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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    How would YOU describe YOURSELF?  Are you a tough cookie who brrook no nonsense, take no prisoners, and refuse to suffer fools gladly?  Are you a straight,no chaser who tells it like it is?   Are you a softie who tries to appease people?  Are you the negotiator, the peacemaker who sees all sides of an argument and people?  Are the you contentious warrior out for blood, dominance, and will go to any lengths to prove that you are right or superior?  Are you the hardnosed person who has little sympathy for those who do not possess the psychological onions and vinegar like you do?  Are you the empathetic person who walks a mile in others shoes, refusing to judge and/or condemn?  Are you just merely a happy go lucky, seeing the sweetness and gaiety of life?