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Send Letter to Aliens - What would you say and why? What Form?

  1. janderson99 profile image56
    janderson99posted 2 years ago

    Sick of waiting for aliens to drop us a line? Now is your chance to contact them and earn $1,000,000.
    What would you say?
    How would you say it?

    Low traffic expectations, but could go viral!!! Probably get unfeatured!!

    Enter the Breakthrough Message competition "to create messages that could be read by an advanced civilization. The message must be in digital format, and should be representative of humanity and planet Earth." http://www.breakthroughinitiatives.org/Initiative/2

    Here is the golden plaque that was attached to the 1972 Pioneer 10 and 1973 Pioneer 11 spacecraft, which were the first human-built objects to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System.


    1. Misfit Chick profile image72
      Misfit Chickposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Well, if nothing else - this is a fun little imaginary play. smile

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      Phyllis Doyleposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Aliens ~

      Greetings from planet Earth to our distant neighbors out there.

      Before you make plans to invade - I mean to visit us, may I suggest you browse through HubPages and read many excellent articles on planet Earth preservation, science, travel and tourism, history and a plethora of articles on just about  any topic you can think of.

      To get to know what we are like, drop by the forums to read our opinions and thoughts on many things. You will find that many of us are intelligent, creative, artistic knowledgeable on many things, humorous and sometimes downright 'off the wall', which means 'baffling' - you know: comments that make you shake your head and roll your eyes (or eye) up.

      I believe by visiting HubPages you will be well-prepared for what awaits you here on Earth.

      Best wishes to all  and don't forget to pack your cameras and own drinking water.

      Your friend Phyllis

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        wildernessposted 2 years agoin reply to this


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      janderson99posted 2 years agoin reply to this
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    jackclee lmposted 2 years ago

    Just so happened, I wrote a hub on this very topic recently - http://jackcleelm.hubpages.com/hub/Mill … TI-Message