Chain of Events - why we don't have to worry about global warming

  1. ptosis profile image72
    ptosisposted 9 years ago

    Because before the ice caps melt, drown islands & coastal areas - we will run out of food long before that.

    "Global food prices rise in July due to extreme weather due to wild swings in weather conditions."

    And as if on purpose, US pushing biofuels from corn, soybeans so as to make them more expensive as some form of population control via starvation. Not Americans starving - the people from other countries that live on basic foods and not McDonalds.

    1. ChristopherJRex profile image89
      ChristopherJRexposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      So, you propose that the end is inevitable and that we shouldn’t do anything to try and stop it?  That kind of pessimistic view of life doesn’t exactly help achieve progress to avoid catastrophe.  We have predicted the human carrying capacity on this planet to be somewhere around 10 billion people given our current technology.  At 1.15% growth rate per year (the world’s current rate, which is predicted to continue decreasing), that would leave us with only 40 years or so to get our act together.  Carrying capacity is defined as being the “sustainable” amount of creatures in their environment.  For humans, it is calculated based on things such as the amount of space taken up by the necessities of civilization (cities, houses, etc.), the space required for farming, and the resources available in the environment.  In the next 40 years, global temperatures are predicted to increase by three degrees Fahrenheit, encouraging climate shifts in many parts of the world.  This will impact (negatively) where and how we can farm in order to provide enough food for the human race.  The United States has been making headway on an initiative to make things more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, including the exploration of renewable biofuels.  What this means is that the space that would normally be occupied by oil fields would be replaced with fields of crops (where the habitat would allow).  Although this change will certainly decrease the amount of crop space available for food production, this move is not “intentional” in order to drive up food prices and encourage starvation.  Keep in mind that switching to renewable biofuels will aid in slowing down the increase in greenhouse gas levels, thus retarding global climate change and helping retain current levels of crop productivity (which will decrease with higher global temperatures).  So, the “green energy” initiative (not lack of action) is really the best choice for mankind’s continued survival on this planet.  Global warming and food production are intertwined, so it is inappropriate to state that we don’t need to concern ourselves with one or the other.  If any “initiative” needs to cease and desist, it is the “organic” revolution from the perspective of prolonging life by a couple of years for a select few people (“organic food is healthier”).  Organic food is fine for use on a local level (growing food in your personal garden), but produces an average of 25% less food on an industrial level.  Organic farming methods need to be perfected before being implemented on a large scale.  When it comes to helping preserve the environment, every little bit helps; so do your part by recycling, conserving energy, making a compost heap, growing food in your own backyard, and donating money to scientific research.

      1. ptosis profile image72
        ptosisposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Great post, I'm glad that a hopeful and motivated person wrote me back. Maybe I am old, depressing, and pessimistic. I used to be a whole lot flexible and open to possibilities. I see Canada, Siberia and Greenland may be the next superpowers in a couple hundred years.

        27 percent of the Netherlands is actually below sea level I advise young future Civil Engineers to learn from the Dutch flood barrier system.

        Thanks for the post.


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