Oh God.........ANOTHER Rant.........

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 21 months ago

    Why do those who advocate that  physically, mentally, & psychologically able people should WORK FOR & EARN their keep & stop being dependent upon & expecting/demanding financial handouts & other forms of financial assistance/support from either the government or from more well off family members are looked upon as utter ogres?   Why are people who indicate that they refuse to curtail or sacrifice their hard earned lifestyle to support family members & others whose irresponsible habits & behavior lead to their dire/negative socioeconomic situation are looked up as selfish when they aren't?  When will people realize that the more successful/wealthier people who worked hard & earned their success AREN'T OBLIGATED to support nor assist family members & others who elect not to be as wealthy nor successful but want THAT lifestyle  on the behest of others?  What happened to the precept that everyone should own THEIR OWN keep & sit on HIS/HER bottom? Agree/Disagree?

    I, for one, am against financial handouts & support of those who refuse to help themselves.  The more people are helped, assisted, & supported, the lazier & more dependent they are.  They become enabled, entitled, & begin to expect monetary handouts  from either family or the government instead of wanting to better themselves by pulling themselves by their bootstraps.