It’s Difficult for me to enroll in Universities? Please help

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    Jameshenry221posted 2 years ago

    Hi everyone, posting here for the first time. I am 34 year old male and I don’t have an appropriate qualification that is the reason why I am struggling now to land in a good job. I want to enroll in good universities but the issue is that I am handicap and it’s really difficult for me to commute to university on daily basis to attend regular classes. Please help me now suggesting ways I can get an accredited and recognized degree that is market acceptable, in which there is no real requirement of attending the regular classes.
    Before I had the support of my mother, but recently she passed away and now I badly need a good job and for that qualification is necessary. I have searched over the web and found out that there are plenty of online universities that are offering college degrees in various fields, some are also offering [url redacted]  that is awarded only on the basis of prior work experiences. Now, guys please do suggest me about online education and does it really worth it? If anyone of you have enrolled in an online university or have done other courses online please guide me and suggest me a few names of good online universities. Thanks.

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    janesixposted 2 years ago

    What type of degree are you hoping to get? It might be easier to make a search by type of degree program, to narrow it down.