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Best Tarot Decks For Tarot Reading

Updated on May 24, 2014

Top Tarot Decks For Collectors And Tarot Readers Alike

If you're here, you most probably like tarot. And if you like tarot, it's unavoidable that you'll end up collecting some of the best tarot decks to learn and read tarot cards with.

Afterall all tarot readers (professional and hobbyists) are avid tarot deck collectors :-)

I have over 20 decks at home, and let's just say that in the tarot circles this is NOT MUCH! I know people with over 100 decks.

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I have a long way to go until then, but in the meantime, I will use this lens to review some of the best tarot decks I own and will keep adding to this article as I add more decks to my tarot collection.

Finally I hope that I will pass onto you the virus of collecting some favorite tarot's fun and so fulfilling!

The Original Rider Waite Tarot PackBUY NOW

The Original Rider Waite Tarot

You can't start learning the tarot without owning the original Rider Waite tarot deck. This is the foundation, the basis for everything. Not to mention that most tarot books are using this very deck for their cards meanings.

So if you're learning to read the tarot, you need this deck to make life as easy as possible for you while you're getting better at reading the cards.

Highly recommended!

If you're just starting out with reading tarot, the Rider Waite (or one of its clones) is perfect to get your toes wet.

Also most tarot books work with the RW deck to teach tarot to beginners.

I Love Reading Tarot Cards

I've been reading tarot cards as a hobby for several years now. Never went beyond that, I find it fun to learn more about myself and if anyone asks me to read them the cards, I will gladly do it.

However I don't have an interest in it beyond a hobby level (I do prefer to make jewelry more than that).

Over the years I've been collecting lots of tarot decks and I think right now I have a little bit over 20 decks at home. I've been trading with other tarot enthusiasts and also giving some away especially when the cards no longer spoke to me.

Here is just a small collection of decks I have at home (behind these are some more decks hidden on the shelf).

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck
Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

This is such a beautiful and romantic deck, you've got to have it in your collection! It's an interesting play on the original Rider Waite deck with a fantasy theme.

It has a stunning fantasy art work in watercolor made by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and the pictures are not only simply stunning, but I found that I can read very easily with these cards, the meanings are quite easy to grasp.

Right now it's still in print and it's quite low priced too (you'll see how different the price will be once it's OOP (out of print). I grabbed one as soon as it came out.

The Tarot Of Vampyres
The Tarot Of Vampyres

The Tarot Of Vampyres

Do you like vampires? Are you seduced by movies such as Twilight and tv shows such as Vampire Diaries and True Blood? Are you reading vampire novels and get swept away by this othewordly place of darkness of seduction? Then be prepared to be amazed!

Ian Danies created a place that is simply stunning in his art.

Absolutely breathtaking to look at the cards and read with them

The Gilded Tarot
The Gilded Tarot

The Gilded Tarot

This is another classic that every tarot lover simply got to have! I have it and love it! And it's beautiful!

Based on the Rider Waite symbolism, this deck is drawn by Ciro Marchetti. This is a deck that I use quite a lot in my readings - and the readings are spookingly accurate with it!

It works equally well for beginners and pros alike and it's very easy to start reading with it as if you'd had it for years.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot
The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

I was drawn to this deck because it is quite dark and mysterious looking. It has a gothic inspired theme which reminds me strongly of the 18th Century Europe, when the gothic style became popular. The deck has a strong atmosphere that you simply can't ignore.

The deck is loosely painted on the Rider Waite scenes, so if you're working wit the meaning of RW decks, this will be easy for you to read with.

I have to admit, some of the cards seem a bit disturbing, even reminding me of famous horror movies, but if you're a fan of gothic, dark, mysterious and dangerous, you'll have lots of joy with this deck.

The Druidcraft Tarot

The Druidcraft Tarot
The Druidcraft Tarot

The reason why this deck speaks to me is because I love nature, and I have always been interested in Wicca, Pagan and Celtic themes overall. They simply fascinate me. When you look at this deck, you feel the humility and love of nature that comes through. Many people love this deck because they feel a strong connection to Europe (having their roots there).

While exploring this deck you will learn the ancient fascinating tradition of the Druids. Will Worthingtons's art brings all the characters of this tarot deck to life in a way that you can't not love each and one of them

The deck follows somewhat the RW deck style, however it does go beyond it now and then, allow you to so much more about tarot overall.

Does it show I'm love with this deck?


Use a tarot bag or a tarot cloth to keep your cards safe and protected (not only from negative energies, but also from dust and dirt) while you're not working with your tarot deck.

