the remainder"? In my infinite wisdom, I think I have the answers.

Here is the link if you'd like to view the question and answers.


It's not that we need all our brain cells working at the same time. These cells work in shifts. A few days on and a few days off. Sometimes the back and forth creates such a traffic jam that things go wrong.

Forgot where you put something? That's a few brain cells reporting late from vacation. If the cells that were going off shift would agree to work some overtime until the others returned, memory might not be a problem.

Like An Army

In the military you never unleash all your men at once. Some are always held back to plug up holes and act as defenders. Brain cells work in the same way.

Disease and other forces will always attack and kill some cells. Therefore, it makes sense to have others to take over for those unfortunate cells that die.

Not Like China

Another reason is because they don't have laws like in China. In China the population has exploded. The country made a law on how many children a couple could have. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the brain doesn't have a law like that. So, brain cells can have as many babies as they want. I guess they reproduce like rabbits.


Another possibility is they have a leader that can't handle the unemployment problem. Like us Americans, the stimulus packages have done nothing. Those brain cells are just sitting off to the side collecting checks because there are no jobs for them. Imagine how smart we could be if we could just find these cells a job.

Just Like Sperm

Brain cells are like sperm. 300 million sperm are released, yet only one can find the egg. Brain cells are just as lost as the sperm. I guess we need the 14 billion to assure us that enough show up to work the brain.Seems like a lot of work to get things done, but who am I to argue with Mother Nature?

Now with sperm we can donate what we don't use to help other people. Too bad we couldn't do that with brain cells. Look around, I'm sure you can find someone a few billion cells short.

I Confess

Okay, I confess. I have no clue why we have so many brain cells that do nothing. I've given my best answers and they are probably so far off base, I'd fail this if it were a test. I'd Google it, but I'm a few brain cells short from understanding it. Give me credit though, my BS attempt has got you thinking.


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