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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago
    Oldest children can be classified as pressurized children.  They are oftentimes the responsible one. They also are expected to be the example setters and standard bearers for younger ones. They have to be perfect or as near perfect as possible; after all, eyes are watching them.  They are forced into adult roles while still children.  They are expected to be the strong ones in their families.  They are looked upon as leaders.  They are in authoritative positions in the family regarding their younger siblings.

    Oldest children, because of their familial role, have leadership skills. They also gravitate toward responsible and authoritative positions in school and beyond.  They are also high academic achievers because of high parental expectations placed upon them at a young age.  Studies show that most United States presidents, CEOs, and astronauts are oldest children.   

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