Introverted Students In Elementary, Junior, and High School

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    Introverted students oftentimes have a difficult time navigating the psychosocial and sociocultural school environment.   They are considered to be socially inept and backwards by other students.   Teachers consider them to be developmentally unprepared.   

    Some introverted children have been referred to school counselors, school psychologists, and even outsider psychologists in order to "assess their problem" and "to fix them up."    Other teachers even go as far to consider introverted students developmentally slow or worse while some students consider them to  be retarded.    Although introversion is being more accepted in this society, introverted students are being stigmatized  as outsiders in our educational system. 

    If you were an introverted student, did the abovementioned apply to you?  Yes?  No?