NASA: Carbon Dioxide Concentration Image + Sulfur Dioxide

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    colorfuloneposted 10 months ago

    Interesting to see that the greatest concentration of carbon dioxide is south of the equator.

    Image: … urface.jpg

    Scientist, Stan Deyo posted images on his website today that he happened to find.  I just listened to him on radio and he doesn't have any answers as to why we are seeing this.  He now has some difficult equations he will be working on. 

    Another image of the concentration of  sulfur dioxide, which shows the opposite with the greatest levels north of the equator.

    Image: … urface.jpg

    This is very curious to me.  Any idea what would be causing this? 
    Where would all the carbon dioxide be coming from south of the equator?
    Where is the sulfur dioxide coming from to the north?