Pivotal Years 1492 and 1942

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    1492 was a pivotal year in more ways than one.  Christopher Columbus supposedly discovered the Americas.  From the beginning of European discovery of the Americas,  those who are non-Eurppean were beginning to be viewed as a source of labor.   This was the beginning of what will be a racialization of servitude.   Native people were used as laborers and they died out and/or were exterminated through genocide, enslaved Africans were brought into the Americas as slaves.  This resulted in strict racial dichotomies that are present to this day...............................


    1942 was a pivotal year in Europe.  The Nazis conquered most of Europe.  Those who were deemed outside the European periphecy-non-Caucasians, Jews, Roma, and Slavs were to be enslaved and eventually exterminated.  Special centers such as labor, concentration, and extermination camps were constructed for this purpose.   In addition to ethnic/racial groups that the Nazis considered to be unworthy, gays, asocials, and other so-called unreliable elements were slated to be exterminated. The Nazis reserved their most venomous hatred for the Jews and Roma with Slavs not being far behind.  In fact, among the forced laborers, those from Eastern Europe i.e. Poles, Czechs, Russians, Ukrainians, and other Slavic nationals fare the worst, oftentimes receiving the worst treatment..............

    1492 and 1942 were years which racial/ehtnic genocide began.  Also those years were the racialization of forms of servitude.   In 1492, it were Natives and later Africans.   In 1942, it were Jews, Roma, Slavs, and non-Caucasians.