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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    I have extensively studied the subject of the family and birth order.  I also observed these scenarios firsthand from my parents, extended family members, associates, classmates/schoolmates, friends, coworkers, and others.

    My mother, for instance, was the classic oldest child.   She was the oldest of 10.  She was responsible and a rock.   She was also a little authoritarian, believed that she was right most of the time.  She was a perfectionist and took no quarter.   She was quite comfortable in charge and was quite uncomfortable when she was in subordinate positions. 

    Another oldest child of 6, an ex-classmate, was what one would describe as a little woman.   She was what one would describe as a well-behaved lady, she had no patience for the tomfoolery that children her age indulged in.  My cousin, the oldest of 2, was highly responsible from the time she was 6.  She regularly babysat her younger cousins and all loved and looked up to her.  They considered her their second mother. 

    One of my neighbors, a middle child of 9, is quite vocal in getting attention.  She believed that she was overlooked and lost in the shuffle being a middle child of nine.   My ex-classmates, as a middle child of 20, learned very early to look after and to take care of herself as her parents were not available.   She learned to proverbially swim in order to survive her particular family dynamic.  A co-worker, who was a middle child of 3, was  a total people person and was adept at compromising and being a teamplayer.

    An ex-classmate who was the youngest of 20 was extremely immature.  She acted on impulse and without thinking.   She was a walking disaster.   Another ex-classmate who was the youngest of 2 was an attention-getting and seeking girl who resorted to anything to be liked and to be popular.  An apt word to describe her was puerile. 

    A coworker who was the youngest of 5 exemplified the word prima donna.  She believe that people existed to do what she wanted done.   She also became quite unhinged when things did not go her way.  She was the epitome of the youngest child who got away with murder which was evident at work, she did next to nothing.

    My aunt, who is the youngest of 10 children, was totally irresponsible and babied.  In comparison to my mother, her chidhood was total nirvana.   Everything was taken care of for her.  She never had to do much.   My cousin(oldest of 2), who was near her age, did the brunt of the domestic chores and was FAR more responsible and mature in addition to possessing more people skills.   

    Feel free to ask me questions regarding your particular family dynamic.   I will respond in a timely manner.