The mystic dreamer tarot is mystic indeed. It moves in an ethereal world that is enchanted and full of wonder. While it is painted in the tradition of Rider Waite, some cards are not shy of adding us something extra to work with. However it's very easy to read with this deck. If you are a romantic, or if you're in a dreamy and meditative mood, this is the perfect deck to pick up and read with.

The Mystic Dreamer is a more modern deck than the typical Rider Waite and it has hardly any biblical symbolism in it, which is kind of refreshing.

I love this deck and I wouldn't trade it away or sell it for anything.

The Robin Wood Tarot

The Robin Wood Tarot
The Robin Wood Tarot

This is a great deck to start your tarot reading journey with. Learning tarot becomes extremely simple with this deck. The cards are vibrant, full of light and joy and they're so positive, you can't help but be in a good mood when working with them.

It is done in the traditional Rider Waite style, so if you're comfortable with RW, then you'll be right at home with the Robin Wood as well.

Simply sweet and a joy to learn reading with this deck!


Paulina Tarot

Paulina Tarot
Paulina Tarot

To be honest, I was quite surprised at this deck, as I was not expecting it to be that good to look at and read with. It's a deck that hasn't yet caught up fully in the tarot reading circles. But already Amazon has full 30 5 star reviews, so I was not wrong in my own feeling about this deck.

The author, Paulina Cassidy, kept the deck in the traditional Rider Waite style, so it's very reasy to read with it. The images are very delicate and dainty in nature, so if you're a lover of pastel and sometimes whimsical, you'll simply be enchanted by it.

This is also a perfect deck to read tarot for children, or if you're thinking of teaching one of your own kids to read the tarot cards. It is very innocent and lovely looking.


Crystal Tarot

Crystal Tarot
Crystal Tarot

This is maybe one tarot deck that I'm not completely in love with. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful deck with lovely cards (especially the majors), but for some reason it didn't truly pull me in.

Elisabetta Trevisan created this deck with uplifting colors that speak to those who are working with crystals in healing or overall in their spiritual routines.

While I didin't find it great for reading for some reason, the cards themselves are truly lovely and if you're a tarot cards collector, there's nothing keeping you from get it.


How many of the decks mentioned here you have?

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Let me tell you upfront that this is not an easy deck to read with. If you're a beginner, then buy it simply for having it in your collection, as it's a very popular deck, and only take it and learn to read with it when you're ready, once you know the basics of Kaballah and astrology.

Aleister Crowley himself designed this gorgeous deck which is based on the Golden Dawn tradition. When you've decided to learn to read with it, you'll find it one of the most profound decks to work with. Literally. But like I said, you do need to know at least a bit about Kaballah, astrology, Egyptian mythology and occult in general. However you can learn all this while you're learning the cards. There is nothing stopping you from it, except it might take you a tad bit longer. But the journey will be that much more rewarding.

Before reading with a new deck, learn first your tarot cards. You can meditate on a card each day, or simply keep a tarot journal and jot down your impressions of each card as you go through them. These intuitive impressions are in many cased completely accurate!

Learn More About Tarot

Especially when first learning to read with tarot decks, you will need a few good places that help you grasp the basics. So here are some sites that helped me right off the bat. Enjoy your exploration!

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Are you a tarot deck collector?

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Thank you for visiting my Best Tarot Decks lens. Please leave your comments below.

Do you have a favorite tarot deck?

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    • Loganor profile image


      6 years ago

      You know, I never liked the Rider Waite, even as a beginning reader. I guess my favorite deck now is the Goddess deck. Nice size, beautiful art.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The formidable Thoth Tarot is by far my favorite! I've been using it since '95, and haven't used another since. It's been a strange and happy marriage, to say the least!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      An interesting lense . Congratulation !!!

    • Jessica Holbrook profile image


      7 years ago from Southern Indiana

      I only have one deck, a Crystal Tarot deck but it's different than the crystal deck you linked to. I found it at Barnes and Noble and was drawn to how beautiful the illustrations were. I also like that it's really uplifting so even if I get a negative reading, I don't stress about it nearly as much as I would with a dark deck.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article. I used to use the Merlin Tarot -although only the major arcana had images, I did love that deck. I now use the Universal Waite deck, which my clients love, because the pictures are so vibrant and clear. I have to admit though, that I would love a dark gothic deck like the Tarot of the Vampyres, which I recently bought for a friend. I am currently working on my own card meanings and observations in conjunction with an exercise about how to learn to read the cards.


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