How about a hub on 'cell memory' that is experienced by people(victims?) who had

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    frogyfishposted 8 years ago

    How about a hub on 'cell memory' that is experienced by people(victims?) who had transplanted organs

    Interesting relationship to the DNA phantom activity in your hub about 'attitude of gratitude'.

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    josephripollesposted 8 years ago

    Hi frogyfish5
    I only have knowledge on skin cancers because so far have removed 105 and counting im 60 years old and as yet know nothing on cell memory id have to do a lot of research and study maybe in the future unfortunately at the moment 24 hours a day is not enough because im really flat out busy and strugle to keep up with everything  sorry not able to help at this time

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    Millifanposted 8 years ago

    I used to belong to a paranormal group and although cell memory was not a part of our research, it did crop up on our forum.

    There are many thoughts and memories which your body is in tune with, it is the whole of your body, I believe, and if we view this on a slight scientific scale, removal of an organ would hold memories and therefore subject the new host to the memories of the old.

    Sounds a bit sci-fi doesn't it. 

    However, unless all of those people who have had transplants of various kinds came forward and stated they are experiencing problems of memories which they have never experienced, gives cause for the idea of two brains, where one is the true brain and the other is the false memories of the previous host, although these are true to the previous host.

    Its very confusing, I must admit, lets imagine, you have had a transplant, suddenly, you may feel different, let's wait for the effects of the operation to wear off and major sore scarring.  So let's imagine this has all gone and your beginning to resume normal life and you realise there are certain episodes in your life which have no re-collectible memory but they exist, instantly you would think you were imagining it, but after a certain amount of time, if the images were re-occurring you would question the transplant, I know I would.

    All cells have memory, which is why when you exercise, your muscles store how big they once were, or your ligaments will re-adjust to how flexible they once were.  Muscle has memory and if a muscle can remember that it was twice the size two years ago, it will respond to stimulation, the same for other body parts, they will produce what they remember, it's up to the individual to create new memories and to exist with the memories which saved their life.

    If you wish to learn more about muscle or transplant memories, I would suggest these resources below. … 2/kate.pdf


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